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My turn to vent

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Charmed, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Back in March son 3 had a tooth ach for a couple of days, kept him home. As with all tooth achs it settled down chased around for denist booking & there is a waiting list a mile long & same in other surounding towns .

    Just had a ph call, someone reported us to DOCS about it.

    Im pretty much fuming here right now. They should be out helping the kids which are born with a drug addiction to heron and such. Not chasing a tooth ach

  2. WTF?? Thats incredible. Someone must have it in for you.
    Was this through a phone call or a home visit?
    Bloody Hell............. I thought VIC was the Nazi state.
  3. Yeah schools looove to report to DOCs, it covers their arses. Shits me to tears. :mad: :mad:

    We got reported because my kid stayed at his girlfriends for a week! :mad: :mad:

  4. Well geez, how rough is she?
  5. I presume the DOCS report is with reference to him not being at school, not some other matter?? At worst you should have had a visit from a DET HISLO officer to ascertain why he wasn't at school; there has been an arrant failure of procedure at the school and you should immediately contact your local DET office and ask to speak to the head honcho...
  6. err.... yeah for all of us who dont have kids wtf is DOC's?
  7. NSW Department of Community Services.

    They are responsible for dealing with child abuse cases, etc.....
  8. Was clearly said the report was due to the toothach. School already knew why he wasnt there. At our High School any more then 2 days have to call in & inform, & for Yr 11 & 12 have to call them the 1st day.
  9. Don't they have doorknobs and string where you live? :grin:
  10. I don't know how it works in NSW, but in vic we have mandatory reporting too.
    However, there has to be grounds for it and this is not grounds!
    I would be demanding a case review (if you can there).

    Sorry to hear about this. Its absolute, baseless crap and someone needs a boot where it hurts! :evil:
  11. Sorry I thought it was Communist Softbrains?

    Mmmm or is that just the bib and brace wearing, tree hugging, uselsss social work types I've had the misfortune to deal with? (professionally). :evil:
  12. WTF!!!!! what a load of bullsh!t ffs you took you kid out for one day to see a dentist!!! Isnt that good parenting?

    christ, I remember being pulled from school for all storts of crap.... or was that pulling all sorts of crap at school... :roll:
  13. That sucks Charmed. :( You're a great mum and it shouldn't take them long to see they've got nothing to worry about :)
  14. Not much one can say, but thanks for your comments.

    :LOL: Wait till they find out even the place they said to ring has a waiting list. Bet that will go down like a ton of bricks. But knowing this lot it will still be our fault.
  15. tell em to fcuk off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arsewipe gevmints with nothing better to do. Tell em to go lick stamps.

    Bloody tossers.
  16. I does just sound like they're covering their ar$es and either the DOCS will come and see all's fine without a hassle, or the school will get a kicking for jumping the gun on reporting. It's natural to worry, but it doesn't sound like there's any real threat. Chin up and go for a ride :grin: