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My worst day riding today.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Has anyone had a day like this?

    I mean.. I was riding to work and it just felt like I was riding like I was wanting fast-tracked appointment to the pearly gates!!

    Close slips, really careless splitting (close to touching cars,) crappy slow turning (off balance.) Even screwed up the clutch on startup at the light so I was "hopping" for some moment.

    I just had to slow my ride a little more so I could arrive at work in once piece..

    Man!!! This morning was a WTF moment.
    Maybe I just haven't had enough sleep? Or have I just gotten crap at riding?

  2. You are now off teh bike.. sit back relax and think about it.

    Yeah I know how that feels you have days you look back on and think hmmm I should not have been on the bike today.
  3. yea sometimes I ride like im on auto pilot, then I tel myself wake up, would be good if they made helmets that slap you when you ride like that
  4. I've had days like that ...
    I put it down to an 'off-day' and kick myself for not realising it early enough to adjust my style of riding.

    My unqualified advice is to Be Careful .. look for the first sign, then make adjustments ..
  5. Know the feeling. Just think about how good it feels to be in the zone, with everything fluid and perfect. Shame to have an off day on a day like today...
  6. knock on hot chick's car window and pretend asking for directions.

    if lucky she might give u her number and u'll have a picnic later at lunch ;)

    i know u guys get 1 hour breaks ;) if u catch my drift.
  7. I have days like that, i turn around go home and get the car !
  8. For some people every day is like that. They're the ones who end up buying volvos.
  9. and who-flungs :p
  10. ouch :cry:

    one volvo for sale :oops:
  11. :rofl:
    I'm sure they are a nice bike .. :oops:
  12. i prioritise the ride home over other things, rather than staying late at work or having a late night, if you're gonna ride, its gotta be number 1 priority cause chances are its the most dangerous thing you do all day so you want to be there 100% for it

    i'm in the unfortunate situation at the moment of my cage getting repaired so i have to take the bike 'everywhere', i dont have the option of feeling crappy and taking the car instead...

    i never hesitate to use the ride as an excuse to bugger off early or leave work on time

    lack of sleep is what gets me more than anything else, being awake is a big help on the bike i find :D
  13. hate those days but i just do my best to focus on not being an auto pilot and be super careful usually go to left lane and slow up

    today was a bit that way cause it was so damn hot. summer jacket and gloves are next on the list

    just fixed my car but still ain't using it, it was two weeks in between car stints 4 me felt so weird being back in a cage :shock:
  14. Yeah I think we all have days like that. When I find that I'm out of sync with the world and my bike I just focus completely on riding, nothing else plus I relax and remind myself that it is not a race. Take my time, arrive alive.
  15. When you really need to ride pro-pilot - totally paranoid! :LOL:
  16. I know exactly what you mean.

    I had one of those days on Monday. Really aggressive in traffic then I ran a red without even noticing. Dangerous mix when you ride not 100% switched on.

    When I got to work I was kicking myself for being to stupid.