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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jimmybav, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. I've been reading plenty about ZZR250's loves and hates from loads of people. I just thought that I'd also share my experiences.

    My local KWAKA dealer is a total cowboy but he had a ZZR in stock so I went around to sit on one and decided that the fit for me was better than my mates CBR250 (just a personal thing, they are great machines). I decided that for $4000 I should be able to get something mid to late 90's with a decent body and engine.

    Flipped through the trading post and found a red 2001 ZZR with slight damage $4700 ono. Had been in touch with the Adelaide dealers who were all asking $4500 to $6000. Took a trip with my Dad (whos been riding for longer than I've been living) anyway looked at the damage RHS fairing crackad and scratched, indicator lens broken. Bike had done 7882km and had a full service history, it also had 4 months of rego.

    Bought the bike for $3600 and put it on a trailer and drive 400km back home in the pouring rain (good thing we didn't ride).

    Indicator Assembly $35.00 (am a teacher and have parents who own a bike shop not the cowboys one though)
    bodywork and paint red and silver ($330)

    All I am missing is a genuine ZZR sticker which the dealer wants $144 dollars for and so have been on ebay and picked up a full set of red/silver aftermarket decals (yet to go on the bike) for $40.00

    all up Bike $3600 + repairs $365 + Decals $40.00
    2001 ZZR 250
    Full Service History
    4 months rego
    perfect body

    One very happy owner here. I don't know if thats good or not but I think it is.

    p.s. I've been told that they sound knocky because 'they've a bloody great lumpy cam in that there engine"

    cheers for all the info about oils too

    Good Luck and Happy Riding
  2. Hey hey,

    I also have a zzr250..wish my experiences were as good as yours but they weren''t.... here's my story:

    Saw the zzr... sat on, thought to my self.. yeah this is the one... feels good etc... took it for a test ride and everything..BUT i didn't get it inspected at first which was my downfall... i ended up buying it.. then a day later, it stalls and breaks down..... my dad (being a qantas engineer) tried having a crack at it... taking it apart etc... noticed all this fuel just leaking etc... anyways. didnt do it any justice. So i took it to a different bike shop to get repaired...... good news is that i'm picking it up this afternoon.. so this is my total spendings:

    zzr-250 96' model: $2990
    repairs: $926 (400 for servicing.. the rest for parts + labour)

    will let you know how it goes today =D but damn your bike looks sweet!!!!
  3. That condition for 4000 all up is a bargain.

  4. hey robbie, sorry to read about what happened to you, have been caught out with cars like that before and it sucks. Would be interested to know why there was fuel leaking everywhere.

    all I can say is good luck with your future riding.

  5. Jimmybav - can you go into a bit more detail on what kind of bodywork/paint you had done, and how much of a discount you got on that with your parents having the bike shop?

    I have some fairing damage on my ZZR I'm looking to fix up and I'm trying to work out how much it's going to cost me!
  6. easterhat. jsut ride into a bike wreckers and ask how much to plasticweld the damage. is what i'm doin for my zzr that i'm going to sell... is pretty cheap. or you can search your local pages (internet) for plastic welding. is heaps around that i didn't even know exizted. most don't paint though but you can either do it yourself or go to a paint shop. best thing is you only need to take in the panels that need the work. nto the whole bike. suits me better cause rather ride my gixxer than the 250 now :p
  7. ZZR looks good man you got a goog bargin
    i'd personly leave the decals off
    i reckon it looks tops like it is :cool:
  8. Nice ZZR250 there mate, looks great!!!
  9. Your parents own a bike shop. Wow I am up for adoption if they want another son... Of hang on what brand of bikes do they stock??? :p

    Nice looking Kawaka you got there too.
  10. Phwoar, you did very well indeed!
  11. Very nice! The ZZR is a great bike.

    I probably wouldn't have worried about the sticker, just taken the other side sticker off. Cleaner lines, but that's just me.

    Great buy.