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My Very First Rant...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DarkyP, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Gday everyone, long time lurker, first time poster! :)

    Been riding since Feb, loving every second of it. Or at least, I was...

    Fast-fwd to 14th of Nov, city-bound on Frankston Fwy, approximately 7:00am. I'm in the right hand lane (not splitting at this stage) on a 1989 FZR250, doing 100km/h (at 9500rpm!!!). Classic Mini in the left hand lane, that whole lane is doing 90km/h. Well, this kid in the Mini puts on his blinker and wrenches his steering wheel. At the same time. Gah!!!

    I go for the brakes, and begin a counter-steer, but it's all too late. When I realise that, I leaned my body into his Mini, and let the bike slide out from underneath me. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it on purpose! I'm not that good! It's just what happened. Proceeded to slide down the road for 30m, mostly on my hands, he pulls over 100m up the road.

    The only thing I could think of whilst sliding down the road is 'Bugger me, that's my bike making those fibreglass-crunchy-sounds.' and 'Geez, I hope the person behind me has seen me...'. Sure enough, the lady behind had gone for the brakes as soon as she saw his blinker. To her I owe my sincerest thanks.

    Stop sliding, stand up, spin around in the hopes that I'm safe (I'm standing right on the white line in the center of this two-lane freeway). Run off to the RHS, where my bike is nestled in the armco. All in all, had 4 witnesses stop and help. One was a bikie on a BMW, he called 000 for me. We had nodded at each other when I passed him about 10mins earlier, and he had been following me ever since. The lady who was directly behind me kept me pretty calm with the whole thing, and the other two witnesses controlled the traffic.

    Well, ambos came. You know what my total injuries were? Gravel rash: Left knee. That is all. Some gravel rash. Nasty stuff, don't get me wrong. Almost a month down the track, and it still hasn't closed over. But I didn't hit anything, didn't slam into the ground, and didn't get caught between bike and road.

    Slightly surprisingly, the kid has decided that since the Police were nice enough not to charge him with reckless driving, then he's not at fault. So, probably won't get compensation for another month yet, as this will start going down the legal path. Hopefully not too far. Ahh well, as long as the kid learns a lesson.

    The bike got written off last Saturday. I'm really, really shattered about that, because that bike was just incredible. I picked it up for a song. She'd do anything I asked her to. She never bucked or acted unpredictable (and I wasn't just riding the Fwys all the time, understand!). And for the 8 short months that I owned her, she never needed any new parts. Never stopped. I bought her some bits, but she didn't need them, I was just generous! :)

    So, you guys that have bikes right now, enjoy this beautiful weather! I will be back in the saddle to join you, very soon. Have (just) enough money to buy another bike, so I'm thinking maybe another FZR250...

    Next steps for me are to get the Police Report (should have that before Christmas), and fill out Form 4A which is available from the Magistrate's Court website, but I can't post a direct link, due to having < 5 posts. Will edit this later! :) Is this right? That's the advice I got from Legal Aid... If so, how do I submit it to the court? That's not real clear.



    PS Apologies to any fellow bikers on Frankston Fwy that morning. I really clogged it up, from one end to the other. Even made it onto the traffic report...
  2. Helluva first post, mate. Glad you came out of relatively unscathed. Hope you sort it out and get back on the road soon.
  3. Thanks mate. I was pretty damn lucky to walk away from that one. Believe me, I know!

    Yeah, it just amazes that this little kid reckons he can not see somebody (I was riding through his blindspot, he didn't headcheck), and that makes him not at fault. Sorry little buddy, that's not how the system works. So, fingers crossed that he pays up without too much issue, and we can all go about our normal lives.

    So, any suggestions from anyone on getting another bike? Just to narrow it down:
    ~ Don't like 2T
    ~ Hate the CBR culture (sorry fellas!)
    ~ Want something that's pretty sports-oriented, ie, not a Viragos. Don't get me wrong Viragos are ripper bikes, they're just not me. :grin:
    ~ Absolute max of about $4k.

    Fizzer was perfect, but I'm prepared to look at other bikes.
  4. Hey mate,

    Welcome to the forums, sorry to hear about your Fizzer vs Mini battle... hopefully it's sorted for you soon!

    What's the CBR culture you hate? Have a handful of mates that all own/owned CBR's (I've got one too) and they're all different so would love to know what it is about "the CBR culture" you hate? The FZR ain't much different to the CBR...
  5. *grins* I knew I'd get someone arc'd up about that one! :)

    Yeah, don't take it personally, cause I can see you ride a CBR250. As long as you look after her, she'll treat you fine. Alright, let's do a rundown of my anti-CBR-ness. Please, this is just personal opinion, this is not an attack on you, or any other CBR-riders here!
    1) I see them as common. I know. The FZR sold more units than the CBR. But I actually really enjoy explaining to people what an FZR is, when even my goldfish has heard of the CBR.
    2) I have 3 mates that ride/rode CBR250s. All of them seem to see the CBR250 as a bike to thrash before they can get a bigger CBR. Gah! Two-fiddys are valid forms of transport. Some of us might ride them even when we're not restricted! ...maybe I just need new mates...
    3) They seem to be really REALLY overpriced. Sales, parts, it all seems to have some major mark-up on it. Not sure why. Maybe because the mates from point 2 can afford to pay those prices.
    4) I test-rode one. Admittedly, it wasn't the finest example, and has probably tainted my view of them. It did even less below 10k than what my Fizzer would do, and seemed to want to stand itself up every time I thought about throttle.

    So, as far as personal preference goes, FZR > CBR. But I've been proven wrong before!

    I think that the CBRs and FZRs grew to be so similiar in nature that there is almost nothing between them, and it comes back to personal preference. I'd love to have a ride of a CBR that has stood up to the test of time.

    PS All those extra R's that both Honda and Yammy whacked after the names annoys me as well... surely I'm not the only one?!? :)
  6. Didn't take it personally, just wanted to see what your stereotypical view of the "CBR culture" was!

    I think your view of CBR250s has been tainted by riding one in less than great condition and your view of their owners is due to knowing the wrong people... Just my opinion, coz I've found the majority of people I've met through here and other bike forums although have similar interests, are very different!! BUT, I have met a lot of 250 sportsbike riders that I didn't like and were complete w@nkers!!

    PS All those extra R's stand for Race Replica :wink: just incase you didn't know?

  7. WOW!!! You don't hoon?? Maybe you're the type of guy I should be riding with!!! I'll come down to VIC right away!!! (unless you come to Syd :p)
  8. You're absolutely right, my view has been tainted by my experience. But, like VL Commodores, tools seem to flock to CBRs, know what I mean? It's correlation, not causation.
    PS Yeah, I'd guessed that's what RR stood for, but there's nothing really Race-Replica-ish about them, is there? :)

    Oh, don't get the wrong idea, I'm still giving my poor mum grey hars, but no, I'm not a hoon. Riding is meant to be enjoyed, spirited writing even more so (oh how I love Arthurs Seat...), but the road is not a racetrack.

    Personal motto: Better to be known as a slow rider than remembered as a fast one.

    PS Was planning on riding up to Sydney this summer, but those plans have been put on hold (obviously). I'll let ya know if/when that happens!
  9. CBR's do attract wankers. Then again, most sportbike-styled bikes do. Shit, they attract me!

    VTR's will be a bit out of your price range. My sister has one that she picked up for $3500, however, that's been well looked after and with 45,000k's on the clock. Barring the suspension it's still a ripper. SR250's, TTR250's also come to mind.
  10. I am sorry about what happened. I usually accelerate to get in front of cars when I know I am in thier blind spot, but I know it's not always that easy. Just glad you are not badly hurt. What were you wearing when it happened?

    I guess by Feb you can get an unrestricted licence which opens up a whole new world of better value bikes?
  11. Thats a real shame mate, totally sucks. Can't believe the little $hit is trying to get out of it.. well I can believe it, thats what makes it so annoying. Of course he didn't see you, its hard to see someone when you don't look..

    Hope everything works out.. I don't see how it should matter if he accepts blame or not, you had witnesses and a police report yes? Whether or not he was charged shouldn't matter (although it does normally help some), as long as you've got the police report of what happened, and he agreed that he merged into you yes, and the witnesses back that up yes? Then there is no room for argument, his insurance will cover you.

    What a little $hit..
  12. Let's hope he does have insurance
  13. Hey y'all,

    Thanks for the support and kind words.

    I have bought another FZR250. Yay! Now the lazy git has to hurry up and get a RWC, so that I can get back on the road. The ferring is in average condition, but the bike goes like the clappers, and he gave me a good enough price.

    I got the Police Report, it says he's at fault, so it should sort itself out. Yeah, he's insured with Shannons, I'm with sister company IMR.

    I usually try and stay out of blind spots too, and was moving through his at a rapid enough pace (would've only been blind for a second or two, max). But him doing a very quick mirror check, then wrenching the wheel gave me very few options. I think if I were a more experienced rider, I would've made it out of there...

    Got my L's in Feb 07, my P's in Aug 07, so I'm not off restrictions until Aug 08. So I don't really want to risk not riding a 250 in the meantime!

    I was wearing (almost) full protective gear. Helmet, long-tail jacket, A* summer gloves, Rossi boots and, well, Quiksilver jeans... I'm on a bit of a budget, so denim was the best I could afford. My parents planned to give me kevlar jeans for Chrissy (and they did, bless 'em), so next time I go sliding down the road, there'll be less in the way of road rash! :)

    So, there's absolutely no way the kid can get away with it (unless legal costs get huge, then it becomes too risky a gamble), but he's clearly in the wrong, and clearly a knob for trying to weasel out of it. Can I stick a $1000 D1ckhead Tax on my quote? He deserves it...

    I'll post a new entry in the garage when I get my new Fizzer. Am currently hoping to get down the GOR next weekend. Screw the traffic, I just wanna go for a ride!
  14. real shame to hear about your stack but like that other dude i give it a little more juice as soon as i get to the blind spot. and dont expect the other cars see me i guess the only time im beside a car is at the traffic lights
  15. and by that i dont mean im a hoon
  16. i remember my stack like it was 7 months ago doing about 35~40 up to a round about got on to it half way around realized there was a lovely patch of oil covering most the road tryed to straiten the bike by that stage my front wheel was in it and my gsxf 250 across was was sailing down the road on its side not a total loss though there was some 10 year old kids who thought it looked great tryed to tell me to do it again ! buggers
  18. Time for an update. Two big things:
    ~ Firstly, the idiot decided he was at fault when I presented him with the Police Report, and a Letter of Demand. Oddly enough, he decided to tell Shannons that I had pressured him into putting in a claim, and that I had harrassed him. LOL! They contacted me, and attempted to tell me off. I put them straight on that one...
    ~ The assessor came and looked at the bike. I can't really talk specifics on a public forum, but it looks like I'll be able to get the bike back on the road. YAY!!! I was oh so happy when I found that one out...

    Anyway, have spent a little while searching the intarwebs for prices on fairings... it ain't easy! Does anyone have any idea where I can find some, or how much it'd cost? Need new LHS, nose cone & screen. RHS can be repaired.
  19. It sounds pretty typical of people who know they're in the sh*t to try and weasel their way out of it - there could be something else like he's got a bad insurance rating or on the run from someone....who knows....

    I think the best thing for you to do is to stay in close contact with your insurance company. I think you can give them the right to sue on your behalf - so you won't need to worry about incurring court costs. :grin:

    As for Kevlars - the "Shift" ones are (i think) $100-150 for a pair. They're not too bad looking either and certainly much cheaper than the draggins or hornees.

    Does your insurance cover your gear? It would be worth putting in a claim for a new helmet/gloves etc. as well.
  20. and ive had two mates get their knees skinned/skin off leg going for a slide in Shift jeans. they ripped right open. the jeans, not the knees :shock: i was present at one occurance. i wouldnt reccomend em although theyre cheaper, they do SFA i think. get the draggins, or better yet get some leathers mate.

    all the best :)