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My Wakefield Park footage

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. I went to Wakey for the first time with @ONE and @AznCruiser

    Unlike Eastern Creek they let you film, so it was good to see the footage. I'm not new to track days but I am new to watching it after.

    They put us in the n00b group since it was our first time on that track, so it made for a lot of passing practise.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Always love good track vids.

    Is the camera attached to your bike or mates?
  3. It's mounted on my bike. The guy in the grey/white berik suit on the sv650 that's in it a couple of times is @ONE his best lap was only 3 secs of mine which is incredible considering he's got only half the rear wheel HP of me.
  4. Our group was marked for intermediate.........but they had people from beginners to advanced, some people there were knocking on the racers times.....hopefully i can get my suspension fixed to go back there with you guys.

    Great vid Marty, it even shows Trent loosing his sliders hehhe..........
  5. How does wakey compare to EC? I've considered it but seems quite a track from Sydney.

    Presumably you'd have to stay there overnight at the end of the day?
  6. Nah we just drove up and back from Sydney on the day. I was pretty tired on the way back though..

    The track itself is very demanding since your going from hard throttle to hard brakes constantly. It's bumpy but after a while you find a good line that's not so bad. I had very bad arm pump but I was pretty rusty that day, if I went back tomorrow I'd be heaps better.

    It's much lower speed than EC but more technical and some good passing opportunities. I like it! I'm going back on the 15th of may I think it is.

    I was running at the front of our intermediate group (1:12s) which would put me mid pack in a st George clubsport race. In the advanced group the front guys were almost at the lap record (around 1:02)! Mind blowing

    Very different to the wood peckers who turn up at EC and clog up green group
  7. I cant speak for Marty and Trent but I love the place. Not as fast and not as twisty as EC..............fewer corners but more open, and the run off area is pretty much everywhere so less serious accidents and faster/easier for them to get out of danger............the organisers are more relaxed as is the place (but still professional).

    It felt like session time is shorter but you do get more sessions out of the day..........I was knackered at the end of the day and missed the last session.

    Travel time for us was tiring..........I had to get up a bit before 4am (Trent even earlier) and I got home at around 7pm (Trent even later since he drove and trailered my bike)....
  8. I think some of those guys were there to practice for their races so lap times were pretty quick especially for the ABCD racers.......was great to see the really fast guys apply their stuff :).
  9. I thought you guys said on 24th May for the ride day?..........ill go there if I can and maybe go to the remaining weekend race ya mates..........
  10. Great Vid, track days are great fun. (y)
  11. Sorry mate u are correct, it's the 24th
  12. Isn't WP a little easier on the wallet compared to EC as well?
  13. Yep if u go on a weekday but at WP they have a $50 per year license (if u don't have an MA which u pay on the first visit for that year as opposed to EC which is $20 per event.
  14. UDLOSE also add in fuel, toll charges, and extra strength coffee......that lower fee may end up being more expensive :(........im chipping in for fuel if Trent drives (really no choice since he has the big trailer).
  15. Yeh Mal between my ute and bike I used around $80 in fuel :eek: