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My week off..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Alright, I have a week off.. from the 31st to the 7th of Feb, yay for me! I want to go for a few rides during that time.. now, who gets days off during the week AND would come riding with me? (yeah, sorry bout that bit :roll: )

    Also can someone organize a dinner I can GET to?? Skuffy..c'mon your the guru of dinners :wink:

    I am away for the weekend up at Mt Buller, so don't miss me too much (as if :shock: )

    PM me or let me know if your interested and when your avaliable :D
  2. Wish I could help CBC, could probably get some time off, but I couldn't get to the North Island.

    Maybe if you were heading down Hobart way :?

  3. Come to QLD and I will go riding with you everyday :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. I don't know my schedule that far ahead, but if I'm free any day that week I'll happily go for a ride with you, assuming, that is, that you're happy to laugh at me struggling to keep up! :p
  5. Hey Jas, I'm free each day untill about 2:30pm (I start work at 3pm). We could hook up. Let me know.
  6. I'm free during that period CBC ... yell out anytime ya wanna go for a ride!!! I've got no restrictions timewise ...
  7. I could pull a RDO....
    As long as I give the boss a weeks notice....

    Give me a day and I will be there :D :D :D :D
  8. Might have to tag along, I go for my L's on the Sunday prior to that week, might see if I can wing an extra day, as I'm on holidays at the moment.
  9. Count me in :) The gimp can take care of himself for a day :D
  10. perhaps on the weekend 5-6feb
  11. As long as you don't start too early, I'm in for week day rides. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for preference though.
  12. im going back to work on the 31st....but I got a feeling that my holidays will be extended when they give up on trying to find jobs I can do with only 1 hand

    BUT I don’t think im going to be on my bike for a few months yet……boohoo
  13. Thanks for all your replys..thinking of a tootle around the place on the Sun 5th to get a friend ready for a 9 day tour of tassie (she's hiring the bike!) and will plan one/two rides during the week.. AND I can make coffee night this Friday..things are gooooooood :D
  14. Hey Code Blue.

    I will put a post up on the forum some time later today for the Code Blue Dinner Extravaganza..... :LOL:

    So, you will make coffee night this friday. EXCELLENT.

    See you there
  15. LOL...can't wait for the extravaganza!!! As long as its not at Macca's..mkay? :wink: :D :D :D
  16. i may even try get to SB this friday, time to try drive 1 handded i guess after all im going to have to try or i will go nuts, too late...already have....o well