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My weekend ride

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by KumuduG, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Part of my weekend ride.

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  2. Really nice vid, the wind roar is a bit of a pain, more engine less wind. You do get great roads down there
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  3. Thanks. I'm on the stock exhaust. So the engine is pretty much quiet.
  4. The vid looks good, but I like to hear the engine, and a bit of the environment noise
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  5. I had the original sound initially but as you can see from the above comments the wind noise was a bit too loud and disturbing. I don't know enough about video editing to fix it. :) That's why I just changed it to music.
  6. Nice one...

    But what's with the ambient music? ;)
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  7. My absolute favourite road!
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  8. A few tight corners, a big right hander where you just keep winding on until you hit a really tight right hander, a magical road, but only 7km long. You go from about 90m above sea level to about 600m above sea level.
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  9. He he. That's how I feel when I'm riding. I find my inner peace. I know it sounds weird. I was under a lot of stress last week at work and was feeling like shit but once I'm on my bike passing one corner after the other after the other I just calm down.
  10. This is where I practice my cornering, start wide, finish tight, brake late, look wher you want to go, this road has it all, and very compact, places to pass occasional cagers too. Mind you, it's a bit tougher on a pushie, and I've go to do that faster too.
    Mind you, if I were a northerner, some of those roads like the Putty would probably be up there too.
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  11. Actually the last 2 corners are the ones I described, And you start wide and finish tight too.
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  12. I like this stretch so much.
  13. No... Not weird at all... I hear you bro!

    Some people do yoga, some go for a run and some people like us, go on a ride! ;)

    The bike, the road ahead & me! Ahhh..total bliss.
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  14. Where was the camera mounted?
  15. Front fender. I have 2 drift stealth 2 cameras mounted in the bike. One on the front fender and one on the rear plate assembly.
  16. I filmed some from the weekend, camera was mounted on the left side of the handle bars, but it is very shakes and makes it look like you are on y
    The wrong side of the road
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  17. You can see what I mean here, and I had to crop it as to made the screen look all twisted......
  18. Yup. Also since your fly screen is sitting in front of the camera I think it's hurting the view. One reason I mounted the camera on the fender is cause it avoids the shakiness resulting from the fork movement.
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  19. Also much better low down
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  20. Been helmet mounting but i like this loom way better. Nice one.
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