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my website

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sydneycraig, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. OK, so nowt to do with bikes, even tho there is a bit of my bike in one of the photos!

    am in the process of redesigning my freelance web design website and was after some feedback. assume there is a varied bunch in here so might get some insight i might have overlooked!

    anyhow, any comments on the site much welcome! the good, the bad and the ugly...!

    current website is http://www.craiglongmuir.com

    this is the updated site (still in development stage)


  2. A quick glance (which first impressions are everything with websites of course!) says this to me:

    Bit too fast on the scroller... Maybe a little big too, dominates the FOV. Expand the portfolio page further instead?
    Need to change the body text below the links to be in one solid box rather then broken up...
    Need to simplify the page title...

    Otherwise mate looks good ;). Clean and straightforward which is always what you are after.
  3. + 1. Particularly about the scroller. Slow it down, both in terms of how often it moves and how quickly.
  4. I'd lose the "Valid HTML/CSS" links. They're so 1998... No one wanting to hire you will have any interest in that and if they do they'll be able to assess it for themselves. And the ultimate "Fail" (as the kids like to say) is that it fails validation anyway. :p

    You've got some great references there from clients but I almost missed them completely.

    The Services text is a bit confusing to read. It might be better as bullet points or similar rather than folded into a 'paragraph'. I think it's too lingo heavy but perhaps your clients are more technically informed than I imagine.

    The uncapitalized use of your name in several places is a bit odd but I've never been very arty so take that with the proverbial grain of salt. :)

    "Why pay for an agencies uber cool offices and overheads...?" -> "agency's"
    Why? Because agencies have dolly birds, thats why. Yes, I said it.

    0 Tweets looks rather sad. :(

    Otherwise pretty nice mate.
  5. Eh, ignore my comment about the text, i was talking about the existing site there, and kinda forgot to look at the redevloped/ing site.
    Still think my other comments are valid though ;).
  6. New website:

    In the "About" section, you need a full stop at the end of the paragraph, 3rd down on the left.

    In the "Portfolio" section, not all the client testimonials work. It's also annoying hovering over each one with a box that sometimes doesn't fit properly in the screen. Also, some of the names in the client testimonials are proper case, some are all lowercase. You need everything to be uniform.

    Put your name in proper case.

    As mentioned, SLOW DOWN THE SLIDE! Way too fast to read.

    On the "Contact" page, completed is misspelt in the second paragraph.

    I'd also make the message box bigger, so it can fit about 8 lines down.

    Put your mobile number in the normal format (from 040 509 6483 to 0405 096 483).

    Take your contact details off the "About" page. It then means people will explore you site more and will make them press "Contact" to get those details.

    Lastly, I'd personally have the bottom of each page (where it says "Freelance web design and front-end development by craig longmuir. © Craig Longmuir 2005-11 | tag society.com | valid XHTML | CSS |") in a black background, with the text in white. EDIT: Or, I'd make it the blue background like you have further up with the white text. A bit more colour is nice :)

    It's nice to break a webpage up a little with the various sections.

    Otherwise, looks good :)

    --- my experience? 3 years of proofreading. If I've missed anything, it's because I woke up about 8 minutes ago and am still in bed squinting my eyes :D
  7. Oh, there's more.

    In "contact", your address is all proper case, apart from avenue. Pop it into proper case - Avenue :)

    In "contact", it says "but I am able to meet up with clients...". Change the "but" to "however". Makes it sound less of a chore for you. I'd look at the wording of it, also. Tell them you're happy to do so, or something? I get the impression you don't want to meet in person, which is fine, but that might make potential clients hesitant.

    More uniform issues, in "contact" where it says "Send me a message", I'd make it like "Let's talk...". Pop three dots after "Send me a message..." as it then looks flush with the rest of it :)

    Darlinghurst is misspelt.
  8. Rawr. Sorry, still more. I'm waking up more, I guess.

    On the home page, this paragraph..

    "Websites that are created to meet your business needs and showcase your business, products or services on the web to their full potential."

    Sounds wrong. Definitely needs rewording. Like...

    "I create websites to meet your business needs and to showcase your business, products and services on the web to their full potential."


    "Websites are created to meet your business needs and to showcase your business, products and services on the web to their full potential."


    In this paragraph on the home page...

    "As a freelance web designer working from a home office, a can provide your web services at a more competitive rate than a web design agency and as I will work with you personally from start to finish you receive a much more personalised service."

    After "home office, a can provide" ... Change a to I.

    Also... I'd change the paragraph to:

    "As a freelance web designer working from a home office, I can provide your web services at a more competitive rate than a web design agency and, as I will work with you personally from start to finish, you will receive a much more personalised service."


    Also on "home" page, it's got a link to the testimonials saying:

    "view my website designs and client testimonials".

    Pop "view" into proper case, to make it uniform with "Learn more about my web design services" to it's left. I'd also pop a full stop at the end of both.

    On the "about" page, it says: "I am a freelance web designer based in sydney.".

    Put Sydney in proper case.

    After "Hi, I'm craig" and "Leave it all to me" and "Contact me", put three dots after each. Make sure each page is uniform!

    As mentioned before, put your name in proper case.

    I tried testing your contact form on your new page, but it brings up an error when you press send. Is it supposed to be working yet?

    On the "Portfolio" page, it says "a selection of websites by craiglongmuir.com" in the blue bit at the top.

    I'd change that to "A selection of websites by Craig Longmuir" - makes it more personal :)


    Portfolio section:

    No Bankruptcy-
    "Specialist debt negotiator company website. Includes wrdpress blog integration."
    Spellcheck! Missing the O from wordpress.

    I'd actually have all the client testimonials on a separate page. Make your website more involved.

    CSS -
    You put the wrong description under them!"Wordpress blog showcasing the best luxury villas, hotels, bars and restaurants on Phuket." ... They're a security company... might not be too pleased with that!

    I'd take Phoenix off until it's live "Phoenix website coming soon. Landing page is live for now.".

    Hope this has all helped.

    And for what it's worth, I worked for 6 months as proofreader for a top IT company, doing all of this for webpages before.
  9. =D> many thanks for taking the time to look at my site....it is much appreciated!

    I have modified to fix errors up now.

    form - not plugged in yet
    testimonials - yes, was still figuring out how best to show them and a new page might be the go. will give it a try
    phoenix - should be live before this site is!

    thanks again

  10. [wink] Geez holli, if you can find that many faults with the world in the first 8 minutes of the day, you're obviously sleeping with the wrong people ...
  11. i need to get laid. it's been too long... :(
  12. Lose the white text on "Freelance web design, etc" it is too hard to read against the neutral background.

    Maybe slow down that scroll time a little more.
  13. i don't know if i missed this before, or if you changed something, but on a few portfolios on the portfolios page, not all the brief descriptions have full stops at the end. uniform, man! uniform!

    on the testimonials page, for matt, from horseshoe lane, you've put his name, then the website, his testimonial and then his name again. remove his name prior to the website - make it uniform with all the others.

    still don't like the contact details on any other page other than the contact page. not necessary.

    still something missing in general ... some more colour... i'm not sure?
  14. I think this reads better .....

    As a freelance web designer working from a home office, I can provide web services at a more competitive rate compared to a web design agency and, because I work with you personally from start to finish, you will receive a much more personalised service.
  15. Oh yeah, and I agree with lowercase, take the contact details off the front page and keep them under the "contacts" tab
  16. :smileysex:

  17. much. my sexual appetite has now been replenished!
  18. I just noticed a couple of typos in the About section:

    "standard compliment HTML & CSS." -> standards-compliant (the hyphen is probably an arguable matter of style for the anal retentive)
    "code that measures upto (W3C) industry standards." -> up to

    FWIW, I think that section is much better now too. :)

    On the Contact page:

    "Many of my websites have been cmpleted remotely " -> "completed"
  19. References to WordPress on the Portfolio page should probably use the capitalized camel case "WordPress" rather than "wordpress" or "Wordpress".

    Yes, I do have a broomstick up my arse.