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My upgrade - Comments appreciated

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mithel, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. At last, i de-restrict on the 7th of Feb. I am currently looking at choosing from 3 bikes and would appreciate any comments. These are the only 3 new bikes that look like they will suit my riding. I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions.

    Background -
    Current bike - ZZR250 - perfect for the last 15 months.

    Riding - I just love being on the back of the bike, don't care when, where or how, so i peak commute as much as my job allows (can't go to clients on bike). in the last 15 months i have done 24,000km and about 85% would be commute and the rest highway and touring(twisties included).
    My commute is 38km each way form Avondale Heights in melbournes west to East burwood in the east. About 18km (eastern freeway, I think) is freeway and the rest city and burbs arterial/secondary roads.

    Bikes - I like fairing bikes - the extra element protection on commute and the look.
    Kawa - ER6-f - 2007 blue - $11k approx. - pluses - supposed to be commute king (and Seany sings their praises) and i love kawas.
    minuses - 15.5 litre tank is small - just an annoyance but means 200km range instead of 300km fill now. Seany's post about vibration from fairings, again annoyance factor mostly. Rear suspension not the best.

    - Suzuki GSX750F - Current model - $11k approx. - pluses - stable bike been around for a while. bigger tank. looks good
    Minuses - only available in red (i can live with it). Air cooled - don't know enough about whether it will handle an hour in 40 degrees surrounded by cars in city peak hour (worst case).

    - Honda VFR800FI - Current model - $18k approx. - pluses - appears well engineered and suitable for purpose
    minuses - bit high in price tag. dry weight high 213kg. Don't know a lot about whether they are torquey enough for a good commuter.

    Thanks in anticipation :grin:

  2. Don't worry about the VFR having enough torque :).
    Nothing against the other bikes, but I'd buy the VFR; if you've kept the ZZR for 15 months, you might well keep the VFR for 15 years!
  3. Peter Stevens is selling the Suzuki GSX750F K6 for $9990
    and the Honda VFR800FI for $14490
  4. There is one clear distinction between the Kwaka and the other two.
    It is a lot narrower. This means for teh comute it will be easier to split (If you are into that sort of thing) but provide less protection. (From the elements)

    The GSX750F is also one hell of a big bike (fisicle size not necisaraly weight) as a Tourer it looks like the most comfortable option, but not as nimble.

    Each has there bonuses and negatives... I think there is nothing for it. Go for a test ride. Get your leg over and feel how they are in your hands.
  5. Thanks Paul - that's good - i had heard that sort of comment but it wasn't from any credible source.
    DuHAST - many thanks for the prices.
    FALCON-LORD thanks - agree on your comments. I filter like the proverbial so it is a consideration.
    I haven't ridden any of the 3 yet- that will be on the 7th.
  6. The ER-6 from all accounts is a lot more fun than either of the others.

    Honestly though (warning, skipping record ahead) you should test ride all three, plus a bunch of other less likely, totally different bikes before you make a call.

    Your head might be telling you to go for a particular bike, but you'll only know whether it fits when you ride the thing. You might end up with a bike that you never even considered.
  7. I guess a lot will depend on $$$$$ available,

    The Spuzuki will give you the range, comfort and reliablity that you need, just ask Jafu or Gromit.

    The Kwaka, like you I'm Kwaka biased, and I do like the look of them, but if I was commuting everyday I wouldn't buy a bike will limited tank range.

    The Hoonda, if you've got the $$$$$$$ it's the total package out of the 3,

    BUT ... Have you considered the ZX6R .. it comes in green, looks as horny as hell and splits traffic like a hot knife through butter...... did mention it comes in GREEN
  8. IMHO, small tank only negative of the ER6.

    As you do 85% commuting, and the VFR is sold as a Sports Tourer - you might be compromising on the commute but a bit better weekend bike.

    I did read somewhere that the VFR costs a bit more to service due to the VTEC valves - maybe an owner of one can confirm.
  9. Loz, Toecutter, Nobby - Thanks for your comments, i appreciate what each of you have said. As loz said the ultimate test is going to be a lot of test rides of anything and everything. I have taken the 7th and 8th off to get the ball rolling.

    I did the HART intermediate course on sunday - on the Hornet 600's - i'm still muscle sore from the 90 minute free ride and need to repair my boots (no toe sliders). Major fun and learning. Very unsure, but starting to relax my fairing fixation.

    Additional edit - I should add that $$$ are less of my concern than getting the right bike. My range is 10 - 20 k but i would really have to be in love to go the higher end. I am also considering, getting a second bike in maybe 1 1/2 - 2 years and may make that my weekend bike.

    Thanks again.
  10. I've not had any problems with my bike in hot weather. I did the Toy Run in 42 degrees, and it was fine.

    Unless you can get a great deal on a new GSXF, I'd probably recommend buying a late model low-mileage second-hand one. Let someone else cop the depreciation.
  11. Go the Veefer

    I'd go for the VFR out of those choices. Actually I own one so I'm biased.

    Dont worry bout the torque. Fit a set of microns and a K&N to free things up a bit. One problem ive noticed commuting on the VFR though is that it gets a bit hot. Up here in the 'country' (yehaa and all that crap) with plenty of 40 degree days your legs can get a little warm.

    On servicing costs it actually not too bad. The expensive service comes in at 20ks. Have you noticed plenty around with about 18-19 thou on them?? I'd reckon about 10% more in servicing costs than a bike without the VTEC.

    On that note there are many nay-sayers. I actually think it's kinda fun. The induction howl and combined exhaust note when you hit 6.5 rpm is pretty addicting.

    My best mate has a GSX750F. Highly underatted and heaps easier on tyres. The rears are a fair bit narrower than the VFR's and I think it turns in slightly easier as a result.

    Good luck. All the choices you listed are awesome.
  12. In that range you could also look at a 675... I mean it is a little more aggresivly positioned than any of the others... but it is SEX ON WHEELS!!!!!!
  13. If you're relaxing your fairing requirement - take a look at an SV650S
    I'm biased - I own one! but V-twin + clip-ons = nice narrow profile for splitting, and it'll quite happily handle low revs in traffic and pull away from about 3 grand once the traffic clears. Your legs are out in the weather - but you get a bikini fairing for your upper body.
    The clip-ons are a little higher than on sports 600s too - so the riding position is more comfortable for commuting

    17L tank using about 5L/100 gives you a reasonable range.
    plus they're great fun in the twisty bits on weekends
  14. The vfr is the clear winner, but not for $18k. Look slightly second hand and you'll save a bucket.

    If you are seriously looking at the mid-teen price bracket have a look at the triumph ST.

    Yeah and the SV650s is a really good all round bike. You could even pay the money for some riser clip-ons and be way ahead of the VFR for money.
  15. I was about to say the same thing. It is definitely worth checking one out. They will run forever and they are very good value. They look good and sound good as well. I haven't ridden one myself but I hear that they handle a bit on the sporty side as far as sport tourers go.
  16. ER6-f all the way over the GSX750F.

    Things to note

    - ER6-f is water cooled while the 750F is air cooled
    - ER6-f is fuel injected while the 750F has carburetors
    - ER6-f is only 178kg dry while the 750F is 211kg dry

    - ER6-f looks sexy

  17. Check on service costs and insurance too.
    I'd suspect the V4 servicing to cost more.

    Oh if you dropped the 6F you could always make it into a 6N. :idea:

    But 3 excellent bikes...damn hard decision...but commuting in the city, I'd go for the inline twin. Heard they pull around 240...so should be quick enough for having a some fun.

    Besides, Kawasaki make solid motorbikes.

    Some private impressions on the 6N here.

    Enjoy the desicion making...it should be fun. :grin:
  18. Just picked up my VFR. Definitely on the heavy side compared to the er-6 but has good turning capabilities for commuting and plenty of good usable power/torque.
    24hrs and I can honestly say this is going to be my "keeper" bike.
    Happy to lug along in top at 100k's, 22l tank and yes, as the another post said, can get a bit warm in traffic on hot days (like yesterday 34) but I didn't really feel it whilst on the bike.
    Super comfortable riding position and worth a test ride if you haven't yet.
    I'm certainly NOT dissapointed!!