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My wife and motorcycling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tone2, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Since I got my bike, I've been casually trying to get my wife interested in riding too. I know she likes my bike but has issues with the whole dying and leaving 3 kids without a father thing. I've teased her, saying in 12 months she can have my 650 and I'll upgrade. When she said it was too heavy, I said she could get something smaller and even offered to get her a scooter if she wanted.

    Last night, she says to me there are two reasons why she won't ride a bike. The first is the scenario of both parents in an accident of horrendous proportions leaving 3 orphaned kids. No surprises yet. Then she admits the main reason is that if we were both riding, she'd have to race me each time.....and she'd be riding to win...

    ...I think I'm in love!
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  2. Buy her the scooter.
  3. family of hoons, ugh
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  4. My wife has my old 250 and loves it. Maybe she should try something like this as a lighter and slowerr start before the 650?
  5. Sounds like the bug has already bitten whether she's aware of it or not just yet. :)
  6. ...fascinating thread, and scenario, tone2 :)
  7. Time's on my side, let the fish run with the line and then slowly reel it in...

    ...and if we get to ride together, I'm happy to let her win ;-)
  8. .. just tell her you get to award the trophy when you get home :wink:
  9. On a side note, manufacturers are really lacking n catering for females who want to ride a sportsbike. It seems if they want a modern one they need to be at least 5'8" or 5'9".
  10. hmmmm...


    or ?
  11. My fiancee and I discussed it, but she decided not to. she's only short and I think would take a long time to get up to speed. I think its good to have a fang with the boys without constantly worrying.
  12. Platform soles? :D
  13. I wouldn't like to have been doing what I was doing yesterday in the Ten Mile with precious cargo on the back :-w :-w
  14. You mean you don't think you were already in love with her!!!?? LOL just kidding. :)

    It sounds to me like there's enough interest there and with a little bit of time you may get her on a bike. I reckon if she sits on a nice little user friendy 250 she will feel comfortable to make a start. Worked for me, I was interested in my husbands bike but had never ridden before and felt overwhelmed by it's size and weight. Sat on a ninja and felt at home on it.

    And I agree with you Lilley about the sports bikes being so big. Surely there is enough of a market for a slightly smaller bike. I fantasize about a Daytona 675R as my next bike but not sure how well I'll fit it. Haven't had a chance to sit on one yet.
  15. Half the appeal of riding is the away from the missus time :LOL:
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  16. Well said.. :p
  17. Best thing my wife did was get her bike licence. It solved a few problems.

    Firstly we have 2 sons, there used to be arguements over who went pillion with me. After the wife got her bike, no more arguments. Well that was until the youngest realised just how uncomfortable the pillion seat on the Monster is.

    Secondly, we can spend all day together and not have to talk to each other, brilliant.

    Thirdly, on family outings you can't hear the kids say "Are we there yet?", "He's hitting me, tell him to stop" etc etc.

    And lastly, it's bloody good fun.
  18. When I first spoke to my wife about getting a bike, her response was, "on one condition.... I can get one too".... :D

    My wife's taller than me (she's 5'11) so, doesn't have an issue with bike sizes at least.
  19. My wife is 5'4" and has no real issues riding modern sports bikes or sport tourers as far as seat height goes. Weight, or more precisely, how the weight is distributed can be an issue, but that's a strength thing not a height thing.