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My War Story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lizzy, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it...

    Well it was a great day for a little ride.. I woke up at 4:30am and nudged Chris awake. I asked him did he feel like going for a little ride over Mt Mee, then visit Nanna and then a little breakfast at The Coffee Club.. He said Yes of course

    I purchased a non-registered Zeal (we alredy have a few 250cc in the shed - but I blew the zzr up racing it a few months back) and we had just got it registered We had taken off the one headlight it had and replaced it with a retro looking two little headlight thingy.. So I wanted to take it for a little test ride over the mountain in the day light As I have only ridden it over Nebo and Mt Cootha at night.

    As it is a newish bike to me I told Chris it was the speed limit all the way.. Plus I had seen a car accident on the way to Mt Mee.. The car was wrapped around a tree or a post I can¡¦t really remember..

    Anyway we went over Mt Mee.. The air was so nice and cool.. Chris took a turn of my bike to see what it felt like in those up hill twisty bits.. He did about 3 laps of that and then I said.. Ok lets go visit Nanna and go have breakie because I was feeling hungry Heading back over was nice and steady.. I waved at a few bikes and even a farmer waved

    At 7am we just arrived at the 80 section.. Some of you may know it it goes 100, then 80 and then a little bit up the road it turns to 60.. going through the towns So straight back to 80. I was doing 80..

    Up a head a bit I saw a white van coming the opposite way As I got closer I realised it wasn¡¦t moving.. At this stage I was right up to the van wondering why the guy (who was in the drivers seat wasn¡¦t moving) He was kinda parked after a bend in the road.. I moved a little left of my lane.. And then next minute a blue bike with one head light travelling at break neck speed crossed over the double white line and we were heading for a head on. Everything happened so quick I didn¡¦t even get time to say SHIT!! And I mean that guys.. It happened that fast..

    I straight away moved further left of my lane.. Edging towards the grass and dirt.. As some of you will know MT Mee doesn¡¦t have wide roads.. The guy on the bike was almost out of control at whatever bloody speed he was doing.. He was zig zagging all over my lane and his legs were off the pegs and it looked like he was trying to run with his feet. I think he got target fixation on me because he was following me over to the left I wasn¡¦t looking at him.. He was in my peripheral vison and I was looking at where I wanted to go towards the left The thing is he sent me that far left I hit the wet grass and dirt. It was there that my front tyre skidded outAnd I low sided the bike at about 70kms

    I smashed the left side of my head that hard.. I have no idea how I have any teeth still in my head. I didn¡¦t know this at the time but Chris who was behind me said that I was trapped under the bike as I slid up the road for about 20 or more metres.. My leg was trapped and my right arm was underneath me and my head was scrapping the ground. All I can remember was the pain in my head. The actual hit was so hard I had red marks on both sides of my head from the helmet. As I was slidding ( I didn¡¦t realise I was sliding) All I could think of was Chris and if the guy had hit him.. Because he was behind me. Thankfully he had just missed Chris as well..

    I lay face down with my arm still under me. I couldn¡¦t get up because of the pain in my head. I can¡¦t explain the pain¡K

    I heard Chris come up to me and try and help.. but he didn¡¦t want to move me.. I think I said My head my head I then heard other voices.. I thought I was hearing things!! A few minutes later I was able to move my self to a seating position.. Just sitting on the side of the raod holding my head. A few mins later I took my helmet off and realise a group of bikers who the guy on the bike had overtaken at break neck speed had pulled over. The guy on the bike DID NOT STOP!! HE speed of.. The guy in the white van (Chris tells me) Stuck his head out of the window saw that I wasn¡¦t moving and he too speed off!!

    I am that upset that two people who caused the accident DID NOT STOP!! I spos that¡¦s what hurts the most after all that..

    The bikers who stopped where really nice.. Helped Chris get the bike up etc etc.. Stayed until I was talking a bit of sense again.. A lady pillion came up to me and wished me a Merry Xmas and said she was glad I was still alive

    The bike was still rideable.. My new headlights are stuffed. I slowly rode it to my Nanna¡¦s who lives at Petrie. My Aunty checked my eyes with a light and said that they weren¡¦t reacting very fast and to sit for a minute I wanted to go home But was feeling really funny so Chris doubled me home. We went to the medical centre and waiting an hour.. all these little tests later.. I came home with a very sore head and a bit of a heavy heart that basically I was left for dead by two people who should have stopped to help. I am just glad I rode with Chris.. Because I wasn¡¦t going to wake him and go myself this morning..

    Anyway I might have a few pics later My head still hurts.. I have buggered my neck again.and I keep finding all these hurty spots on me LOL A few briuses coming up now. But I¡¦m still alive so I¡¦m happy.And thanks to Michelle for making me laugh and offering me a lift and making me go to the docs..

    Oh and thanks to Julz for cheering me up yesterday and today before she headed home to Melbourne :D
  2. what a bunch of pricks !! never mind they will get theirs one day
  3. Glad to hear you're OK lisa.

    What is about people not stopping when bikes stack? The first itty bitty scratch on a car bumper sees car drivers out of their vehicles shaking their fists, but send us sliding down the road, and apathy seems to set in. Not on.

    Thanks for sharing the story anyway, hope the bike and you get well soon.
  4. Glad to hear you're ok Lisa, did anyone get the bike or vans details?

    Like Rumpytrumpy said.. they'll get theirs. Karma will come back on them soon enough.
  5. :evil: :evil:
    Thats terrible, glad to hear that you're ok and not badly hurt.
  6. geeze just makes me realise how lucky I was with my off at the same speed. If there had been much other traffic, if id landed a little differently, if I hadnt managed to pull myself out from under the bike while i was sliding, if id landed more under it...
    glad you are relativly ok, ditto the bike. Some people are total arseholes.
  7. oooo that's no good...

    well it is good your OK, and you can write about it, but not good about the incident.

    Glad your (fairly) OK, but it would pay to get to a further check up in a coupla days, just to make sure.

    I've no doubt the the a-hole on the blue bike (who is the cause of all the pain and suffering) thought they were in total control and that all the do-gooder, rocking chair grandpa's like myself should let em be. But the prick didn't think about the fact he nearly killed somebody.

    Ah well, I think you deserve an extra big christmas present this year. (like a new set of lights)

    Hope your back on two wheels soon

  8. DAMN!!! thats crazy! glad to hear you are okay.. bit of a bugger no one got the plates of the car or bike (im guessing they didnt - worse things to worry bout like you on the ground) cause hearing shit like that really drives me up the wall.. have you reported the incident to the police? cause it might be worth reporting anywayz, maybe someone reported the idiot riding like a tool or something..

    anyway, at least you walked away, and the bike is repairable. hope you feel better.
  9. Oh no.... :cry:

    That really bites the big one that they didnt' stop... any of the other bikers didn't get his plate obviously? :(

    Well its still good your alive, and can at least ask santa for a new helmet :)

    Hope you feel better soon
  10. Sorry to hear that, hope you and your bike are ok.
    Its people like that who give bike riders a bad name.
    Guess they will get theres in the end
  11. good that you are ok
    that is so very wrong they drove off how would they be feeling now
  12. I sincerelly hope that you had head, neck and spine X-rays, if not then the medical centre failed in it's duty of care, whether you came by ambulance or not.

    It's double standards too really, if you turned up from a car accident you would be treated for whiplash, but someone who comes off of a bike tends to get the she'll be right attitude.
  13. What a horrible story...good to know you're ok at the end of it atleast...it makes me sick how people don't stop.
  14. Gosh Lisa, very happy you are alright..sounds like a pretty heavy fall :(

    Just remember to those people who caused the accident AND didn't stop, what goes around comes around ...so their karma will catch up to them :evil: :?
  15. What a shitty thing to happen .. but glad your OK Lisa - sounds like it could have been a lot worse for you.

    As I read the story I kept hoping for a, relatively, happy ending with the white car being a speed camera and catching most of it in photo's, including the rego of the bike.
  16. Glad you're ok Lisa. Bikes can be easy fixed. It's a shitty thing to happen, but the important thing is you're mostly alright. :D
  17. Its called karma Lisa . Glad to hear of no serious injuries .
  18. Very relieved to hear your in one piece Lisa!
    I was reading through the story fearing the worst but knowing that you were typing...

    Sickening that the other rider didnt stop. Just as bad that the guy in the van drove off!
  19. Thank your guardian angel for getting you through that one Lisa, that's incredible!!

    how can someone cross double lines being blinded by a van? that guy on a blue bike was lucky it was you and not a car.......otherwide he'd be dead! i just hope he somehow ends his life before he hurts anyone else again!!!

    anyway smart move on buffering to the left there, a head on would have been catastrophic!
  20. hopefully next time instead of you there will be a semi-trailer to meet him around the corner :)