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My VFR has gone to God, I nearly did too :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. She's totalled :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Coming home on the Monash last night, I was following a guy on an Intruder 250, we were under one of the footbridges between High Street Rd and Warrigal Rd, directly opposite Darling Station. In the centre lane on the right side and we were about to split past a truck (centre lane) and a car (right lane). The 250 accelerated a little and I throttled on, just normally. I had just geared down and was in 2nd (possibly got to 1st but I'm not sure). As I throttled the bike just leapt forward at a far greater pace than I was expecting, then all of a sudden I had no steering. I am sure the wheel had not lifted, but the steering was as light as a feather. I grabbed the front brake lever and there was nothing there.

    This of course happened in a split second.

    During this I am thinking "what's going on, whats going on, why am I going faster" I see the 250 coming closer at a huge rate of knots, and before I know it I'm on him. I hit him in the pipes and kept accelerating. Nothing was working properly. I remember getting all out of balance and that there was a car to my right.

    I don't know what happened next but I feel that I'm going down to the right. Then I'm on my right side and away from the bike and sliding up the road. I remember seeing a car rear bumper coming straight at my face. I don't know how but I didn't hit it. Not sure if I went past it, or if I stopped. I was dazed and for some weird reason immediately thinking about the bike. For some reason I had no fear of the traffic or of being hit.

    I'm on my back in the right lane and then I remember that I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago, and I was just waiting for the inevitable agony that I was sure was about to happen. It never did. I just up and saw the guy on the 250 sitting on his bike yelling at me "What the hell were you doing ?!"

    Anyway, people started to come from all over the place. The car that was on my right was pulled over a little near the centre wall and a Range Rover. Some people helped me with my bike and we pushed it to the centre. As soon as it was upright, all the radiator fluid came pouring out. So everyone came to the centre brake down lane, and some guy had already called the Ambo's. All I could say was that I had no steering or front brakes. A mate of mine on a GSX750F happen to be coming up and saw it all and pulled over to help.

    Anyway, we sort out all the details, the Ambos arrive, I'm bumped around but knew I was OK, then of course the Fire Brigade and cops arrive. They take personal details, ask what happened, ask if we're all insured and have swapped details and leave without too much more to say at all.

    Turns out the car next to me was a Falcon Wagon and I had taken his left wing mirror clean off, but I don't know if it was me or the bike. He was fine about it and basically said that if I replace it he doesn't want or need to do anyhting with insurance.

    So I call PNUT as I know he's got a trailer etc, but he's also all the way down in Mornington. So I ask him to call Flipper and Rolla and in the Netrider way they just swing into action. They got there and put in the box trailer and got me and bike home.

    This morning I wake up very stiff and sore. I haven't damaged my left knee at all which is great, but have impact bruising on high left thigh, left knuckles all the way through to my palm, right elbow, my right thumb, my lower right hip, outside right quad, inside right calf. My MotoDry Summer jacket has a hole in the lower right arm below the armour, and near the right pocket, both repairable. Helmet and gloves are OK.

    My draggins are STILL perfect, and this is the 2nd time they've been up the road on the right side. Those pants are simply amazing.

    So I rang QBE this morning and they arranged a pick up and I had it taken to Brighton Kawasaki. Mick and Frank up there have been my mechanics since I've been riding, it was going nowhere else. Frank looked at it and thought there was a fair bit of damage, every fairing in the front was busted, and interestingly the left fairing has no scratches, but a large piece missing and is really stuffed.

    Upon closer inspection of the front where we can see something that looks like the rubbing of a letter into the nose, Frank realises that the nose and the left fairing have tyre rubber on them. The bike had gone under the front of the car. Turns out the exhaust is crushed at the headers. That along with the fairings will be more than enough to write it off. So I got them to take the ventura rack off it for me, and away I went.

    Got to do the insurance shuffle now, but it means I'm now going shopping.

    Pics : Clicky
  2. So, a BIG thanks to Flipper and Rolla for interrupting their evening (they were out and busy doing things) and coming to save me.
  3. DUDE! seriously that sounds scarrrry. Glad you are relatively ok and I hope your body heals ok. The bike looks like it has seen better days though. Did you work out what acctually caused the whole thing? Did anyone see your front wheel pop up?

    Whats on the shopping list :?:
  4. very sad to hear mate, but your fine which is the main thing.

    hopefully you will be back on two wheels in as short a time as possible
  5. Faaaark, Sound like a familiar feeling.......the front end being light.
    i would have to say your wheel might not have been of the ground but enough power from the back to give the lightness on the front.
    Then you aint got no control especially with the front brakes.
    Its happend to me alot but im never in the traffic always powering out of a corner and the bike goes straight cos its powering up.

    Sorry to hear about this Doonks, Sound like you where pretty lucky and you where aware of what was going on......Glad your ok mate.

    So........Klingon VFR in the Midst eh ?
  6. Shit mate thats Crap. any idea what caused it? could the mechanics come up with a theory??

    Least your all ok, thats all that matters in the end
  7. Wow glad your alright, it could have been a lot worse with the car coming towards your head. Lucky you wrote the bike off and not yourself.

    Do you know what happened for the front become light? Sounds like the throttle got suck open and the wheel left the ground?

    This happened on my car, lucky it has 4 wheels and can't mono
  8. Very lucky indeed. Glad your ok.

    Makes me glad I bought my draggins during the week.
  9. If your back wheel needs a holiday , Im eagerly looking for a rear wheel. It need to be a 180......I been looking for ages. Just incase you dont need it anymore of course.:cool:

    Lil send best bike finding wishes, glad to hear your Ok... :cool:
  10. I'm about to crash out (pardon the pun), so I'll post agin tomorrow. I have a very filmsy theory on what my have contributed to it, but no idea how I kept accelerating.

    Night people.....
  11. I'm changing your nick to Crash Bandicoot
  12. It's so much worse when there's another rider involved too.

    Glad to hear you're ok.
  13. Do it Vic, do it.
    You know you want to :p
  14. Wow glad your alrite!

    How fast were you going? Your damn lucky!

    And what happened to the 250? Did you knock him over?

    You reckon its possible that you knocked few too many gears down and so the throttle response you got was wayyy more than expected?
  15. Bugger mate. I'm sorry to hear this. :( Pity about your lovely bike but at least you're not seriously injured which is the main thing. :)

    How was the rider of the other bike. Did he fall too or did he manage to hold it up? Any damage? :)
  16. jeez mate! glad to hear you're alright :) you'll be up and on two wheels again in no time!!
  17. Sorry to hear about ur fall.
    Thats kind of scary that u lost control of ur bike.
    Hope u heal quick, and u have a smooth transaction with ur insurance.
  18. Sorry to hear but glad you are ok. Please go to the hospital and have yourself checked carefully.

  19. What they all said.

    That sounds like a pretty scary thing to have happen in peak-hour freeway traffic - v.glad to hear you're okay even if the Viffer isn't.

    And kudos to the recovery team!

    :applause: :applause: :applause:
  20. if it happens again use your kill switch.