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my vtr250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by spenaroo, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. well i finally picked up my bike today,
    and i love her, couldnt have picked a better bike:p it seems to be the right size for me and i love the power (haha first ride was through the eastlink tunnel wahoo) its a 1999 honda vtr, with a little under 40,000k, paid 3.3k on-road with reg for 12months and 3 months waranty. seemed like the right bike for the right price. but this post sucks without pictures. (sorry my camera seems to be a bit crap today)

    on a side not already had some idiot mistakes...... i forgot i used the kill switch and spent 5 minutes checking every part of the bike before i realised.

    but even worse was i let my dad take it for a ride (remember he used to own a few bikes and grew up on them, he also serviced all our dirt bikes) and he came buck complaining of a flat spot and the throttle sticking, fair enough it would stick so it idled high. so after he played with the idle adjustments he made arrangements for me to take the bike back to the workshop. so after an nice long ride back to the workshop i was me by one of the mechanics who proceeded to flick the choke off..... problem solved, lesson learnt i guess....... on the bright side i feel i improved alot on that ride (stop start in some traffic building confidence and ralaxing) plus i went through the eastlink tunnel again and it has even more balls :p i just feel sorry for my mate who followed me out (expected to have to leave the bike there)
  2. Looks the goods. Well done on the new bike! :)
  3. Congrats!!.... nice looking bike =D>

    250's are great little bikes.. I still have mine even though I have an upgrade!!

  4. I have seen one of these for sale not long ago near my place, had a bit of a sit on it and they are pretty comfy.

    Fuzzycam aside it's looks good mate, very clean ! Congrats on the find !

    Chokes are an annoying thing but you quickly get used to them ;)
  5. Very nice buy. The VTR is a great looking bike.
  6. Good choice, I've done everything on mine, cross country touring, daily commuting, off road exploring, weekend scratching and it hasn't missed a beat.
    Super reliable, pretty amazing torque for a 250 and extremely forgiving for newbies.

  7. The vtr is a great bike, my girl honda24 has one and its very comfortable! I always find an excuse to ride it somewhere when i go to her house.
  8. Well least you can bag your dad for that one. I would be.
    Two things that will save you heaps of $$$
    1. Oggy knobs
    2. A workshop manual. I'm sure if you did a good search online you would get one for nothing. Read it and learn your bike.
    They are a great bike and easy to service. And it will help you heaps in your riding life.
  9. sound advice bretto...
    great bikes, i really loved mine, so well built, and so easy to use...
    safe travels spenaroo.
  10. yeah i love it,
    its the best thing ive ever done. definetly give props to dad otherwise i would probably be driving a spada..... not that there is anything wrong with that i still love them but there a bit old (why he pushed me against them) but now ive lived with the vtr i think they woud have been too small...... do wish i had that 6th gear though........ wonder if its possible to swap a spada gearbox in....
    and props to the previous owner, great taste in looks and small mods (rimtape, smaller indicators and a staintune exhaust - albeit damaged from being on another bike. the luggage rack is handy too)

    and definitely will get some oggys's.

    im still trying to decide if i want to swap the headlights over to something more modern looking or street fighter dual headlights
    but the more i ride the more i love it just the way it is. maybe just a duccati monster style fairing would update the front to match the rest of the looks.

    still would like an yamaha fzr...... just love them maybe ill get a 600 when im off lams
    (or a tzr :p)

    workshop manual is one thing i want to get as i love wrenching. but i think for the moment ill leave the servicing and tuning to a professional, and work on re-assembling my trailly
  11. Nice bike. I really like mine, so hope you have a lot of fun with it.

    Will oggys make a lot of difference, considering the bike is naked? I've dropped mine twice, and haven't damaged any paint, only bent things.
  12. I don't think oggys would have helped with any of my drops but if I ever get a nice bike I will def get them. They just seem a little pricey for a bit of nylon and a bolt.
  13. yeah oggys are high up on the priority list, though ill leave the mechanics to the experts for a while. (i love wrenching, but ive got my trailly to fix and re-assemble. and id rather be a bit more experienced before i service this as its my daily)

    the more i ride it the more i love it, though i do think the headlight clashes with the rest of the bikes looks. thinking a ducati monster style fairing or a headlight conversion would make it look better.

    only thing i wish it had was the 6th gear of the spada (wonder if its possible to swap the gearboxes over...........)
  14. nice bike,
    ive seen a VTR advertised with a Spada engine in it, it was yellow.
    ive got a blue 06 VTR, and actually came with oggy knobs, must of had a drop before they went on though.
    plenty of good times on the VTR, not too bothered about the 1 gear missing.
    next bike will have 6 for sure though
  15. Congrats on the VTR (and with the Ducati-style no-tacho instrument panel, too!). They're great fun around town and on suitably tight/technical twisties. :D

    On oggy knobs:
    I'm of the personal opinion that oggy knobs aren't necessary on a VTR250 as the only parts which touch the ground in a low-speed drop are the handlebars and levers, footpegs, tyres and muffler. The lil' V-twin's just too narrow for the engine and frame to touch. The hand and foot controls are $10-20 each to replace. At faster speeds (50-60kph and up?) the ducktail's at risk, but that's $150ish to replace. Crash hard enough and the handlebars (or something else) might dent the fueltank, but oggies probably won't do much in that severe a crash.

    But YMMV.

    On headlights/bikini fairings:
    I've seen a few bikini fairings offered that could work. National Cycle ( http://www.nationalcycle.com/ ) makes a few different bikini fairings and little screens for 7" headlight nekkid bikes. The 1999-2002 Honda VTR250 is basically a 75% reduction photocopy of the 1997 Ducati Monster:

    7" headlight, trellis frame, V-twin (L-twin for the Ducati). Honda even made a perfect copy of the Ducati's instrument panel. :D

    Regarding 6th gear, or lack thereof:
    I wouldn't fuss too much about the lack of 6th gear, IMHO. At 100kph the bike's turning over at 7500rpm, just below peak torque in 5th gear, and not having a 6th gear means less rotating mass and (slightly) faster acceleration. :)
  16. yeah, theres a few bikini fairings ive seen that dont look too bad.
    was thinking of killing two birds with ine stone by putting on something like this[​IMG]a
    and add some hids at the same time for extra visibility..... but that would be when i can find something decent (preferably not the cheap chinese ones off ebay..... have seen some good adr approved ones) and the money to do it

    found the perfect one too. [​IMG] but its $550US........ still it would look so good, and is excactly what i want (minus vents rather it was all smooth)

    and anyone seen a belly pan on a vtr250??? im trying to see how it would look. think it might make the bike look a bit more sporty...
    but i do love the naked streetfighter look....
  17. this is what my baby looks like now, well it now has different mirrors - same style but sit lower, level with the bars

    and have added this to my stable for well when i want to well.... hoon.

    also have since last posting in this thread,
    bought this, riden it till it dies, rebuilt it and sold it.
    [​IMG] it is a great bike, and i miss it at times, but i sold it to a friend:) so i can still ride it every now and again

    (sorry guys for the bump of the thread, i posted it in this forum accidently. rather then posting in the other one i was meant to... if that makes sence had this one open to get some pics... only scrolled to the bottom and used the quick reply to post)
  18. hey spanneroo, done a great job with the vtr there
  19. What about a front set up from an Aprilia Shiver

    or Honda NC700SA

    or Suzuki Gladius