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My very long, but interesting story "So I got the RWC!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Wulfr, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. After having my ZZR for almost 10 months, I have finally, got the RWC!!

    Here’s my story…

    Basically, bought my baby from Ray Quincy's in Melbourne Metro, and was told,
    "yeah mate, $500 will get this on the road" so I payed the fellers $1500 and took my zzr up to my house in Inverloch (Parents).

    Was told the bike needed a new Cam-chain tensioner in-order to start, so, off to Kawasaki in Wonthaggi, I had the Cam-Chain Tensioner fixed up, & took it home. Here I was all ready to give it a whirl. (yep, I’m too trusty, and I should have a mechanic come out for a “look over†before buying.)

    Next I noticed all the plugging & cords were off the motor..... err, couldn't start her.

    So, a few months months later, I finally got backing into fixing it up, I grabbed it from the parents and took it to my new house, (Moved to Pakenham with some mates)

    It's hard to get the money together (Uni Student) so, I did bits and pieces as I could, as I got the money together; I'd then grab a trailer, shoot it off to the mechanics, they would do their bit, I’d bring it home, and wait until next week (time consuming - Loading and off loading, roping etc...)

    Anyway, 10 months later, I’m done! =]

    Here is a list of what had to be done to my zzr fro the RWC

    -New Head bearing Kit
    -New fork seals
    -Fork oil
    -Front Disc rotor
    -Rear Disc rotor (Second-hander) Cheers speed_demon
    -New Front and Rear Break pads
    -New R/H side fairings (one side of the bike was black, other-side blue, Scratched bad) (wreckers)
    -New R/H foot-peg assembly (ebay)
    -New L/H & R/H side Pillion pegs (ebay)
    -New Break and Clutch levers
    -Second-hand Side-Stand Switch
    -Rear Duct covers (Wreckers)
    -New L/H & R/H side Indicators (ebay)
    -New L/H & R/H side Switch blocks (ebay)
    -New L/H & R/h side handle bars (ebay)
    -New Speedo cable (Wreckers)
    -R/H side Mirror (Bike only came with 1 mirror) (ebay)
    -& approx $750 Workshop labour

    Total cost to complete my bike $$$ = $1850 + $1500 for the bike.
    First thing I have stuck through until the end.

    I put most of the things on myself, minus the things I couldn’t do.

    Going for my L’s in a few weeks.
    Just Bought a new KBC VR1 Helmet + Leathers + a cordura Jacket; no Squid here.

    Have been cruising up and down the court, taking it easy, first time riding, took off first time w/o a problem (Thanks Youtube; How to ride a bike for the first time, videos)

    Overall, Real happy with my bike now, really feels good to have finished something for once, stuck to it. Feels like my bike after all the effort I have put into it.

    So, L’s & Vicroads over the next few weeks, already got insurance- Racv, need to update on the Number plate though.

    Never thought I’d see the RWC!!
    So there is my story, Ahh, feels good to have a working bike!

  2. Well done for sticking with it. Get your L's and let the real fun begin.

    It may feel like you have had to invest a lot of of money in the bike, but I think most people on the board will agree that you will easily get that money back over time with savings on workshop fees in the future.

    Again, Well done and enjoy.

  3. Congrats on that! Should run like a beauty with all that work done to it! Get some k's happening before the weather starts to cool down :)
  4. Cheers guys,

    I've taken on a few extra shifts this week, hopefully this should cover the L's & Rego + Stamp duty ='[

    Will finally be able to drive her into Uni and show the mates what the hype was all about =]

    I'll update on how it all go's, hopefully within the next few weeks.

    The Cranbourne Motorbike fellers were loving my bike, I'm their best new customer =P

    Lol, I seriously can't wait!
  5. And chics dig the leather :grin:
  6. Dude, really tho, thats not too bad a price all added up hey. And on the plus side, at least you now know it is all fixed. And as others have said, all that mech knowledge now, which is priceless. You will never make the same mistake again ;)

    I just did my first big ride today, unless you have rocks in your head or something, you are going to love it!
  7. that total cost isnt too bad, i bought an old zzr for $2000 and spent about $600 fixing it up, its a real cracker and has been layed over on both sides and scratches and rust everywhere but i love it its so cheap to run. my next project is to repaint the plastic and maybe frame. have fun and ride safe!
  8. Just a bit of advice.....We RIDE motorcycles.....not drive.... :wink:

    Enjoy! :grin:
  9. HAHA, that's what I keep telling my mum when she says "Drive safe."