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MY10 Triumph Street Triple R - Matte Blazing Orange, Long list of mods, Low K's, Full Service Histor

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Regrettably up or sale is my pride and joy. The first and only motorised thing I have ever bought BRAND NEW. I have babied this thing from day dot, and have invested plenty of money into it adding items I believe have made it unique (& different to other STR's) in it's own way. Since last advertising this, I have heavily reduced my asking price as it really does have to go now. It has also had the 10,000km service completed and a Geelong Carbon Craft tank protector. These are the only changes.

    Make/Model: 2010 (MY10) Triumph Street Triple R - Matte Blazing Orange. First registered Feb of 2010, bike is a 2010 model with build date being late 2009.

    Description: I have owned this bike since Feb 28 of 2010, I bought it brand new, making me the 1st owner. It has had a long list of items ($3000+) added to it over the short time I have owned it. This includes the following:

    1. Triumph Fly Screen ($280)
    2. Triumph Belly Pan ($340)
    3. Triumph Hugger ($90)
    4. Oggy Knobbs - Engine, Fork & Swingarm Spools (Fr $100, Rr $100, Eng. $250)
    5. FP Racing Bi-Fold Levers - short ($240)
    6. Evotech Radiator Guard ($130)
    7. Tank Protector ($20) - Have since bought a geelong carbon craft LARGE tank protector. Will include if asking price is met.
    8. Rizoma Front & Rear Brake Reservoirs - Gold anodised (~$200)
    9. Ducati Monster/Streetfighter Mirrors ($180) - Either these or the originals will be supplied, not both.
    10. Blue Flame Dual-Tip Slip-on Exhaust (~$800 AU) - Also has 4 baffles for each pipe outlet. With all of these in they quiten down the sound quite significantly, a bit louder than stock but quieter than the TOR aftermarket exhaust.
    11. K&N Air Filter (~$100)
    12. Swingarm Spools/Lifters (double as sliders also) ($30)
    13. Quick-Action Throttle - from 2010 Speed Triple (gives shorter throw/twist to full-throttle) ($25)
    14. Anodised Engine bolts, rear sprocket nuts and top triple clamp nut, all in gold. (~$250)
    15. Billet Registration sticker tube ($25)
    16. A-Flasher Alarm unit - this activates the alarm flashlight and also has over/under-voltage & indicator warnings. ($50)
    17. Also have a set of Daytona Gold Rims that can be sold with the bike also, but they will be at an extra cost! (+$800)
    18. As well as the rims, at an extra, I have the Genuine Triumph Tank (20-30Litre) & Tail (10-16Litre) bags. (+$350)

    All original parts are still available and will be sold with the bike. It has also had the R/R (Rectifier/Regulator) changed to the updated MOSFET unit under warranty!!!. If any of the above options are not preferred, a different price can be arranged. The exhaust on this bike being the standout feature (in my opinion) makes this 675 Triple sing - sounds amazing!! The bike has a had full tune with the K&N installed and with a dyno run, yielded a total of 93 Hp @ the rear wheel. I also have the dyno printout to prove this.

    First service has been carried out as per the book by Charlie @ TurnOne Motorcycles - for those that do not know, he is the preferred mechanic for anything Triumph, and that includes people from all around Australia! 10,000km service also completed at 60 Degrees motorcycles. I also carried out an oil & oil filter change with all Genuine Triumph parts and Full Synthetic oil at 5000km.

    As stated earlier, this bike is my pride and joy! It is always covered, always kept cleaned and if it can be helped, I won't ride it in the rain! If it ever sees the rain, it's cleaned immediately the next day along with a chain clean and lube.

    I don't want to sell this bike, my price is firm and reflects the nature of the sale along with whatever else is available on the market. New these cost about $15,000 out the door. Add to that your first service (ripoff) of about $300 with all of the above options, and it will quickly add up! As can be seen, no expense has been spared. Bike is in as new condition, currently insured for an agreed value of $17,000 with Swann Insurance.

    Inspections are welcome! Please no test pilots. The only way you will receive a test ride is if you bring a minimum of $1000 cash along with a full motorcycle license, in which I will also follow you on another bike!

    Reason for sale: I just don't get to enjoy as much as I'd like anymore. Between my brother and I, it would be lucky to cover ~500km in a month.

    Price is firm, as stated - inspections are welcome, if this is what you are after in your price range YOU WILL BUY IT! I am confident that there isn't anything currently available that would come close to the present state my Trumpy is at for a similar price and with the extensive list of mods included.

    Buy with confidence knowing that you will save a fair chunk of money on a bike that has all the good bits already added to it. Will be sold with remaining registration which is valid till Feb of 2013. RWC can be supplied at an extra cost. Only thing that I can see that will need changing is a rear tire in the next 1500km or so - they may want it changed to satisfy the RWC. PAZZ-0 personalised plates NOT SOLD WITH BIKE!

    Listed elsewhere, do a search & I'm sure you'll find it. (It has exactly the same info as here except there are plenty of up-to-date photos of it listed - If you're still not sure, drop me a PM and I'll send you the link as forum rules state it cannot be directly named/linked.)

    Price: $12,000 obo Price is fairly firm but will negotiate with the right buyer. With all the mods currently fitted. Would prefer to sell everything as a whole, all option preferences going to the buyer first with whatever left (if anything) going on offer afterwards! So please don't ask.

    Contact: PM or send me a text/call 0411 691 881.

    Location: VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs.

    Shipping: I'd be happy to help out with shipping anywhere around Aus, with the buyer organising it at their end and covering all of the relative costs. If buying interstate I will remove the current registration and take whatever is refunded off the total agreed final value. I would also be happy to ride it interstate if the buyer was happy to cover fuel and return trip costs as I do have the time available to do so.

    Little video of it on the Dyno with all baffles removed - only external video I have, as I'm usually the camera man!!


    Check out my FlickR for the rest of the Photos:

  2. Yup... HAS to leave the family now. :( Neither of us can justify keeping it, I can't afford to buy it back off my brother and he wants to sell it so no choice really.
  3. My absolute favourite colour for these bikes, there's one that parks at Crown that has me staring everytime I pass it. If I hadn't just bought a car I would've seriously considered it :( Good luck with the sale bud
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  4. My dream bike, in the best colour ever.

    Pity I'm poor.

    How much to come and drool on it? I might be able to afford that...

    Good luck!
  5. Haha thanks Jimmy. Maybe I should just run some drool sessions and that might pay for the bike itself?
  6. Hmm.. Melbourne weather ;)

    Nice bike.. Good luck with the sale. Can't believe you don't enjoy it as much anymore!
  7. I'd be there...
  8. S O L D ......................... :'(

    Happy riding Clemo!
  9. Thanks mate, looking forward to it :D
  10. Congtats on the sale and congrats to the new owner. Seems you got yourself a well optioned bike .

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