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My Weestrom.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by typhoon, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Due to a shoulder injury, I needed to replace my trusty GTR. The GTR is a very heavy bike at low speeds and combined with narrow handlebars, was just brutal on me.
    So, I knew I didn't want a sports bike, nakeds were an option, but I needed a nice upright seating position. The Bandits were good but the Vstrom 650 was a really attractive thing on the used market, being very affordable and having an excellent seating position, plus a reputation for reliability and plenty of farkles available from the aftermarket.
    I managed to buy a nice blue Wee from a local dealer for a fairly good price, it had some extras installed which compensated for the relatively high mileage, mileage doesn't matter to me, I ride my bikes lots of kilometres. I picked the bike up around october last year.
    Anyway, the bike came with a centre stand, hand guards, headlight covers and Oxford heated grips.
    Here it is at the dealer:
    Since then I've made a custom windscreen, installed a topbox, HID headlights, fork brace, aftermarket muffler, crash knobs and the reflective shark's teeth:
    It's just a great bike to own, it does everything so easily and surprisingly well. The engine has an excellent, broad torque curve but still pulls hard to the redline. The gearbox is also excellent. The brakes and general handling are very good too. Make no mistake, it's soft in the suspension, but it's surprisingly capable.
    It's an excellent commuter but also very good on the highway, the large screen I have gives very good weather protection.

  2. yikes, Flying Tiger decals, Andrew :shock:

    don't know anybody with and Vee that doesn't like it
  3. +1

    but I really, really, hope those sharks teeth look better in the flesh than they do on your pictures
  4. They grow on you, like a tumour! Plus it keeps the cagers away.
  5. love the teeth! where do i get some?!

    having a sv650, love the motor. hear nothing but good things bout the vees (and wees :) )

    enjoy it!
  6. get a b and b bashplate. they are tough as and its a fair bit of piece of mind if you go off road a bit.
  7. Well done Typhoon. I've got a red 2005 model and love it. Where did you get the shark teeth stickers?

  8. I don't need a bashplate, furthest off road this thing goes is my backyard! I'm eyeing off bugspoliers though, they'd suit the bike.
    I got the shark's teeth off a guy in the US:
    Send Warhammer a PM and wait several days for a response, he seems busy with lots of stuff. But he's reliable and the product is high quality.
    I can tell you now, at night at intersections, EVERYONE knows you are there!