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Myrtleford tomorrow...

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Tam, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I am heading up to the hills via Blackspur and Tolmie... only riders who can handle the lazy latte stops and are comfy with the idea that we ride own pace yadda yadda... - it will be speed limit stuff... as I am assuming its double points or worse.

  2. Goodonya Tam!

    Cant make it myself, but been a while since someone of the fairer kind has posted up a ride.
    Have fun and I'll say a wee prayer that the sun is a'shining!
  3. Thanks, I'll be heading put at this stage whenever before noon. Happy to meet on outskirts of town or at victim or wherever really. I'm praying for no flat tyres and no rain myself. Lol
  4. Buxton not victim!!! Ba ha ha auto correct just makes me laugh!!!
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    Sounds good, but where and when are you meeting/leaving from?

    Will check here 8.30am.

    Text me if you are leaving earlier as I will be coming from Carnegie.

    I'm off on another ride, but I am interested in the latte/frequent stopping rides next time.

  6. Take it easy through the Black Spur, the road surface is torn to shreads, esp in the corners.. Part of Vicroads' planned destruction of all motorcycle routes.. Have a good ride, stay shiney side up =D
  7. Not in Victoria...or am I mistaken?
  8. Rode the black spur 2 days ago and it was fine? Still one of the smoothest roads around melbourne imo.
  9. Agree - I rode it last Monday and road surface was perfect...

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  10. Tam - we don't have double demerits in Victoria, but there has been heavy weekend police presence on the Black (and Reefton) Spur for a while.

    Freeform, cougs - I rode the Black Spur a few days ago, several of the corners (one in particular) between Fernshaw picnic ground (50% the way up) and Dom Dom Saddle rest area (85% the way up) are not smooth. With all the logging trucks using the road, not to mention other traffic, this is no surprise. Apart from said corners, brilliant as per usual!

    Also folks, I had a great burger with the lot from Black Spur Roadhouse, with a decent piece of beef in it, definitely warms one up since it's getting chilly that way. :)
  11. Hi max... Great to know.. You are really close to where I live. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier...