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my zx6r damaged in lt collins st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by omen137, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys

    I park my bike on the footpath in little Collins st across from 505 lt collins every day. While I was at work someone rammed it. The tank is dented on the left side and it must've fallen on the right side cause the brake lever is cracked right through and there are scratches on the fairing. It could not have been a car cause I park a fair way from the gutter (it's a very wide footpath) The only thing that could've done this is another bike. There was a big BMW GS parked to the left of me yesterday morning and he's not there today. I swear I lost all faith in humanity last night. How can somebody do this and not even leave a note??? fecking asshole! Now I don't know whether to put it through insurance or not ($400 excess). If anyone has any information or saw something happen, please let me know.


  2. :furious:

    any idea what it'd cost to get fixed?
  3. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, that's a pretty low act. Hopefully someone might of spotted who did it.

  4. I park at 35 Collins Street a lot of guys/gals park behind he building in Flinders Lane. I worry about Flinders Lane as the bikes are not in plain site, so chance it on Collins.

    Sorry to hear about :furious: :furious:
  5. Always claim on insurance, you are not at fault - CAREFULLY consider how you explain where it as parked...
  6. sorry to hear that.. yeh i agree with jimmythehuman be careful how u explain things if you do claim to the insurance company.
  7. Use a Photograph to describe where it was parked, and Report it to the cops.

    Insurance companies have less wiggle room when an incident has been reported to the cops.
  8. most require that you have made a police report or an incident report... swan and qbe do...
  9. Most of the city is covered by surveillance cameras these days. Surely there is a case to be made here that you be allowed to request video footage from any cameras in that area.
  10. sorry to hear mate, have you checked the surrounding areas for surveilance camera's?

    some people are just born aholes
  11. That sux mate!! :(

    Sorry to hear about it... is there any parking lots nearby that you could use?? :?
    I work at 700 Collins St and have one under my building so I'm lucky... but would hate to leave it out on the path coz someone knocked over a ZX2R onto the road out the front of my building recently :evil:

    I think there are fixed surveilance cameras on Little Collins, so check to see if any are pointing to your bike and make a note of it when you go see the cops to make the report... get your bike checked out for estimated repair costs to work out if it's worth claiming??
  12. thanks for your feedback guys.

    the latest is as follows:

    I left a note on 4 other bikes that park in the same spot as me. I was contacted by Sally. She located the BMW. The guy parked it around the corner in queen street. This is strange because he's parked in the same spot next to me for the past few weeks and today decided to park elsewhere, also I noticed that he removed his panniers. He must've hit it with the right pannier, which makes sense judging by the damage to my bike. I left a note for him to call me. There are no cameras around in that area. What should I do.

    1. Wait till the end of the day for him to contact me
    2. Ring the cops and report it
    3. ring the insurance company and report it
    4. Get quotes and then asses the situation

    I hate this shit....
  13. i would go straight to the cops, stuff the prick
  14. Yeah report it to the cops coz if you end up going through insurance or whatever it helps that you went as soon as you could... not sure if the police can/will follow this guy up if he doesn't admit to it as you have no witnesses and don't know if he did do anything??

    Does sound very suss that all of a sudden he parked in a completely different location to normal and his panniers are off his bike... :eek: maybe this could be a case for the Netrider P.I :wink:
  15. get his rego... if you are SURE it was hime.. well insurance companies like that kinda info
  16. You have enough "Evidence" for the cops to investigate further. If his pannier is damaged, and more to the point if it has scuff marks teh same colour as your paint I think he will have to be having a chat with your insurance company... The insurance company also should be contacted, because they will want the cops to follow up (It means they can recoup costs from him) and so they will be more likely to put some preasure on the cops to follow up the investigation.

    It is unfortunate that you contacted him, because that means he now has an oportunity to put together a storey before he has a chat with the cops, it is much better when someone is sudenly confronted by the boys in blue and has to make up there crap on the fly.
  17. I can't believe this dipshit, what a retard. Sure, accidents can happen. I accidentally knocked over a Honda XR400 some years ago, when I was caught out by the, 'Italian spring-loaded sidestand trick'. I picked it up, jammed a note between the seat and tank, and paid for the damage. To just walk away is beneath contempt.....may all his camels get bloat and die. :evil:
  18. Bluff him ASAP, tell him you have a witness to the accident and that unless he is prepared to give you cash today, you & your witness will be going to make a formal statement to the police.
  19. I don't want to be a Jonah, but I believe that unless there is $1,000 worth of damage, the police will not get involved. They will just say it is a civil matter.
  20. The thing is that I don't know that it was him. all evidence points towards him but there are no witnesses, the panniers are missing from his bike so there is no evidence whatsoever. That is why I had to contact him. Maybe he saw something, I don't know.....

    I will wait till 4pm. If I don't hear from him then I'm going to the cops.

    thanks everyone!