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My Upgrade - 2009 TDM 900

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Put a deposit on this last Monday....
    Will be picking it up Fri 18th as it's when I can legally ride it.

    Hmm, thought of taking it home earlier is soooo tempting but with 4 license checks in the last 15 months and errr..... 1 in the previous 30 years of driving a cage.... waiting one more week won't kill me....
    He says after downloading both the owners manual and sevice manual and already reading them a few times...8-[

    Yeah I know, was thinking of the vstrom but after sitting on both of them, the seat on this just seem to give me a better feet position on the ground.
    Plus ending up with a 900 instead of the 650 strom had some influence... :p
    Plus there were a few other things I liked better on the yammy..

  2. hell yes! saw it on FB, and saw it on here - damned freaking awesome :D

  3. who's the guy on the floor?

    can i have him?
  4. Ah, the mighty TeDiuM!

    Nice upgrade Joe, much more exciting that that old GS of yours ;)
  5. He's the sales guy getting details to start filling in the paperwork....

    MV, not wrong there as from next week it's a bike of choice rather than one that has to do!

    I must say though, over 30,000k on the gs and it hasn't missed a beat..
    Did a lot of long hauls so it's seating position must agree with me and why I've chosen similar for my upgrade...

    Can't freakin wait till next Fri!
  6. Nice bike Joe, hope you have many happy day's with it.
    I've alerted the airport staff that we want access to the runway for the initiation session as turning back from the terminals wasn't enough last time.
  7. Lol, man you were vstrom all the way until the last second, nice choice, didn't think of this one, had you looked at it much while making your decision??

    Oh & did you get the Black or Gun Metallic colour???
  8. The bike in the photo is the actual bike and official color name for 2009 was Silver Tech...

    One of the Morninton riders has an earlier 850 model and speaks highly of it so I've been around one for a while.
    He takes it everywhere.....
    As I said, clincher was when I sat on the tdm, it didn't feel as big as the strom and although seat is same height as the 650 strom, (1000 strom is even higher) seats different shape allows for an easier reach to the ground.
    Strom would have been fine but I couldn't quite get my heels flat down.

    While I was, looking at the 650 strom (not the thou as it was a little over budget) I came across this second hand TDM around the same price as the 650, it clinched my choice with a few other reasons icluding:

    TDM comes with an immobiliser.
    Strom has an oil cooler real low right behind the front wheel which could get hit by debris flying off the front wheel.
    Comes with the awsome R1 front brakes.
    The bike build itself seems a lot neater where the strom seems to have bits (like the oil cooler) hanging off it.
    Although second hand (18 months old with 9,000K) I'll end up with a 900 rather than the 650!
    Pipe on each side a little more appealing than the single on the 650 strom.
    Pipes are low so I think side hard cases I want for touring look a little leaner on the tdm.
    Service on the TDM is every 10,000 (being done as it's part of the deal and close enough to 10,000 anyway) according to the manufacturer as opposed to the strom's 6,000K.
    Although I'll do an additional oil and filter change every 5,000.

    There was enough there to sway me...
    At $14,000, a new TDM was way over budget so I'm stoked with this one..
  9. congrats, mate, that should be fantastic for those short trips you do :shock: :LOL:
  10. Very nice. Enjoy the upgrade.

  11. Pic looks nice, I know it wasen't a factor but it is a prettier bike than the strom :)
  12. Nice one, 1 week can seem an eternity when you really really, really want something! Is she white or silver?

    30,000km+ on the '09 GS500F. I thought I was the only nutter who clocked up the k's (23+ thou on a July '09 GS500F) before trading her in last month.
  13. Upgrade bike is silver....
    I'm with you, bikes are bought to be ridden....

    Got my gs in December of 09 so done a good apprentiship I say.....
  14. very nice, heard good things bout them, apparently rather underrated.

    enjoy! do you need someone to ride it home for you? ;)
  15. great choice. they don't look like much, but those things have a very special engine. they ****ing hammer.
    much more bike than the wee strom.
    it's rare to find a good second hand one available, you did well
  16. Great choice with the Tedium! I have to say they're growing on me in the looks department too. I don't think I've met someone who owns one who has a bad word to say about it.

    And as monkeyman says, apparently they have a fair bit of get up and go.
  17. Awesome Joey, look forward to getting out and about with you on the next far riders run :)

  18. +1 to the above comments. Not the prettiest bike out there, but they are a fantastic allrounder. Plenty of real world grunt, not scared of a bit of dirt/gravel, comfortable and can do a pretty damned good sportbike impression. Enjoy.
  19. John just looked at the next Farriders Ride to Euston May 28th...
    Like the looks of this one, straight to Euston is over 500K so leaving early straight there (Breakky in Bendigo) looks like the go.

    Looking forward to it on the TeDiuM...
    Hope you're ready!
  20. OMG I love this bike!

    I sat on a 2010 model and it was the most comfortable bike I've sat on (including the one I currently own). I was spewing that I couldn't get that one... it was PERFECT considering my height. Seating position is excellent. This is definitely on my list of upgrades when I'm allowed and when I want to upgrade (might not - depends on the situation at the time).