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My Weekend Escape - Waterfall Way 1st Timer

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 99CIBBER, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm heading off on the bike for a few days. I'll be taking in some top roads on my journey. Old Road > Bucketts > Thunderbolts > Waterfall Way > Taylors Arm Rd > The Oxley > Thunderbolts > Bucketts > Putty.

    Haven't done Waterfall Way before so I'm really looking forward to that section.

    So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for side trips or nice places to stop or anything else worthwhile to take in, especially along the Waterfall Way.


  2. Let us know how it goes, I'll be riding up those roads roads at the end of the year.
  3. Hi 99.... Waterfall way is a beautiful ride, great surface, great corners.. You will encounter a couple of traffic lights due to road reconstruction and two 180 degrees corners towards the top (I think that these are both left handers). I trekked up there 2 weeks ago from Coffs and had a 'poo' trail 3/4 of the way up the hill (thanks to a cattle truck.) As you get into Dorrigo there s a great coffee/book shop as you negotiate the lefthander into the town. Its at the beginning on your right 4 shops before the Ford dealer. Enjoy
  4. Thanks Vossy, was it sheep or cow? he hee.. I'l def. have a good look around Dorrigo, I'll end up being a bakery toyr on NSW. Ha!! I've heard so many great reports about W Way, I am jumping out of my skin in anticipation...:)
  5. Well my trip was cut short. I came off the bike yesterday. Compound fracture to my left pinkie finger. Grazes and sore pec muscle. Hit some gravel mid corner up at peats ridge. Lowsided. Full gear on. Ambos came. Sitting in RNS hospital. The bike is scratched up. Bugger. Cibber
  6. oh boy... thats bad luck CIBBER :(

    good luck with the repairs on both of you...
  7. You wouldn't be able to post a Google Map of this could you? I wouldn't mind doing this at some stage!

  8. Will do mate. When I get out of hostipul.
  9. oh no, are they keeping you in the hospital?
    That put a stop to your trip quick smart.

    Rest up and heal quickly
  10. Not good news, Heal up well and quick. As bad a bit of hard luck that it is, and that your plans are ruined, once you are right, the roads will still be there waiting,
    Hope your bike is not badly damaged either
  11. Damn, and I looked in here for a ride report; some of my all-time favourite roads. Heal up fast, mate, and chase the pretty nurses while you can!
  12. Going home around 1 today. Sweeeet . Hand in a splint. When I looked at my hand just after the off I saw a bone protruding out of a bloody hole in my leather glove. The cartilage between my finger joint was ground away. And the gash was full of road muck. Hopefully I will have full movement when they remove the wire.
    rc - the missus is a nurse so I get special treatment at home. ;) I hope you are feeling better too. Cibber
  13. That's the way, mate!!! Thanks, I am.
  14. Damn!!.... sorry to hear about the "interlude" to the trip!!.. hope you feel better soon and resume that lovely ride!!...:-s
  15. ..side note....Awww! RC, that avatar wont be for too long I hope!!...:facepalm:
  16. Sorry to hear of your incident cibber. Hope you mend soon & resume your ride.Was a great weekend for a trip up here: Bit blowy on the coast but calm inland. I left Port Macquarie 7.15 sun morn up to Gingers Walcha Armidale Dorrigo & down Hwy to Port at 4.15. The viffer clocked up 612 km on some of the best riding roads NSW has to offer. You really need to do it sometime. Rob