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My ZZ-R250 rear flushmount indicators

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dangaz, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. I liked the look of the ZZ-R... except for those bloody stalks at the rear for the indicator, so when I read that the two small panels on the rear were painted indicators I had to do it.

    These flush mount indicators are 205mm apart, and I did read that the rear indicators have to be 300mm apart for ADR, however the information on VicRoads' website is incorrect. (and actually 2 different pages on the subject contradict each other and are both wrong.)

    www.Comlaw.gov.au was much more helpful once i actually found it (http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/Leg...tattachments/3AA7960BCA4CAB73CA2570D6000354D1) (second part of) "For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two illuminating surfaces shall be at least 180 mm on the condition that the prescriptions of paragraph 2.11. are applied even when the registration plate is mounted". so where they go is all good, 205mm. the only thing that could be against the ADR is that the lenses don't carry an E4 logo, but who's going to notice that?

    So the semi-legalities worked out, took the painted lenses out, got some (i guess sortof) thinners stuff, was called gun wash, for cleaning airbrush guns. put a lens in. let it soak for about 5-10 mins, and the paint was like a film floating in the liquid. I thought shit hot that worked, now for the other one, threw that one in the gun wash, and I guess it got weaker after the first one so it took like half and hour or more, and still had to scrub hard with a rag to get the last of it off that one... if I had more of the stuff i would have done it in fresh stuff, leaving the second one in that long made it not quite as shiny as the first one but looks the same in the end really. Lenses ready, thought... hmm how are we going to put the globes in there, the sockets that are in the stalks are half removable and half part of the moulding, so that was useless, so in my friend's backyard there is an old VN commodore that his brother left there for parts. wire cutters and 2 seconds later i had two indicator sockets complete with a plug, just had to shave the keyed bits off the sides of the sockets. Put screws thru the socket and the inside of the indicator, sealed it up with silicone, remounted it to the bike, fit a globe, put the new lenses on, solder the wires up from the new sockets to the bike's wiring, while checking it's the right way around. :) removed the brackets that used to hold the blinker stalks, and it looks like this.

  2. Looks good. Nice clean job. I like it.
  3. Looks factory, dude. Good work :grin:
  4. I did the exact same thing when i had a zzr250, it really does clean up the rear end, the main thing i hated about the bike (looks scooterish) compared to the rest of the bike.

    Top job!