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My VTR went for a sail...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. :grin:

    On Sunday I went for a ride up to Geelong to help out as crew for the tall ship Enterprize. I was intending to ride home from Geelong after our last public sail finished at 5pm but was offered the chance to sail back to Williamstown from Geelong, with my baby on board. :grin: I weighed up the options - one hr boring ride from Geelong to Melb or 5 hr sail from Geelong to Willy. I chose the latter.

    It's not an easy ship to get a motorbike on/off - esp if the tide is low :LOL: It's also quite narrow where the gangway meets the deck so turning her was interesting. In the end the stronger of the crew pretty much picked her up to manouevre her. We lashed her to the nav cabintop and wrapped a couple of sleeping bags around her to protect her from scratches etc.

    Best damn rd from Geelong to Williamstown ever! :grin:

    I've got better photos but they're coming. Here's one from the crewsite:

  2. gold rosie :LOL: :wink:
  3. :LOL: That's brilliant, Rosie! I've had a look in that ship and it was even a bit precarious walking onto it, let alone getting a bike on :shock:

    You certainly have some adventures. I'd be so proud of that :cool:
  4. You'd have had a hell of a time trying to explain any damage to your insurance company . . . .

    "Honestly, this freak wave hit the side of the ship and . . ."

  5. Wicked Rosie, absolutely wicked :grin:
  6. crazy... but what happened to your mirrors?
  7. That be a fine VTarrrrrrhh there matey.Batten down the misun mast,me arties,the Black Rosie-has setten sail :grin:
  8. :LOL: movin

    rob, I had to turn the mirrors in so crew could fit between teh bike and the rigging you can see in the pic. :)

    What a way to combine the two hobbies i love hey! :grin: I intend to have many more adventures with both. :)
  9. :LOL: Nothing in the insurance manual about sea damage ;) :LOL:
  10. Awesome Rosie. That's certainly one trip you can brag about and nobody can steel your thunder.
  11. It truly is a pirate bike now.
  12. hahahahaha nice one Rosie!!!
  13. In next week's instalment of 'Where's Rosie' our favourite netrider and her VTR visit Cape Canaveral and just happen to end up aboard the Space Shuttle.

    Good stuff Rosie.
  14. HAHAH gota Love it.
    I'll be honest I'd be more worried about salt water spray than getting scratched up there on the deck.
  15. so now it's a VT ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  16. Some more piccies :grin:

  17. Make sure you give it a nice wash and polish now that it has the spray of the sea all over it.

    Truely a brilliant effort, well done.
  18. Imagine if old time pirates had access to trailbikes...arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!
    And how good a name for a bike would Swashbuckler be? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Great Pics Rosie, As you say much more interesting than the Geelong rd. :)
  20. Very cool Rosie :grin: