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my VTR back on the road only it looks different :)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Komunista, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. hey guys finally got around to getting my VTR 250 back on the road. The cosmetic mods i done are

    single seat look by adding a custom made cowl
    flat bar handlebar
    very tiny blinkers
    staintune pipe
    new tear drop mirrors
    new custom fender

    the mechanical mods that were done are

    bored out by 1ml ( which makes it technically a 400cc i think )
    changed pistons and carby accordingly

    pics of it are in the below links





    for anyone interested where i got any of the parts just ask me and i can point you in the right direction :)
  2. Looks sweet Kom!
  3. thanks mate .. it looks even better in the flesh... these pics do it no justice :(
  4. Trust me mate, I know exactly what you mean!! :grin:
  5. Not quite. Standard bore x stroke = 60mm x 44mm. A 1mm overbore (was your engine damaged?) would take the capacity out to...wait for it...257cc!

    That's something neither you nor I would notice.

    A staintune is great, though!

    What changes to the carby - just bigger mainjets because of the staintune? They aren't necessary because of the overbore, and staintune say you don't need it with the baffle in (which sounds better than with the baffle out). :). Oh, I see you have the baffle out.

    Anyway, I like the shot from the rear. How about adding a hugger? Have fun - I wish we had a tacho!


    Trevor G
  6. haha exactly what i said in the other thread. the VTR250 has pretty big main jets as is. it wont run lean enough for you to notice with the staintune on. it would be very difficult to bore it out any more than 1mm, you would start hitting oil and coolant passages. with a lot of money into the heads and pistons/rods and spark unit, you could get it to rev much higher, hence more power. or you could just buy a spada for 3 grand...
  7. hey mate do you have those pics anywhere? the links dont work anymore :(

    im interested inthe tail chop :)
  8. hey mate got anywhere else to host the pics? if not email them and i'll host em up for you, i'm keen to see them!

    martinm at iinet.net.au