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Myki - wtf?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, May 29, 2011.

  1. So am I correct in understanding that if you add money to the myki online, it's not only going to take up to 24 hours to add it, but you still have to go to a TRAIN station to do some ill-thought-out process to get the money to show up, even if you're only going to use it on the trams?

    What a bunch of ****ing idiots. If you happen to be involved with this design and are reading this, please just kill yourself because you are too stupid to let live.
  2. I've given Myki a go a few times now, every three months.

    It's getting shitter. My local train station's top up thing hasn't worked for the last week. Half the time the readers at the stations don't work as you stroke on/stroke off. When they do work there's a delay, which will get messy in early peaks.
  3. It's amazing they managed to screw up such a simple bleeding choice. All they had to do was license the system from somewhere that already has it working, but no, they had to do their own version so they could inflate the costs to line their own pockets.
  4. You can add funds online on their website. The 24hr thing sucks though, pathetic.
  5. I added funds online, and they hadn't shown 24 hours later (which is retarded). I called the customer service line, and they said I need to go touch it against one of the top up points at a train station to get it to activate the money I added. I mean SERIOUSLY, WTF?
  6. I'm guessing it's a smart-card system? You'd need to somehow "move" the credit onto the card, which is why you need to touch it somewhere...
    Doesn't seem like a very well thought-out sytem.
  7. Pretty stupid system. Haven't caught public transport for 3 years now so don't have a Myki, but if I do catch it, I'll get the good old fashion metcard...it works without fail. On the good side though, according to my work colleague, trips are cheaper and sometimes you get a free trip because the thing won't read.
  8. Not so sure about that. I think it will add the money to your myki once you touch on the tram.

    The 24hour wait period after you top up online is just stupid. Apart from that I've been using myki since it started with zero issues.
  9. ironically, there was a story in the weekend newspapers (I'm guessing originating from the Vicgov bureaucratic spin factory) that MYKI is now enjoying almost universal love from an adoring public...
  10. That's the thing, it didn't move it when trying to touch onto the tram, just said "insufficient funds" or whatever, even though the website confirmed the money was there.

    As far as I'm concerned at that point it's their problem, I made a good faith effort to pay but their incompetent engineers failed.
  11. Why blame the engineers? They just delivered the spec. I'd blame the spec writers and all the fingers in that pie (including marketing an PR).

    Remember, engineers give you what you asked for, not what you wanted.
  12. Valid point, I didn't expect to be called out for that on this forum. Unless I'm on a technical forum I divide everything into "engineers" and "users" for simplicity :angel:
  13. Japan has a great system, I cant understand why didnt just adopt an existing and proven system..............ive still got my PASMO card.
  14. competent and not competent..........engineers, policy guys, PR guys should have said, "hang on why not just use x and y, save a ton of money, be more reliable, is a proven system, plenty of parts support, and can be had within a shorter time period"..............these monkeys including the engineers are simply NOT competent 8-[8-[.
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    Didn't sydney try that already a few years ago? Something about refusing to require swipe off so the whole thing was abandoned...
  16. It appears to me that there are two issues that have cocked the thing:

    I agree that the whole swipe off thing is fucked. Works for underground metro systems, but you've got to finance gates at the off platforms of outer suburban stations, not just the inner-city ones, and it simply doesn't work for buses, trams, etc. I recall that in London the buses were all a flat rate swipe-on only. But even that didn't work for the long, articulated buses. It was generally accepted that those buses could be ridden for free unless you were feeling particularly contentious. Seems like the insistence about swipe off has more to do with bean-counters wanting a system to track people movements, so was probably an original specification thing.

    The other is a general problem with putting major public services out to private tender and management through Public-Private Partnerships. Governments do this to try and off load risk onto the private sector, but unfortunately the lowest bidder private party simply captures the government by threatening to walk away when things go pear-shaped, and manage to extort more money from the government. PPPs work for minor services like garbage collection where a natural market exists, but are disastrous for gas, water, electricity, fixed line communications, train and tram networks or anything conforms to a natural monopoly. This ticket system is that sort of monopoly, and the public has been reamed.