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Myfirst bike - cbr250rr (L)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by banana.logic, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Got this a few weeks back, about a week before I got my L's. I have ridden it from wollongong to narooma and back again and I love it.

    However, the other day the side stand sank into the wet muddy ground and it fell off a small ledge on to the footpath so now it looks like this

    Luckily there is not too much damage, it's all cosmetic. Just need to replace most of the front end and I'll be back in the saddle.(y)
  2. Dude - it looks awesome enjoy it!

    Just out of curiosity how much did you pay for it and what year is it?

  3. it's a '91 and I paid $3,800. had no rego but that was only a bit more than 500 bucks to get done. runs like a dream at the moment too, and I just bought some bigger jets and I'm going to get a unifilter and straight through exhaust to get a little more power out of it when I get some more cash.
  4. Cool bike.

    Just don't fall into the trap of trying to get LOADS more power out of it with mods, really might not be worth the money in the end.
  5. Haha yeah I know about the power limitations, all these high reving 250cc's are already pretty highly tuned. the jets and filter will only cost about 40 bucks all up though, and I might not need an exhaust if its not running poorly after the mods and a bit of a tune.
  6. Don't let me deter you from getting an exhaust tho.

    I know all the 4cyl 250's are high pitched and whiney, but my after-market exhaust sounds great. :D Dunno how much they cost, could probably be had cheap from a wreckers.
  7. I consider loud exhausts to be a safety mod!!! Do it!! Cagers will hear you as well!!!
  8. ^ My bike is bright yellow and has a loud exhaust. The previous owner still got merged into. If they aren't looking a loud exhaust won't help.

    But they sound nice, and are useful for when the idiot stopped at green lights can't hear your horn.
  9. Well done. Thats a good ideal.
  10. mud.....LOL! dude place a tile or so under the stand....is that cardboard?

    Nice bike :]
  12. Haha nah it's mdf, two pieces for added safety...
  13. I never said you'll never get merged into again!!!

    Your just giving yourself an extra chance of being noticed!!!

    Never a bad thing.
  14. Wow I didn't realise falling in mud would spray a mario on the screen :p

    Seriously though, if it runs all good, good buy man and enjoy it. I have mates who bought ones for 5k and theyre having problems.
  15. That's really cheap for a CBR!!!

    Good buy man! That was a good year to own a bike from as well ;)
  16. Yeah I just had to buy it hey, being so cheep and all. and yeah it is a good year for the cbr250 especially, all the good loks of the mc22 and still with the higher powered engine.

    I'm going to spend time over the next few months giving it a total clean, might even give the swing arm and rear subframe a nice coat of black gloss(y)
  17. Looks great mate! All you have to do is drill the mufflers out and paint it black so it won't attract homos.