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My Yamaha XT500 Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MuSKeR, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Here is my XT500 Ill be *trying* to clean up on a budget. 8-[

    Its a 1980 model which I got for a case of Bundy Red so I feel its a win. I took delivery of it on Saturday 02/04/11 so havnt been able to do much yet lol.

    The bike pro's of the family have come around and all have said its a good grab.

    Here is what it looks like at the moment.

    It looks to have some surface rust which just need to be rubbed back. The fuel tank has a few dints in it. No key for the ignition so hoping its on lol.Its also pretty dirty.

    I havnt tried to start it yet. Im going to drain all the oil out, give a quick clean of the filter, change the spark plug and then have a go then. I want to start it up before I try stripping it all down first. It has good compression so Im hoping for the best.

    Realistic plans are:
    - Good clean. If anyone has any tips to get all the oil residue off that would be fantastic.
    - New oil, Spark plug and filter and get that engine going.
    - Either find new ignition swith or get a key to fit mine.
    - Recover seat
    - Put air in front shocks
    - Have front brakes fixed as they dont even stop the front from spinning.
    - Needs Headlight, Blinkers, Brake light, Speedo and Tacho.

    What Id really like to do eventually:
    - Complete full strip down.
    Paint frame, new tank, New wheels (or paint them) and have it fully registered.

    Also could anyone tell me where the Air filter is... If there is one lol. Also does anyone know of any tips or tricks to knock the dints out of the fuel tank or should I try and sorce another one??

    I know this is going to take me a while but I just want something to play with.

    Would love to hear opinions and ideas so dont hold back.

    Thanks very much.

  2. G'day Rob.

    I look forward to watching your progress. Most of the stuff you'll need is available through eBay; but Thumperstuff http://www.thumperstuff.com/ is also very good - a one man show and he's honest and reliable.

    The air filter is surely under the seat, in the box connected to the carburettor...unless somebody's removed it?

    Where do you live?

    If the engine is not cutting it, you can buy SR engines (500 and 400) from Vic MC Wreckers (haggle with them - they start by quoting high prices when you enquire). SR500 Club members have been quoted $850. One will bolt straight in, and as a bonus will give you electronic ignition.

    And on that topic, you should join the SR500 Club - we have plenty of XT owners. http://www.sr500club.org/ Through the club, you could also put this on historic rego: no need for a RWC if you get a club official to inspect it, then $100 per year to ride the bike for 90 days per year (you decide when, you just need to keep your log book on you when riding and have it signed for that day).

    You want to hear opinions? I say you go for a classic restoration. Not necessarily concourse - make a bike which you aren't afraid ride properly in the dirt - but do a basically stock bike.

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  3. Little bit of an update....

    I was taking of the seat and the air filter cover and 2 things happened...

    Under the seat there was a massive spider... Now I dont do spiders so to me thats an issue. haha.. but its now dead.

    Other issue is when I took the air filter cover off to have a look at the filter itself the whole thing is cover in grease. its not oil... it dead set looks like grease. And everything is covered in it. The air filter is just full of it.. Any ideas on what this could of been?


  4. Most likely air filter oil, it's a very thick, tacky oil that traps the dirt & dust. Assuming it's a foam air filter.

    If it is, you can reuse them, but given it could be past it's prime, probably best to replace.
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  5. Yep.. Have found out its the oil for the filter... However Pop thinks whoever had it last just may have over done it some im going to just clean out the excess stuff in the box and re use the filter because it is in good condition still.

    Any tips on how to clean the Filter to have not so much oil on it??

    Also I was trying to take the accelerator off the handle bars but the phillip head screws are on really really REALLY tight.. I tried to WD 40 them a bit but Its still no good. The even snapped one of my screw drivers hahaha... They are also wearing away in the middle so I'm to scared to keep trying other wise I think ill have to drill the whole out or something.


  6. Give the whole thing a good drenching in wd40, repeat. Leave it for a couple of weeks & so how it goes.
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  7. might be loctite'd in, bit of wd 40, a bash with a punch and some heat will probably get them on their way.

    I've been looking for one of those for a project bike for ages and you get one for a case of Bundy Red!!

    Good luck with the project though :)
  9. Seriously -do yourself a favour and go buy yourself an Impact Driver. And a decent Engineers hammer. Otherwise you'll mangle every Phillips head on the bike and cause yourself more work than you can imagine.
  10. Well..... Was all pumped this morning to have another crack at these screws but unfortunatly it is raining buckets here.. And due to lack of space its out side under a tarp and its way to cold to go outside lol.

    Other then Ebay and Thumper stuff is there any other websites people know of for parts. Preferably in Aus.. I know Ill keep a look out on the forums but I didnt think parts would be hard to find.

  11. Depends what kind of parts you're after?

    Kedo in Germany is great for all sorts of engine bits. Really good, actually.

    For inspiration - thousands of XT pics - check out this - http://yamahasrxtphotooftheday.blogspot.com/

    Mikes XS is the US is also good for parts. While not specific to the XT it's got lots of parts that can be used.

    Have you checked in at he SR500 forum? Very handy site with lots of good info on 12 volt conversions etc. Might be worth a look.
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  12. I went on the SR500 Website but couldnt see where to register... ](*,)8-[
  13.  Top
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  14. Thanks so much for that mate...

    Have signed up.
    The SR's are such A nice looking bike.

    However Ive been told by the boss I have to fix this one up before getting another one haha..
  15. Finding spiders while working is the worst. I had a huntsman the size of a dinner plate fall out of a pajero I was working on. Not cool.

    *semi Pointless post*
  16. Well musker, I'll give you $500 for the XT if you want to go straight to the SR :eek:)
  17. Haha... Nah mate, I got plans for this beauty.

    Just dunno how long they will take haha
  18. No, having a huntsman crawl up the inside of your visor when riding is worse..
    The Worst would be when it lands on your face..
  19. Minor Update...

    Drained out the oil.
    Cleaned up Air filter and oil filter.
    Killed some more spiders.
    Took off all plastic pieces to give them a wash and I found that the hand gaurds and front fender were off a Honda something lol..
    Took muffler off because its rusty as all hell and going to require alot of attention. Plus the mount that it connects to was bent so have banged that out to straightness..

    The fuel tank has been emptied. Had not much left in it but was really dirty.

    Sanded the front fender so I could paint it white so it doesnt look to bad.

    In the next few weeks ill be hitting the whole thing up with degreaser and a pressure washer.

    I hope it turns out ok. Im looking for a attempted start within 3 months haha..

    I took some photos of my strip down but turned out rubbish..


  20. Ok guys...

    SOOO... Tomorrows the big day of cleaning...

    Man I hope it turns out ok.

    This is what it looks like atm..


    Ill take a photo tomorrow just before I start for a bit of before and after... I hope it makes a difference lol...

    Im thinking about not going to the lengths of having it become road registered just because at the moment I just want the thing to run.. So im thinking once it does run Ill keep it as my Paddock Bike. But Im going to buy one that is regeterable so I can still have one to ride around town on.. Might even think about an SR500... haha..

    Cyas tomorrow morning lol..