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My Viffer

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Whitie, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Ello,
    Havent had much to do in this forum. Im new to Melbourne from Canberra but anyway, here she is..!


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  2. Very nice man!!!

    Love white. Love the rims!
  3. Niiiiiiiice
    Love the white. I have a tri colour. Don't know if I like mine. As in colour wise. That looks great. Might have to get the rims anodised white and see if it comes up better.
    Did your rims come like that or have you had them done ???
  4. white rims look ace with the swingle-sided swingarm (y)
  5. tri colour looks great maybe gold would suit yours, trust me you'll always have a cleaning rag handy with white, our duel combined breaking the rear will always get break dust even if you dont touch the rear brake.
  6. I have a good gurney.
    I have 6 pot brembo's on my car so I am use to it. Just looks great and think it would make me like the tri.
  7. I like the pipes,they set off the rear end real nice. +1 for Mr Sheen..white paint is like black..they only look good if they are spotless.
  8. Nice. Want. But in blue!

    VFR 800 is what i want, test ride pending...
    3 months for me until full licence, but i suspect my moolah at the time will go into moving house and to a better paying job, so i can wait a lil longer in that circumstance ;).

    What pipes are those? Can you do a video of them (with sound of course) please?
    Am still listening to various types, trying to decide ;).
  9. Beautiful lines, just beautiful lines. And being a Honda, these lines will keep its shine many years into the distance ... I would plonk moolah down for one, if Honda Aust imported it with ABS! But once you're riding it, it's probably who cares ... :) ... well done, it's a beautiful bike (did I already say that?)
  10. Mr Messy, if you pm me your email ill send a clip to you.. Its in quicktime though.

    Thanks aranciata-oz, I like its lines too, shame about the ABS and shame that they also dont come with working park lights "they are blanked off for some reason" :-s

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  11. I've always been a fan of the VFR and I reckon a VFR might be a good choice for my next bike.
  12. They are good if you like spending all day riding and your not trying to be rossi in the twisties. their a bit on the heavy side and suspension is a bit on the soft side. 280k around town & 350k on the hwy
  13. Pity they didnt do the 'new' VFR justice and stay with the same bike as before and call the new one something else. If it aint broke.

    I've done 2 track days on mine and its plenty fast and chuckable. Just gotta handle it a bit differently to your ususal garden variety sportsbike.
    Easy do 500-600kms with the airhawk on. Did over 2000kms over the 3 days on the Snowy Ride last Nov too. Stuck some Leo Vince CF cans on. PC111 and away she goes!

  14. What, you're here too. Who let you in:? :p
    It's still a great looking ride.
  15. Whitie ive always loved your bike. It looks beautiful. I hope get one the same when im off restrictions.

    (Bluey from CR)
  16. I've had my 06 for almost three months now. Got it very cheap with under 5,000k's on it.
    I've had one half decent run on it. Maybe 180k run. Half of that was with very little air in the front tyre. Still have not fixed that. And they are the original tyres. I don't think it was ever leaned into a corner. Wh owns a bike for four years and only does 4,500k's ????
    Other than that about ten runs to the shops about 2k away.
    It's.... It's comfy lol.
    I seriously need to put some new tyres on it. The front is farked. As in I cant feel it and I mmm dunno, I am not sure if it's I feel so far away from the front wheel, as so far disconnected from it. Might be the tyre. I will see. And WTF is the pogo with the suspension. Needs a heap more rebound. Ha ha I have not even looked to see if it's adjustable.
    And on, off or trailing throttle is a biatch. Specialy on round abouts. I am use to adjusting ground speed round em with the rear brake not playing with the throttle. But with that front & back braking. And not yet trusting the front. And the rear brake seems to have a shudder. And yeh the throttle being jerky as in the on off situation.
    Think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get some carbon brothers can's, a dyno and some new tyres and give it a chance. Oh and get the rims anodized white. I was just going to polish the lips. But after seeing your whites. I have a bit of a stiffy. Might be the boy and proddie in me haha.
    It's comfy, did I say that ??? lol. It really does feel a bit slow to change sides and well. Nah it's ok, a nice design.
    Does it have an exterior helmet lock ??? Couldn't find it. And a pain of a seat to get off with a cowl on it.
    Brilliant headlights
  17. Pc111 huh... hmm *makes a note*.
    Me want aftermarket pipes, filters and a power commander on mine when i get it. Ok, since i plan to buy new, probably after i run it in a little.
  18. \\:D/\\:D/
    Yer, new rubber will make alot of difference, Yer rebound screw is down there for the rear. but VFR's have soft suspension. no to the helmet lock, only under the seat.

    I like the Duel Combined Breaking (Pre 01 have different set up to post 01. Pre 01 I think had something like a 80% front and 20% rear, now its the harder you hit the front break the more is applies the rear.) All that garble can be disconnected to a "normal" braking setup.

    The snatchy throttle..... From what I have read & done comes from its emissions set up... Probably at low idle speed "in traffic" you can hear a popping sound just before is surges? Thats a little doobie on the airbox breathing fresh air to reduce its emissions.. I have disconnected the little black tube that comes off that valve, Unpluged its electrical plug, taken the snorkle out and changes the pipes..GUESS WHAT.... NO MORE HEAD BANGING IN TRAFFIC !!!! and low throttle input is sooooooo much more smoother (y) I dont have a PCIII yet and i know as a result im running rich.. Also 5th gen headders are catless and bolt straight on, will need o2 eliminators fitted too. \\:D/

    Hello Bluey, hello four40, Someone left the door unlocked.:beer:
  19. #20 Mr Messy, Jan 21, 2011
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    *subscribes* definitely going to be a useful thread if I go with the viffer.

    What else have ya done with it?