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My Weekend Drama, No Not a Off - Long

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by farawayman, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Thursday afternoon we (my SO and I) headed of for a bit of R&R at The Forest Resort out at Creswick. Another golfing resort, waste of a good motocross track if you ask me. :LOL: I suppose it takes a lot of skill to hit a perfectly still ball, NOT. :p . And there isn’t even anyone there trying to take it off you at the same time. Pfftt I’d rather go riding

    Out through Yarra Glen, Kinglake, and a coffee at Whittlesea. Just out of Kilmore on the Lancfield road I get this not so funny weaving wobbling sensation. We were clipping along a bit and there was a crosswind and for a short while thought it was the wind playing with me. Suddenly I came to the conclusion that it was something more sinister. Back off slowly, careful now, don’t use the brakes, now find somewhere safe to pull over.

    “She that must be obeys” pulls up behind me tells me off for clowning around on the highway then realises that there is a problem.

    I remember a week ago finding my rear tire presser down considerably, looking further I had found a tiny nail that I pulled out and suitably plugged the hole. I have used the plugs a few times and never had any problems. I have even plugged a new tire and worn it out. No problems in the 17,000km.

    I am suspicious of the plug so I go looking for it or where it should have been; meanwhile I am getting grilled about whether I have joined RACV Totalcare yet? I must join sometime I say, so that was no points for me. I did impress her with my skill of lifting seat, having a replugging kit and having a small electric pump to re-inflate the tire. Fifteen minuets later and we're on the road.

    20k down the road I get that feeling again. I know the drill, pull over, yes the plug is gone, no dear I still haven’t joined RACV. Use a full plug this time, I had cut the plugs in half, they’re expensive you know. 10 minutes latter we’re off up the road at a reduced pace.

    Decided to stop at Woodend and find some glue to help these pestie plugs stay in place if I happen to lose another. No help in Woodend, it is closing time after all. Found a pushbike repair kit at the servo and we’re off towards Daylesford.

    I find myself pulling over yet again. Ring the resort tell them we’ll be late. Another plug well coated with pushbike glue this time and wait for that little pump to do its thing. Good value that pump, well worth the expense of pulling over and rescuing it from the roadside hard rubbish.

    A slow trip to Creswick into the resort and yes the key was under the mat, and a very nice unit it was to.

    And a big thank you to the one person who had the decency to do a u-turn and come back and ask if we where ok. Glad to see some people still do check that you’re ok. If things get any worse I might have to join the RACV.

    After settling in we head off for something to eat two-up on the Thunderbird. Not much open this hour of the night so we settle for a steak sandwich at the fish and chips shop, very nice it was to. Back up to the unit, the Beemer stands forlornly outside. Its not used to being left behind its usually the Thunderbird that guards the accommodation when we go out on one bike. I inspect my tire I can’t see any evidence of damage from being run flat, and the plug is holding in well, the glue has set. Things look good for tomorrow.
  2. Decide to do a run into Ballarat to get supplies. I get told to take the Triumph but I can’t stand the thought of leaving the Beemer behind she looks so forlorn in the carport by herself. Besides there is nowhere to carry stuff on the Thunderbird, yet room for a weeks supply on the old K. We toddle off nice and steady like, old K and I, to find a supermarket, boy they hide them well in Ballarat. Finally get what we need except the eggs for breakfast and head out of town. She’s itching to go, stretch her legs but I rein her in, over the freeway and then some idiot pulls out in front of me, weaves over the double lines a few times and settles down to wanting his half of the road in the middle with the occasional excursion onto the gravel on either side. I am not happy being behind this numskull so when an opportunity opens, I’m gone. She’s happy now, being ridden as she was designed to be ridden. Moments latter we’re back, both of us happy.
  3. So you just kept plugging along, Dave? :LOL:

    Glad to hear you got there safely, albeit late.
  4. After the first coffee for the morning, I remember the eggs that I had forgotten the night before. I reach for my helmet and head outside. Glance at my tire and see this two-inch long slug stretched out and stuck to the tread. My plug wants to escape yet again. I’m real glad it got me home last night. I head inside to exchange the keys. The Thunderbird triple cackles into life, a sound, which really dose compliment the Magpies, and Kookaburras, but I’m not sure the neighbours will appreciate it so I idle it out and down the road.

    Fist stop is the tire place in the centre of town and ask about any bike shops that may have tires in Ballarat. He is helpful and gives directions to 3 bike shops then tells me that if it were him, he would be going to Melbourne for a new tire. They are all useless he says although he doesn’t know much about the Harley shop. Now off to get those eggs.

    I don’t wait for breakfast, back to the unit to swap bikes and I warn old K, it will be a slow trip. Just before the first set of traffic lights I get that feeling again. O well I know the procedure. A few minuets later I am at the counter asking about 140/80/17 tire and got the blank look you get when someone’s family has spent too much time in the same small gene pool. He then decides to wander out and have a look. He comes back and offers me a 140/60/17 but I don’t like the look of it and I’m not going to put on a tire that’s designed for a 250, even if it’s name ends with RR.
    He does offer to pull my tire off and repair it from the inside for $20. I thank him and tell him I would rather have a new tire as the old one was well worn and I would have to change it soon anyway, but if I cant find a tire I would be back

    Up to the next dealer to ask the same question and he trots out a Macadam, $198 fitted if I bring the wheel in he says. Perfect I tell him the wheel is out the front still connected to the swing arm. But I could fix that if he could lend me a 17mm socket and a breaker bar. He heads out the back and returns with a quarter inch drive ratchet and socket. I’m a bit surprised quarter inch socket sets don’t usually go up to 17mm. I can’t do the deed with these jewellers’ tools so I go back and ask if the have the same thing in half inch drive or maybe a piece of pipe. He heads out the back and comes back saying the head mechanic is kicking up and if I drop my bike they will be liable and they should be working on it not me. I did mention I would be happy to take it out onto the roadside to work on and I did consider to go buy a socket set but in the end I told them to go for it.

    Half an hour later he’s back, all done he says. Time for breakfast I think
  5. Yes I will still carry and use plugs but I wont take them for granted. :shock:
  6. best thread i've read on these forums yet :D

    glad everything turned out ok in the end

    thanks for the read :D
  7. oh, and next time - a little trick which i think might work in theory, lol. find a screw the same size as the hole, and thread it in and out a few times, to put some grooves on the wall of your puncture, then your plug might have something to grip on, and won't come out so easily

    sounds good in my head, dunno if it's feasible but :\