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my weekend kinda sucked (bike related)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ronin11, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. how was your weekend? better than mine i hope..

    friday night i ride to coffee night, and pick up my alarm off koma. its a neat loking little unit, and i cant wait to get it in..
    id previously organised to go riding with a couple of mates on saturday, so off i head to a different mates place in stud road where i tend to spend alot of my weekends. come saturday, overcast, but reasonable so off we head.. go round morning ton and the like, had a ball. left the guy i went riging with's place about 630ish.. heading down theprinces.. pulling up at a set of lights.. pull in clutch.. pull in clutch....pulll in clutch... okay.. dont. the lever had no spring in it.. and i feared a broken cable. its cool says i, ill just flat shift it back to the place i was staying.. but alas a red light had me pull over in a slip lane. after a couple of phone calls, i manage to get me a massive help from a couple of netriders to help put my bike in the back of his van and drop it off at my weekend home.. so to that.. a huge thanks to aaron and adam.. more than greatly appreciated after making all the calls, my phone goes flat. pul the bike apart on sunday. cable is okay.. but the lever/pivot that the clutch cable pulls to remove drive had snapped.. cost me $44 for the parts to get it fixed yesterday. easy fix.. pain in the arse problem. left stud road about 700 last night, and rode home in the freezing cold, to the point my hands were burning. but it was all good.. one of those things im gunna put down as an experience.

    again.. thanks to adam and aaron.. the help was greatly appreciated.

  2. sorry to hear mate :(

    (p.s. you might need better gloves)
  3. It can only get better from here right!?

    Not that you really want to know now, but you can easily stop and start a bike without the clutch, especially a 250. Just kill switch it to stop, then roll start it to go again. :wink:
  4. i was heading up stud road.. so while roll starting it had crossed my mind.. runnin it up the hill didnt interest me that much if the lights went red.. plus running over busy intersections trying to get it running was not something i was willing to do at the time.

    androo - yeah.. summer gloves in winter conditions (just heard it was 2.7 degrees last night) isnt the brightest idea.. they are the only gloves i have ATM.
  5. know how you feel my throttle cable snapped on sunday night, goodbye mates housewarming party and hello pushing bike to brighton kawasaki. i beat you in the repair cost too, $120 :grin:
  6. Bummer of a run with your bike mate :(

    Wanna buy a reliable Spada? :p

    I'm going for heated grips soon, let me know if you're interested and we can try get a better deal.
  7. Ur weekend didn't suck, you caught up with a couple of fellow bikers and it was a small problem, weekends only suck if you dont get out and meet some people and have some fun
  8. woodsy.. you are right to a point.. the poit being that since ive had the bike, its been in the shop near 1/2 a dozen times with small niggly problems. carbies, this, major starting problems, gear issues when i got it, plus the speedo didnt work when i first got the bike (most ive fixed, but its still spent alot of time - too much time, in the shop) so it sucked in regards to the bike breakingdown and stranding me on the other side of town. and i had to take a day off work to get it fixed. in the end it was an easy fix.. i could have been a gearbox i guess.. that would have REALLY sucked.
  9. Good to see you can count on other netriders to help anytime you're having problems (Even in this terribly cold weather :LOL: )
  10. Heh bought my GPX last friday, the mate I bought it off brought it out so I could take it for a spin around a little road safety area with him supervising (still waiting on my test) then he hopped on it to take it back to my place and bam the clutch cable snapped. Luckily $25 later it's all fixed but the timing was really off :p Good thing I know he's a good fella and couldn't know or I'd be asking for my money back :LOL:
  11. You're not the only one whos' had troubles.

    Monday night I go to pick my girlfriend up from work in the middle of the city (Sydney). I pull up outside her building and go look for her. Get back to the bike and the battery gone cactus. Have you ever tried push starting a 200+kg bike in peak hour traffic in the middle of Australia's biggest city?? Sucks.

    I feel for you Ronin.

    On a different note, have you installed the bike alarm yet?

    Edit: :grin: :grin: :grin: My 1500th post!!!
  12. Sorry to hear mate... I'm currently trying to get all the info to have my clutch cable replaced under waranty.. Aparently triumph stuffed up back in 2001 on speed fours, triples and tt600's and put in bad batch of cables...
  13. No worries dude, happy to help out a fellow netrider!! :)
    Good to hear you got it fixed on Sunday and was able to continue your journey out to the westside.... see how's that for unity, us easties helping out you westies :eek:

    Hope your run of bad luck stops there mate :cool:
  14. Ha! I beat you by a day and $120! My throttle return cable snapped on Saturday, had both cables replaced, cost me $240*.

    * Cost may have included new plugs and air filter, and a carby clean and balance while it was out :)
  15. Bah! Ametures!

    My base gasket started pissing out oil 3 weeks ago....enough that I couldn't ride the bike far.....so last weekend I decied to pull the motor down to replace the gasket. Put everything back together but managed to stuff the timing...lucky I was only kicking it over.....3 weeks and two snapped exhaust valves later and I still can't ride!!! :evil:

    At least I learned a good lesson: Don't rush! Especially when doing the timing!
  16. pete. nah.. havent done it yet.. got a few full on weekends coming up so probably wont go on for a few weeks yet.. only option is to pay someone else to do it for me during the week while im at work and can use the car.. but id prefer to try and do it myself.