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My Upgrade!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by parko, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Well after 5 years on the vtr250 I've moved on to this! A slightly blinged up K7 GSX-R 600 with a full yoshimura exhaust system... Mmmmmmm, can't wait for the next track day!


    Sorry about the bad pics but I only picked her up today and couldn't wait to tell everyone!
  2. I rate it ;) nice in black... just not a fan of the exhaust :p!(I love the look of shorties in these things) But sexy bike none the less
  3. i love it! very jealous! more pics would be good:)
  4. only thing id do different is silver or yellow rim stripes but it looks the goods anyway!
  5. Nice bike, congrats on the upgrade.
  6. Happy to oblige!





  7. Could do something like this I suppose!


    I have actually just spent the morning taking out the silencer as per these instructions... Think I'll skip cutting the can for now though....
  8. yeah i wouldnt butcher it :p ... they're made that length for a reason. You could always get a nother slip-on down the track.. Jardine's look good :D
  9. Yeah, rim stickers are a bit lurid (no doubt worse with camera flash than in real life) but otherwise that's a hot looking Gix. I still have a soft-spot (or should I say hard spot?) for them, especially in black.

    M4 do a nice little GP-style exhaust jobbie if you want to go really minimalist. I think you'd have to source it from the US though.
  10. Gorgeous looking bike, how do you find the riding position after coming from the upright naked position of the VTR250.
  11. Great purchase mate very nice choice.
    How's the step up in cc's treating you?

  12. At first there was some soreness in the back and neck that occurred after a while riding, and into the night (gone by the next day). Now after a good 5 or so hours all up in the saddle I've found that soreness is now starting to become less and less. Soon to none existent I hope as my back and neck become used to the position! Well worth the pain though... it's an absolute thrill to ride!
  13. Step up in cc's is playing havoc with my throttle control and shifting! I'm having to learn to minimise my wrist movements and quicken the pace of my clutching...

    As well as that I'm still coming to grips with the overall size and weight of the bike when slowing down to a stop at lights etc. On the move though it actually feels lighter and more stable than the vtr, especially round the corners. Really looking forward to hitting the track and carving it round the corners there!
  14. Parko, love the other pics, really looks sweet, got me thinking now!
    nice nice nice
  15. Very nice looking bike!! I'm sure you'll love it...

    But go eat some chicken strips, stat!
  16. In the second lot of photos i thought you had traffic lines painted in your garage. Then realised it was just the sun... ;)
  17. I thought the same thing.. Traffic lines? what the.. ooohh sunn.. :p
    Nice tho love the black!
  18. Great looking Gix mate..love the black (bias, of course !) and beautiful package.
    Had a Blue/White K7 some time ago..really miss it. An awesome bike overall !
    Enjoy mate and seeya out there sometime (y)