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My z750's coolant is all over the cbd

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by music, May 5, 2010.

  1. My bike (z750) has decided to drop what I suspect to be all it's coolant on the ground while I was riding.
    I got it home, where it proceeded to piss out coolant at an even higher rate while on the stand, and then stop altogether. Probably because it has none left.

    I will check and post more details tomorrow(unless I miraculously solve the problem), but so far the leak appears to be in the bottom corner of the radiator(I had noticed steam coming out of my bike from coolant evaporating off the radiator, which drew my attention to my new found problem -_-) close to the big hose heading away from the engine.

    Are the likely problems I should look for? Does this just sound like a leak at the radiator connection? or something more sinister? there was green coolant all over the corner of the radiator.

  2. Do not ride the bike, do not even start the bike if you have no coolant.

    You are likely to do serious damage to the motor.

    You're either going to have to fix the problem where the bike is or get it moved on a trailer to somewhere that can fix it.

    As for the source of the leak it could be anywhere and without being able to look at the bike it's impossible to say.
  3. Bike aint going anywhere.
    Going to put more coolant in it and tighten clamp. If coolant still comes out, then its time for the professional mechanics.
  4. Is coolant corrosive? o_O Or am I thinking of something is?

  5. Start by cleaning off all the existing coolant stains first. That way if new coolant appears you have some idea where the leak is coming from.

    While the radiator itself could have a leak, hoses are a more likely suspect and I would be trying to give them a thorough examination before starting up. Also check all the hose clamps.

    When you fill up have another good look before starting up. If the leak is bad it may be that you will find it without the engine running.

    The other thing is that if some other issue caused your bike to run hot and boil, the pressure could have caused the leak. But check the obvious first.
  6. Temperature was fine leading up to and during the pissing-of-coolant. I have a convenient temperature gauge that was telling me that temp was something like 90-95 degrees, which isn't unusual.
    Perhaps it is a leak.
    Perhaps my bike is simply prone to small issues.

    In fact, while the coolant was going everywhere, the dashboard information and the seat of my pants were telling me the bike was running perfectly. Normal temp, smooth good power, oil pressure etc..
  7. GreyBM, you are probably the most pragmatic, calm and helpful netrider I have ever come across :)

    Thanks for your help again.
  8. There is still coolant in the reservoir, just above the 'low' marker.
    Further inspection suggests it is the radiator itself that is leaking, not the hoses or hose connections.

    There is green coolant all over the radiator, in a diagonal sort of streak for a spot in the center. Only other possibility is that the in hose was leaking, and the coolant has dried partially. -_-

    Found the leak. The fan had been rubbing against the radiator, and has cut into it slightly.
    Over to the mechanics...
  9. Not the first time I've heard of a fan doing that.

    Just for everyone elses benefit - some bikes do not like having there over flow bottle full. Because when the bike heats up - it just pisses it's coolant out. Mine lives happily at the low mark, when it get's hot it fills up, then it sucks it back in once it cools down.

    Devo, coolant is actually an anti-corrosive. It's there to stop corrosion and other stuff. Race bikes are only aloud to run pure water in there systems in case of a spill on the track.

    "coolant" = about 50% water, 50% anti-corrosive (the stuff you buy at the shop, that is blue or green).

    Tip for new players - don't mix coolant's - I've been told they don't work well with each other.
  10. Ohhh.... You are my new Google...

    ...and you have boobs.
  11. I would fill up the coolant and start the bike where it is.
    Get it up to normal running temp and see how it goes. At least then if it pisses out you can kill it quickly and it wont get on the rear wheel while riding.

    May help find a leak. Coolant does glow under black light.
  12. I suspect you can plug an injured radiator like that with any of the "liquid metal" or "metal putty" type product from any hardware or auto store. Anyone know for sure?
  13. Yep, it's called "tank repair" from stupidcheap about $20

    My 1000 has three separate repairs on the radiator with this stuff
    one of them has been on there for years.

    You dont even have to drain it, just work the putty in your fingers
    and press it on firmly. The pack says it can be drilled and tapped in an hour.

    Quick and cheap, just the way I like it, but I digress.

  14. More news :)

    Took the radiator off, There were two small holes left by the fan.
    Bought some solder and a soldering iron, and filled the holes (just read about all this purpose made filler stuff... will I be alright with solder?). Did a 'pressure test' (i.e tried to force water through one end using the bathtub tap, while blocking the other)

    Leak is cured :D

    Now I have to fill the bike up with coolant again. I have drained the remaining coolant, and will attempt my first ever removing of the fuel tank so that I can flush the system and fill it back up again.

    I am incredible proud of myself. I know this is all minor but I love this kind of thing, and have never done it before.
  15. Just fill it with water for a couple of days till you know if the leak is cured
    There's no point in wasting coolant.

  16. Probably not, assuming you are talking about 'soft' solder (ie: the kind sold for electronics). When the radiator gets hot the solder will just melt. You can get aluminium brazing rods, but I've never used them. Metal putty might be the cheapest solution, assuming it works.