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My turn to sitck my head out and say Hi!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mud Monkey, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. After several months of standing in the background I thought it was about time to stick my head up and say hi. I got my L’s and bike in October last year and the grin hasn’t left my face since. I’ve booked my P’s course for a week and a half’s time. This site has been great to refer back to during what my old man insists on calling “the awkward stage”.

    Oh and has any one got any advice to stop a girlfriend from “borrowing” their bike, or should I just nite the bullet and help her get her own bike?

  2. Welcome :)

    Yes, help her get her own bike... You dont want to not be able to go on a ride now do ya ;)
  3. Welcome... it seems to be raining newbs this week (me included). Good to see a fellow lurker finding that "New Thread" button.

    Yes, help your GF get her own bike. Just make sure it's not faster than your's ;)
  4. hey m8, welcome. glad netrider has been useful for you.

    good luck on the p's course, im sure you will enjoy that!

    ask her to get a bike of her own. 'so you can spend quality weekends together riding' (CBradio coms system between bikes is opional)
  5. Welcome Mud monkey.
    Use have missed out of a few rides and coffee nights ,see you on the next sydney gathering.

    Good to see more sydney newbies joining up ,thats two day .

    COME ON OTHER LURKERS see if we can get a few more to join up today.
    Theres heaps of other learner, so come wobble around the roads of sydney with us, your missing out on heaps of fun.
  6. welcome aboard,

    wait untill you are off restrictions and get your new bigger bike then she can have yours!!

    That's my plan with the wife :grin:
  7. Welcome Sean. What is this "stop my girlfriend borrowing the bike"
    Definately encourage her to get her own. That way you both can have fun together :grin:
  8. Welcome to the madhouse.

    Help her get a bike. Nothing hotter than a girl on a bike. :grin:
  9. Hey welcome the best forum going. C'mon you Sydney lurkers, let's have you out here and vocal, the more the merrier :LOL:

    Get her her own bike? No, wait till you're off restrictions and give her your's, like matti says (you devious beggar, you!)
  10. welcome MudMonkey and a belated welcome to bragi0 too.

    i disagree with Hornet600 (normally do :grin: ) and matti and would suggest helping her get her own bike sooner than later so she can start to build her knowledge and confidence asap. you can then enjoy the experience and buying power of going out to buy your first 600s together :)
  11. Hiya

    Cheers :cool:
  12. Welcome Mudmonkey.

    After 10 years as pillion I bit the bullet and got my licence. Best thing I ever did and it's just one more activity that we can do together.

    If you get your partner her own bike, she can't resent you going out on yours so much :grin:
  13. We'll see you at The Gathering at Homebush Brewery next Tues night then Monkey?

    And yes, get her a bike now, pleasure shared is pleasure increased.
    You might as well do all your "riding" together.
  14. Carri you are right! the reason I am waiting is my wife wants to see if I survive 12 months :shock:
  15. Gday! There's nothing wrong with riding pillion everywhere together...;-)
  16. You can't ride pillion on your L plates and P plates mate. :cool:
  17. welcome to the forum mad monkey
    and i can see another sean again
    :LOL: :LOL:
  18. welcome to the jungle.. :LOL:
  19. Hi Ya Mad Monkey!

    Welcome to the forums!
  20. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll make my best effort to be at Homebush next Tuesday but I think I have a rehearsal for my brother's wedding that night so may have to give it a miss this time, which is a shame, its only a few minutes ride from work.