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My VTR250 has been violated!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. So I park in this specially demarcated spots for motorcycles at my present client. I walk back to my bike on my way home...and there...right infront of my VTR250...INCHES away from my bike's frontwheel...is a tattered, purple, old Vespa. :shock: The (purple) paint is fading, the seat is completely tattered...

    The little so-and-so pushed his Vespa past my VTR, and then parked it right infront of it.

    The VTR feels so violated!! :LOL:

    Luckily the Vespa didn't touch the VTR otherwise I would have had to take it to SCM this morning for a special cleansing ritual!! :LOL:

  2. dude, you cant clean a STD
  3. Scooter Transmitted Disease :LOL:.
  4. I know the woes from parking at uni :( I come in early and park considerately to allow other people to use the mc parking. So do the other motorbike riders. But then this stupid ass scooter rider (you know the type, artsy chick with an open face helmet with the second most protective thing she's wearing being her sweater) parks in the most retarded angle, blocking EVERYONE else from getting their bikes out. I've been temped to kick it over so many times.. Next time I'm turning the fuel off.. :twisted:
  5. :WStupid: :rofl:

    i like where your heads at, BUT...
    if she's really hawt, then syphon the filter out... then when she tries to start it, be prince charming and get her number. :LOL:
  6. As a precautionary measure, Id consider torching the VTR. We cant have this spread and its your duty to make certain it doesnt. Contact or no contact, you cant be too careful these days.
  7. i like rocketeers idea :grin:

    i reckon ill try that one when we go back :LOL:
  8. You need to get yourself one of these my friend.

  9. I politely taped some notes about the joys of parallel parking on a couple scooters at work who were taking up enough space for about 6 bikes (I ride one, too). They sorted themselves out from the very next day.

    If it is a 50cc there is every chance the owner has not been to riding classes, has not brushed up against any parts of two wheeled culture, and has just plain not thought about it.

    Say it in a friendly way. It works.
  10. BARGH bloody inconsiderate scooter riders!

    I parked my bike in the city for 5 mins in a designated motorbike parking spot under the monorail... and a scoot comes up, parks infront of me, hot exhaust right on my brake disc. :evil:

    after 10 mins of maneuvering the VTR i managed to get it out. left a nice and friendly note taped to the scooter's seat.
  11. Only slightly OT ...

    Where I go to the gym (big council rec and leisure centre), there are only two parking bays in the entire (huge) carpark designated as "MC". There are two little w@nkers who regularly park their cars in them. This makes my blood boil! :evil:

    Next week, I am deliberately going on the bike and parking behind them, crosswise across the two bays, with the cable lock through the Divvy's front wheel so can't be rolled. They can wait until I finish my 90-minute workout ...
  12. probly better to make them boil LOL,

    Nah- Just tell staff there, then when they have to pay the impound fee and towing expense, well, lets say they will follow parking direction.
  13. that sort of stuff happens where i park my bike. it's a pain in the butt :(
  14. Large (A4) note - superglued across the drivers side of the windscreen pointing out that it's a really bad idea to p1ss off motorcyclists by stealing their parking spaces. Don't park behind them - I know someone who did something similar - the bike was pushed over onto its side and slid around to move it - lots of fairing damage.
  15. Yes, you can alwasy be sure that people will be irrational when told to wait.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    That is too funny! :LOL: