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My upgrade to the CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pinx, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Bike: 2007 Honda CBR 600RR
    Bought: 28 Sep 2007
    Kms so far: 3000
    Rating: :woot:


    After deciding that a 2nd hand 600 sports would be about right for my upgrade from the 250, I went out test riding. After sitting on a few, I narrowed it down to test riding the F4i, R6, RR & GSXR. But first, although I had no intentions of buying it, I took the brand new 600RR for a ride, just coz the guys at Metro let me have it for the whole day and I figured it would be a good way for me to get used to how a 600 size bike feels, before having to pick up on the differences with little 20min rides.

    I had a lot of fun on the new RR, but it was beyond my finances, so an older version should do me nicely. Trying out the others...they were fun to ride, but didn't really grab me like I thought they would. In fact, for what I was after (similar seating position to what I was used to, and easy to ride), they were just plain disappointing.

    After much stress about what to do, feeling like maybe I wasn't ready for the big upgrade, and generally feeling flat, I reviewed my options. Maybe if I was to save a bit longer? Go for a longer loan?

    The rest is history, I saved for another 2 months, committed my life away, and rode off on a brand spanking new CBR600RR. My first new vehicle. After growing up with hand-me-downs, never having much cash, I was sick of living a NoName-label life - no more crap for me! (ok, so that attitude started to emerge when I bought my leathers and cushie helmet, but anyway...!)

    After 3 months with no bike, getting on a virgin bike had me nervous as anything. Being the best birthday present ever, I also took a long weekend and started to get to know my bike around the Healesville area.


    The bike is great! It's just me that's had to get back in the swing of it, and get over some confidence issues.

    Acceleration - enough power to have the traffic a spec in the distance in no time, but not so much that it throws me off the back. Even when I lapsed into 250 riding mode and gave it a bit much coming out of a corner, it grabbed a little then powered on; no issue. Very forgiving, but not boring.

    Braking - most impressive! It's very progressive rather than grabby... very easy to apply smoothly. One of my stupid moments resulted in a sudden deceleration that resulted in a stoppie :oops: . I wasn't fully upright so the front started to kick, but the steering dampener held it relatively steady to stop me highsiding, and had time to recover. It's that sort of forgiveness that ultimately had me buy that bike - it seemed easiest and less likely for me to drop it. Of course, maybe I don't need to test it out like that. Oh well...

    Cornering... like it was born for it. It's so stable around the bends and gives warning for when I'm pushing it too far (for my skill level). I've only just started to play with the suspension setup, which is making a difference, but even before then it was very controllable and predictable.

    Low speed... the bike can do it, and I'm getting better, but that's just me. I can do straight line stuff, but still figuring out the balance for Ueys... getting there!

    Physical size... coming from a bike that I could bend my knees with my feet flat on the ground, then going to tippy-toes, I had to learn that c0ck-the-hip-to-the-side thingy. That's rarely an issue now. With it being only 155kg dry, it's pretty good :) . And the more upright seating position with its weight down low makes it feel more natural than the earlier models.

    Appearance - I think he's hot, so screw anyone who disagrees :p A few have said that it looks like the R6. Others have said how it's gixxa colors... Whatever, I love how they all look.

    What's needed to be changed - I've left it stock until I get bored. The tyres are well up to anything I've thrown at them up to this point. The can's got bass (coming from a 250 here!) Indicators are clear. No need to change a thing. My bike is perfect :grin:

    The buying experience - From my favourite shop, Metro Honda & Ducati in Ringwood. The price was better than any other dealership could offer by a mile (I checked). Let's just say they reward their regulars :wink: . They answered my endless questions with patience and respect. They made an effort with the small things, such as a card and voucher for my birthday. They had everything, including the extras I asked for, ready on the day without a hassle, full tank of fuel... They checked to see how it was going afterwards. 1st service was done on the only morning I had available.... They did the big stuff AND the little stuff well. Most importantly, based on my past experiences, I know that they'll look after me the entire time I own the bike. They sorted things out on my last bike (which they sold at private sale prices) free of charge, when it didn't even have a warrantee!
    There don't seem to be many places now days that look after people (rather than money). Metro have well and trully deserved this plug :angel:

    Upgrading was more difficult than I expected, but the bike is better than I thought possible. I went with my heart and don't regret a thing :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Nice write up Caroline, interested to hear your comparison of the F4i compared to the RR. I haven't found an F4i to test ride yet but after riding the RR it felt very predictable like everyone says... it just does what you ask it to.

    PS you should get some blue stuff for your bike. :)
  3. I doff my cap. I rode a new '05 back in the day and thought it a great bike.
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  5. Wait til you pimp it! :wink:
  6. Here's my version of the review, based on CBR600RR's and R6's i've ridden

    Acceleration - great. keep the revs up and you can take off pretty quickly. seem to have to drop the clutch to get the front up though. heaps of power, but you can't just open the throttle expecting the bike to leap forward, rather keep the revs high and slip the clutch till the bike catches up. basically, lots of power but not much torque.

    Braking - awesome.

    Cornering - also awesome. extremely stable around corners, front end stays planted. need to really keep the power on if the road surface is poor, as it takes a lot to unweight the front (unlike a trailie/supermoto)

    Low speed sure, it can do it, but it's uncomfortable.

    Overall, they're bloody great bikes, but the problem i have with them is they are just built for speed. stock gearing has 1st gear top out at over 100kmh, and the stability and aerodynamics, which make 250kmh possible, makes anything under 150 feel slow. you end up having to go at licence losing speeds to feel fast, and you can't rev them out and ride them hard without again doing licence losing speeds. put a big sprocket (for more torque) on one and rip the fairings off then it might be different story, but then why not get a naked sports bike like the FZ6 or ER6N?

    For road riding around here, give me a bike that has heaps of torque, is comfy, lets me take around 3 gears to the redline before hitting 100kmh, and makes 150 feel like light speed. do i hear anyway say motard? :)

  7. Not sure about comfy.
  8. Nice write up.
  9. Cool post Pinkxie!

    I think the RR is a super sexy bike. I sat on the black one at the Sydney expo and I can't even begin to describe how much I fell in love with it. Can't wait to take one out for a test ride. From what I've read about them they're just really good bikes and great quality....they are a Honda afterall :wink:
  10. I have the '03 and couldn't be happier with it. I can only imagine how good the '07 is!! :grin:
  11. cool bike...good write up...one criticism,move that rego holder looks crap, a good spot for it is on the chain guard bolt near the rear suspension gas thingymijig
  12. Congrats on th new bike Pinkxie.
    Sounds like the wait was worth it. Look forward to seeing it around soon.

  13. Hello PinkXie,

    You've got the same bike and same color with me.. currently 3560 Km bought early in August.

    Great Bike yaaa, cornering is Owesome I practice with bodyweight everyday.. :cool:
  14. Great write up. I too purchased my '07 from Metro Honda, good service from salesman to the manager.

    Though I did have a hiccup with my first service, apparently they "forgot" to work on it in the morning, dropped the bike off at 8am, came back at 12pm and they still hadn't started. They got onto it straight away and did it within an hour. I will go back to see if this happens again. I have only heard good stuff from them so I will give it another go.

    On another note, when/if you do decide to start mods, go to 600rr.net and they have loads of info. Samsico is on that board too.

    Have fun, take care.
  15. Hi Becks,

    Are you getting married ? congratulate than :)

    I have posted another note and photos regarding Ram Air modification ...

  17. great post PinkXie,
    I've been debating the exact same purchase the last month and was good to hear your impression of the 600s. I was leaning towards the f4i, cos of comfort for commuting, but still love my w/e blasts. But as a short ass, now I think the less weight would be a more important factor to flat feet , for stability and control in traffic.
    The rr seems to have that . Unfortunately I can't afford the 07 so I'm on the look out for an 05.