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my VTR

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by typezero, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. howdy neighbour! been meaning to put this up for awhile but just been busy at work. Finally here she is...2001 VTR

  2. Nice looking bike.
  3. that is a VERY VERY nice looking bike.

    i was looking into getting a VTR untill i realised how close i was to coming off restrictions so i just waited it out on the virago.
  4. she sounds even better with a Madazz aftermarket exhaust. I've seen the pic of your R6 Breno NICE ONE!!! I can't wait to get off my restrictions. Apparently an all new CBR600 is scheduled for release in 2007, so I'm hoping to be off the restrictions by then.

    Also, went for a ride with a friend on the Bolte bridge and thorugh the burnley tunnel...nice!!! If you guys haven't had chance to do it...I strongly recommend it!

    cheers and stay safe[/b]
  5. looks the goods mate how much did it set u back?
  6. got her for $6600 with jusk over 7000k on the clock.
  7. Man they are expensive! A five year old bike for $6600.....tis crazy.
  8. Very nice 'zero! Welcome the I have a VTR 250 and love it but can't wait until my restrictions are lifted so I can buy a CBR 600 club!

    Nice pipe, I'm currently looking for one as well.
  9. In my opinion, these are without a doubt the best learner legal bike available. Good choice.