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my VTR problems (oil related i think)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shonofear, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. ok super embarrassed and ashamed about my real lack of effort to check my oil levels since doing my first oil/filter change a few weeks ago.
    after completing the oil change, i thought it was just on the max level.

    so been riding for a few weeks since the change and didn't really notice problems until...
    after a horrific ride home today with extreme heat from the engine, lack of power and the overall engine vibrations were off I honestly felt sick in my guts, felt my bikes pains.
    the temperature gauge needle went over the middle mark and would of gone higher after idling at a few lights, outside temp 22 maybe, not hot.
    started to also hear clunking noises, my clutch/gear changes were getting louder, less smooth and I just wanted to get home asap.

    soo.. after another look at my levels after 5mins turned off, took a few photos whilst i sat on the bike to make sure it was completely level and yep, it was quiet a bit over the max level.

    Soo my only assumption is that its finally telling me to farkin take sum excess out of me cause im choke'in up inside. would this be the reason for my bike acting up ?
    really hope i haven't done any damage :(

    the oil I used was:

    Castrol Power 1 Racing
    Fully Syththetic
  2. Is your airbox full of oil?
    If so, is there a plug in the drainpipe? Undo it...
    What else did you do, as well as the oil change?
  3. i don't recall doing anything after the oil/filter change.
    so after i drain the excess out, should i then check the airbox?
  4. Check the airbox first - if it doesn't have oil in it, you haven't overfilled.
    Erm, just how much did you put in, exactly?
  5. took sum out then.
    accordin to the 4L oil bottle used, just have around 2L left...
    prob drained a few 100mL then
    i still had the old oil sittin round from the change and its soo much thicker than my new stuff.
    maybe this is sumthin else related. coolant levels r fine.
    do i really need 2 check arirbox, can i just try it out now with less oil in it?
  6. Fill yer boots ;)
  7. Mate don't worry. Lots do it. Few admit it.
    How much oil your bike takes will be stamped on the casing near the oil filler.
    The bike has to be level when checking your oil. NOT on the side stand.
    I would dump the lot. have a good look at it for any bits of metal. And top it back up to the proper level.
    I am only like guessing so do check but I think i remember a VTR being 2.3lt to 2.5lt
  8. had to google that, but got 2 meanings.
    pretty sure u meant, go for it
  9. That was my meaning.
    Bretto has suggested a safer course of action, however.
    Do you have a rear-stand? Best money you'll spend for oil changes/checks, and chain maintenance...
  10. If you haven't got a rear stand then just lean it against a wall. So it's upright.
    Make sure the bar is on a wall stud. Save you having to fix a hole in the wall.
    And wrap one of your Fi Fi's (chicky babes) or moms hair scrunchies around the front brake so it locks it on so the bike wont roll forward.
    Ps left bar against the wall so you have access to the oil filler and sight glass.
  11. thanks fellas,
    yea didnt fall for the 'did you check the oil level when on its side stand' one, heard others done it though. i'll check the oil again now
    metal bits ? that sounds a bit scary, i only pulled out 200mLs but didnt look for any bad bits.
    went for a ride around the block, gave it some revs (upper 8-9's) and still feels a little unwell maybe.
    but im no bike whisperer but.... maybe im just over thinking things, concluding to the worst of things, but it surely was the worst its ever felt this afternoon, the morning was fine.

    Since ive got the limelight, should i always fuel up at the same servo if possible using the same fuel every time ? (ive been using all different servo premiums, Caltex,BP,Shell,others)

    lastly, i think it really needs a good old tune up. would be great to meet up with someone else on a VTR250 just to see how bad or normal my bike actually is.
  12. Hey, another clicking sound is starting to sound.
    for example, rolling with clutch in into a driveway around 5kph letting the clutch out feel/hear the clicking noise in the clutch/engine area, repeat a few times, same results, sounds nasty, can't recall this being there when i first brought the bike.

    gonna start putting regular unleaded in from now on as well, also someone said semi-synth oil could be better
  13. Yes, Regular unleaded from BP I found was best when I had my VTR, Premium fouled my plugs. Too much oill can slap against the piston on the downstroke.
    See pic for Service manual extract.

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  14. thanks, yea dosent mention 5-40 in the manual...
    minimum seems to be 10.
    could that be the problem ?

    also put full tank of standard unleaded today, hopefully helps as well like you mentioned