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My XVS650 Classic

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tonner, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I just love riding this bike, and the attention it attracts


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  2. Looks a lot like mine!

    And yep - they do get a lot of attention don't they :)

    Love the white classics.

    Congrats mate.
  3. Are you getting nods from clue less Harley riders yet?

    One sexy bike there, ive got a white custom myself.
  4. lol...............I try to avoid Harley riders, even eye contact. Most are different , very different.:bolt:
  5. Yamaha have really hit the jackpot with that bike; there must be a dozen or more just here on Netrider!
  6. Looks Gorg' in white! Almost...virginal!:angel:
  7. I have a friend with one of them, beautiful bike, is very happy with it.
  8. Nice Bike. I've got the black Custom. :D
  9. The VStar650 has been around for while now, the jackpot for Yamaha was having the bike designated as a LAM's ride..

    They are a great looking scoot though, but I prefer Black