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My VTR modding

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by V2life, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Starting with my red 06 Honda VTR 250. Planning some light cosmetic modding.

    The bike had a megacycle exhaust when I bought it and so far i've added a tinted screen, oggy knobs, small oxford rear indicators.

    Next on the list are small front indicators, fix the tank and respray pearl white, bark busters, tank protector, respray the exhaust and i'm toying with the idea of different mirrors, a radgaurd and perhaps a metzi seat cover.
    Will get more picks up shortly.
  2. any photos?

    and keep us posted the pearl white sounds interesting!

    i would imagine powder coating the exhaust would like really compliment the pearl white body paint =D
  3. I've got matt black exhaust paint for the exaust which will probly go on when i've got the front wheel off to get the new Dunlop GPRa10 on in a few days.
    I rode down to a local repair shop and they were not keen on fixing the dent in the tank (i'm looking for another one with no dents, $450 from vic wreckers) and they also said $450 to paint the whole bike any colour i wanted.
  4. The new oxford mini indicators
    VTR3. VTR2.

    And the Oggy Knobs