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My two current projects.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Kwaka_Chris, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Hey peeps! Thought I'd keep the clutter to a minimum and show off my two current projects, always lots going but these are the only ones that for some reason won't leave my driveway

    First up, the Yammy XZ550 Vision, build 629, I love these bikes but everyone seems to hate them. $350 special, owned it on and off for the past 3 years, only started working on it a few months ago during my spare weekends. Ran fantastic before but it needs some work. Nice staintune pipes and the full fairing.

    The other bike is a $250 eBay special, GSX250, not much to say or do. I'm just cleaning it up and making it look half decent. got it running but still some more carby work to go. needs cables, brakes rebuilt, some wiring, seat recovered, oh, and alot of basic polishing work.

    Before and "current" pictures.

    Started life, LOTS of hidden surface rust everywhere.

    Its slowly getting there, needs a good clean, LOTS of buff and polish and a helluva lot more work.

    GSX250 started life like this with the previous owner, Once again there is a LONG way to go before I finish this one, but it should be worth it.
    I got it like this
    Currently looks like this.

    about another tub of autosol and some fresh black paint will freshed up the little GSX a bit better. Parts replaced so far, brake master cylinder, carbie clean, and not much else. runs quiet and smooth, but really badly jetted. soon to be custom street tracker styled pipes.

    I could post a bunch more images in subsequent postings, but I'll save your bandwidth, if you want to see some of the process that went into them you can check out my Bikepics page. about 60% was documented in photos so it gives a good idea of the process.

    Oh and yes, as you can tell by my poor paintjob qualities, I paint in RATTLE CANS!

    Whaddya think?
    Cheers, chris.
  2. Oh and with the paint, it really all is in the preparation, in real life the paint is really great on both bikes with minimum defects, OBVIOUSLY not professional in quality but much better than expected. But i would really love to get a compressor one day :(

    The paint you see in these pictures has really only been given the colour coat and in some pictures a layer or two of clear. Still no buff or polish to complete it. So sorry ;) I'll get better pictures when theyre in good enough condition to show around.
  3. Wasn't there some major engine problem with the Yam? That's why they are not popular.
  4. im really not feeling those flatbars on the blue bike. If you have the dosh I would be looking at some lower clubman style bars. I think it would suit the lines allot better.

    But I love seeing backyard projects :D
  5. yeah, the flatbars were $35 delivered though :p clubmans are around $170 at the moment. If i find any cheap clubmans ill be up for it.

    With the yammys, the engines were fantastic, brilliant pieces of kit, but the carbies suffered from stumbles on take off, mine has pipes and was rejetted, solved most of the problem. The other issue with the engine, is that it loves to eat stators. Other than that they are great versitile engines. really flat torque delivery and loves revving all over the range with a nice note.

    edit: oh they were also more expensive than they were worth back in 82/83 :$
  6. roll your original bars forward about 110 degrees and theres some clubbies.

    a mate did it on his cb and it looked suprisingly good.
  7. stuff from Dues... for cheap? ZOMFGOFHOAIEHFGON!!!!! I've always wanted to go there just so i can drool and cause a nuisance by rubber necking at stuff, so it might be time.
  8. I did try flipping the bars upside down but they looked a big naff, to be honest I like the flatbars, just because im not giving it a low solo seat, so it makes it a bit more of a natural rider position, plus its legal this way ;)