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My weird clutch !? Please tell me if this is normal.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by moy71, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Guys, I am at a loss here... if anyone can assist it is much appreciated:

    The engine is off. I am in 1st gear. I try to rock back & forth and it only goes so far forward and so far backward because or course the gear is engaged.

    But...I then squeeze the clutch lever (now remember I am still in 1st gear) I swing back & forth and STILL it goes only so far forward and so far backwards. The bike behaves as though I am NOT squeezing the clutch lever. But of course the clutch lever is fully squeezed and I ams till in 1st.

    The funny thing is if I leave the clutch squeezed (and still in 1st gear), and start the engine, it starts normally and the bike does not jump out. The clutch lever works as normal.

    Can anyone comment on this please.

    Many thanks
  2. Pretty sure they are designed like that, havent tried to roll mine in gear with clutch in though i always chuck it in neutral
  3. Its just that i specifically recall at the RTA pre-learning training that when I squeezed the clutch lever, the bike would roll freely regardless if the gear was engaged.

    Besides, on a manual car when you press the clutch pedal the car simply rolls regardless if it was in gear or not. I would have imagined the same applies to bikes.

    I am just afraid that there's something wrong with my bike ?!
  4. Not an expert at all but what you have described sounds a little strange, especially because it starts like normal yet it won't move when it's off. :?

    I am interested to see what others have to say.
  5. You might find the clutch plate needs to be spinning to properly disconnect. I'd go and try it on my bike but it's dark and windy :(
  6. I can roll mine about with the clutch in while in gear...
  7. They all do it to some degree, but it can be worsened by warped plates, cold or thick oil, out of adjustment cable clutch etc etc. The reason it doesnt lurch when it's running is probably some combination of static vs kinetic friction, the fact the plates get oiled properly once the engine runs, and the mere fact that a tiny bit of resistance at the clutch isnt enough to suddenly transmit 2000rpm through to the gearbox and it just slips instead.
  8. Was the key turned to the on position??? I remember now that was my problem it wont roll in gear with the clutch in unless the key is turned to the on position i think. Ill go have a look for you now
  9. What's the bike and when was the oil last changed? What's the temperature when trying this stuff?
  10. Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    Its a Suzuki Intruder VL250.

    The bike behaves the same way regardless whether the key is in or out, in the on or off position.

    Here's another thing I just found out this morning, I can go from 2nd gear to neutral by doing a 1/2 press of the gear lever. The neutral light comes on to confirm it. However, this is done with the engine off. I have yet to try it with the engine running.

    But I must say, despite the above "weirdness", the bike is beautiful to run.

    Should I be worried ?
  11. The bike has completed the 1000km service back in 2007. It only has 1800km now. Obviously the previous owner never got to use it much. But all the oil levels appear to be normal and within the Low-High range.

    The gear/clutch weirdness happens regardless of the time of the day, and whether the engine is cold or warm.
  12. it's due an oil change. Kilometers and Time should be taken into account in regards to the life of engine oil. I'd say its probably sticking enough that 1 humanpower is not enough to overcome it. And when you start it ther is a lot more than 1 human power there so you don't notice. Get it in for a service or do it yourself.
  13. Not even a tiny little bit. All is normal. It is just the normal stiction of a multiplate wet clutch.

    But as others have said, get that oil changed, soon. It has thickened and will be contributing to the issue.

    Also, it is normal to be able to change to neutral with a "half shift" down from second gear. We all do it all the time. You can do it when the engine is running as well. It will be easier for you when you change that oil.

    Get to know your bike, and you will enjoy it much more.

    PS: Royalla, I have never heard of the presence of a key making any difference to the clutch function on a normal motorcycle clutch. It may make a difference on those "automatic" clutches, or the left grip mounted changers.
  14. Sums up what I was thinking the issue would be. Try to change your oil at least once a year, 6 months would be better regardless of kms travelled by the bike.
  15. I rode the bike for over an hour today, and just as I got home I thought I'd give the clutch/gear another try while the engine is still hot (not just warm).

    I kill the engine, squeeze the clutch lever, pop it in 1st gear and wouldn't you know it.... the bike goes forward and backward no problem whatsoever.

    Tomorrow I will be changing the oil and see how it goes.

    Should I be using a synthetic oil or just the mineral oil ? The manual simply says it should be a 10-40w.

    Thanks for all the assistance given.
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  17. You are completely right i dont know what i was smoking when i thought that was the case :p
  18. Keep pushing and they'll usually separate...if you really can't get it into neutral.