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My wife, now wants a bike. Got a question.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jimbob80, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. My wife is going to get her licence, however she can only get her restricted licence. She wants a 250, but not any old 250. She is head strong on a full faring sporty tourer thing. Something from 1990 upwards.

    Now I know she really likes the Suzuki GSX250f Across. She has also been looking at the Kawa ZZR-250...

    I don't really know much about the range of choice where 250's are concerned.

    Basically, which one of the two above performs better and is nicer to ride?

    also, any other full faring sports tourer type bikes out there?

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Get her to test ride both. She might like the storage capacity of the Across, or prefers the user-friendliness of the ZZR. GPX perhaps? Hyosung 250s?
  3. What do you mean by "nicer to ride"?

    Fully faired sports tourers would be the GPX,ZZR,Across. Maybe the Hyosungs. If she wants more comfortable then a naked bike like the VTRs, zeal, Balius, or even again a Hyosung.
  4. yeah

    The GPX does not seem too bad...

    Have been told before that the Across has more power than the 250 kawa's, is that correct?
  5. Yah the problem is that what is nicer to ride for me might be worse to ride for someone else.

    Some people are tall, some are short, some are fat and some are thin.

    Like shoes bikes are not one size fits all and the best way to find one that fits you is ride them.

    Failing that at least go into a shop and sit on some, that will at least show you which ones really don't fit :)
  6. Worst thing a buyer with little or no experiance can do is "WANT" a certain type or brand of bike, you'll end up paying top $$ cause "it looks nice" or "the colour is pretty" or "i MUST have a sport/touring/cruising style of bike" or some such crap.

    How tall/short/heavy is the person?

    What sort of riding will they be doing?

    What other riding experiance?

    What will insurance cost?

    How long do they intend to keep the bike?

    etc, etc
  7. ok

    She is 5.2, 65kg's and she wants to ride it on occasion to work and out on the weekends riding with me. I got a Gixxer 600 and she just wants to be able to ride with me...

    She has sat on the zz-r and the Across, she likes the fact that the zz-r is still available new etc, etc.. She favors the Across, but would like something quick enough to get up out of the way if needed.

    She will definatly test ride many before getting one so that is not a problem... she has not got her licence yet so we are just wanting to get your opinions.

    Her plans is to get a bike and keep it for a good few years until upgrading to something else.... May be sooner as I know what it is like once you start riding.

    I am new to riding myself so my info can only go so far.
  8. Re: ok

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    a ladies weight discussed in public??? :LOL:

    zzr IMHO is a better bike than the spewzuki
  9. Is your wife going for her L's or licence (P's)?

    If she is only an L plate rider, you might have difficultly getting shops to give test rides, although some may allow this. P plates should be no hassle.

    If looking at testing/buying privately, if only on L's, the owner probably won't be covered by his/her insurance due to an unlicenced rider. But again, P plates shouldn't be a hassle.

    I cannot point you in the direction of which bike to get as everyone has a different comfort level for the seating position. Do a search around your area for bike shops that stock 250's and sit on all of them regardless of whether they are nakeds or faired. Gauge the seating position, comfort level, feet position, and all-round feel of the bike as they are all different.

    Good luck in the search and for the licence. :grin:
  10. hey jimbob.... i have a zzr250 so will naturally suggest that one... i sat on almost every 250 available before settling on the zzr... had it narrowed down to the vtr250 and the kwaka..... get her to try a few out first... but you already plan to do thise so on the right track for sure... can reccomend heading to sprigwood for a day or so... teammoto down there are great.... let me ride a few bike in one day to try out a couple diff riding styles... ( klr250 , zx2r, virago) so can definitley point you there... best bit there was... i ended up not buying a bike from them :p
  11. The Across will be fine for getting away from traffic, the trick with them is to rev them hard. Well hard in comparison to most other bikes for the fact the the redline on these are 16,500rpm. Therefore taking off from stationary is usuallly done around the 5,000 rpm mark, which you get use to. Initially you think you reving the guts out of it, until you work out how far the thing revs.
    I find mine quite fun to ride. Range per tank of fuel somewhere between 200-220 km.
    The bike sits at freeway speed comfortably. They are quite fun to ride.
  12. She should get whichever bike she finds most comfortable and easiest to ride. :)

    The Across is an inline 4 and revs higher than the ZZR's parallel twin. It is also a little more powerful but the power curve on the ZZR will have more low and mid range, making it a little more user friendly especially in town.

    Both bikes are 250s so discussing performance is a bit pointless. They are both horridly slow and underpowered. However, they will perform well enough. Across might be a little quicker but I doubt there's much in it and the ZZR will get her swiftly of the line and should be good for a top speed up to 160kph. Across maybe 180kph. :)

    In terms of touring, the Across has a huge amount of space in the boot for packing gear. The downside that is a very small fuel tank (I think 12L) so fill ups will be more regular than on the ZZR. Packing the ZZR with tank bag and making use of the tie down hooks to put stuff on the pillion seat allows a lot of luggage to be carried, but the locking boot would be very attractive if she wants to regularly carry valuables on the bike. :)

    I don't know if insurance quotes will vary much but the 4 cylinder bikes are usually a bit more. Get a few quotes and see if that helps the decision.

    At the end of the day, she'll be happiest and safest on the bike that fits her best. The final decision may come from a test ride of each, and usually does. :)
  13. CBR250RR is the best looking 250 faired bike IMO, cheap to insure, plenty of them so parts isn't hard. They suit smaller people too, they are also about the quickest 250 out there.

    ZZR is also another option, I got the CBR simply because It's a bit quicker, looks better(IMO), and I have always liked Hondas. But I know a few people with a ZZR and a GPX and they loved them.

    ZX2R Is also very similar to the cibby and is a nice bike

    <a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/5253/amazingbumblebeeas2.jpg" border="0" alt=

    Im not very good with uploading pictures so sorry
  14. <sigh>
    When will people learn that theres 3/5ths S.F.A difference in how fast a 250 is. Quite simply they're only going to go as fast as the rider on them is capable of pushing them.

    If your talking straight line speed (boring), then pretty much all of the inline four- 4 strokes will be about the same. They all do a standing quarter in mid-14's with a rider who knows what they're doing.
    Of all of the 250 4-strokes i'd favour the ZXR250's because of their superior suspension. The CBR's have a nicer engine to work on, but the FZR's are cheaper and do everything both of the others do. They all weigh about the same, and all have things that the others don't.

    ZXR250's are best for their handling and suspension.
    CBR's are best for their strong and stable valve trains.
    FZR's are best for their marginally stronger low/mid range from the exhaust pressure valve (EXUP).
  15. I simply said they are about the quickest faired 250, I didn't say that they were far superior to any bike. And the fact remains that the CBR is roughly the fastest faired 250.

    That being said, your statement about the different not being overly significant is still true. Just thought I'd clear that up so you didn't assume I ment my post to mean "CBRs EAT EVERY OTHER 250!! LOLZ"
  16. And the RS, RGV or NSR can do what? :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I think Koma was simply pointing out there are a few in that catagory. I'd be very surprised if CBR's were faster on average than ZXR's at all. They seem to be fairly evenly matched. Nonetheless, the 2 stroke 250's will kill them every time. :)
  17. Bingo.
    There's a few things that you can do to your mundane 250 to actually give it quite a bit more 'pep'. Firstly, get it serviced and rejetted! A properly tuned bike will outrun a POS any day of the week.
    Secondly, drop two teeth off the front sprocket. Turns even a mild mannered 250 into quite a little ripper. Even a GPX with 2 off the front and 4 on the back will power wheelie in first and skip in second. :LOL: Who cares if it tops out at 140km/h!
  18. Maybe she should take a closer look at the bike that she passes her test on, whatever it is! She has already proven herself proficient on it!
  19. That doesn't mean it's a good bike for her. I passed my test on a GN250 and I didn't like it at all. :)

    I ended up buying a CB250 a week later and loved it. I kept that precious darling for years and still miss her sometimes. :wink:

    [to the CB] I love you darling but that girl in Sheparton will look after you well.[end sad bikelove talk] :LOL: