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My turn to introduce myself...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by reeza, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Well I guess with all these posts with people introducing themselves it's about time I stop hiding in the dark corners of this fantastic forums and say hello (a bit shy you see)

    My name is Leo and I'm 27 years old down Tullamarine way. I got my licence back in 97 but grew up riding dirt bikes on my parents farm. When I first got my licence I had a XT250 road/trail which I rode for a couple of years. After that I stopped riding and would only go out a hand full of times a year on family and friends bikes (when they let me, almost never) and that was about it, never really saved the cash for an other bike.

    But August this year I saved some money up and got myself a new GSF1200s Bandit. I felt it to be a good all round bike and very cheap for what it is and not knowing how much riding I would actually do. But I have fallen in love with riding again, big time, and bigger then ever before, I feel like I'm learning to ride again from scratch (but with out the 250 limit :D ) and finding Netrider around the same time has opened my eyes once again.

    Hopefully I'll come along to some rides and start posting a little more then the total of nothing so far. Thanks guys and girls for your posts its been a fantastic, funny, and informative of reads.

    Short and sweet first post.


  2. Welcome aboard reeza, sounds like you have a healthy approach,......enjoy.
  3. Welcome to the board
  4. Hi reeza , welcome .
  5. Welcome :D
    Its a great feeling riding again :D enjoy.
  6. Welcome back to the wild 2 wheeled world, you should come down to coffee, and meet a couple of us

    cheers stewy
  7. G'day reeza!
  8. Hi reeza and welocme to the forum
    I was on a group ride on the weekend with a mob up here and one of the guys had a 1200 Bandit with a Staintune pipe, sounded fabulous.
    Enjoy the re-acquaintance, there's nothing better than coming back to riding..
  9. Indeed, reeza, as I and others have stated, welcome to the friendly forum. The people here actually know a heck of a lot about bikes, and subscribe to the ideals of the forum, "Connecting Riders". Enjoy :D
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcome and I guess the interesting welcome to the forums.

    Yeah it's unbelievable how after all these years of having my licence that I would wake up one day and go "I want an other bike" and a week later get one, you all know how good it is so I wont go into that.

    I was looking at the Staintune pipe, besides the sound I wonder if it would give you much more of a benefit performance wise. But I'm very happy with the Bandit and I think the only thing I really would like to do is find better tyres for it, something still good for touring but better then the stranded ones that came with it for when I'm doing twisty rides. After that I'll just save up for the my next bike :p

    As far as a coffee night goes, will definitely have to come along to one or more, and with so many coffee nights going on it would be hard to find an excuse not to go.

    I understand that there are lots of people on forums from all walks of life, with different experiences and opinions, and I think that's what makes them so informative if we all thought alike we would have nothing to talk about and compare information with. I understand they can get a little crazy sometimes, but for the last few months being here, I know deep down WE ALL love bikes and riding.

    Thanks again.


  11. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: yeah I was flip flopping as to count them as legit or not :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)

    Reeza sorry mate and again welcome :D
  12. Yo Reeza, welcome to the forums :) If things seem a bit heated in here, welcome to the madhouse :LOL: Come on down to coffee where you'll be most welcome there.
  13. No need to be sorry Dazza, it's all cool.

    If it's a madhouse here then I should feel right at home then :D and I will try and get down to a coffee night soon, it will be a good way to meet you guys.


  14. Reeza I used to own a Bandit 1200... they really are a fun bike (and a hell of a lot of bike for the money!).

    They do respond well to a pipe... a full system can get around 120 horses at the rear wheel (up from about 108 stock) and even a muffler can release about 5ps extra.

    And they sound mean with a can :)
  15. Hey ZRK1200R. Yeah it's a very fun bike and i'm loving it. Might have to look into the Staintune pipe, but I still think I might benefit from some better tyres first. Did you find the standed tyres on a lean got to a spot where it almost felt like it got a bit funny, like it wanted to pull you down not very confident with them... ...or it could just me :roll:
  16. Howdy Reeza and welcome to the forum. In response to your statement regarding lack of confidence in your tyres. I don't know how you ride, or how much you do? ie how many kilometres your new baby has done. If you have been tentative, (as you say it almost feels like learning to ride again) and done many kms you could have "squared off" your tyres, which could account for that "dropping sensation" in corners. On the other hand, your confidence could be growing and you are exploring "unscrubbed sections of tyre, which are a bit more slippy. Are you checking your tyre pressures regularly? If they are over-inflated it may feel like the symptoms you are experiencing. If they were low in pressure, the bike wouldn't handle well in corners but wouldn't necessarily feel like it was dropping. New tryes are wonderful, but be careful - they can be slippy!! Happy riding
  17. HiYa 748girl. Yeah it could just be me pushing it more every time as I get more confidence on the new bike and the tyres are just now getting some action on the newer spots. Since August I've put about 3,200km on the clock, I've been out most every weekend and I try and ride a couple of time during the week to work. I also check and set the tyre pressure every third time I fill the tank to the manufactures recommended psi in the manual.

    I guess it will take a while to get my skill back up and also I think I need a few more km on the clock before I can really understand the bikes limits. I guess it will get to a point where I'll know how far I can push the Bandit as I'm sure It can handle more then I think I would want to try at this point.

    Will keep exploring....


  18. With sticky tyres a bandit12 will grind away the fairly low footpegs if you try hard enough... I went through 3 sets in 30,000kms on mine. I thought about rear sets and then I relised that I actually enjoyed feeling the pegs brushing the deck :)

    They will benifit from some stickier than stock tyres though... the OEM ones are fine but are more touring and cruising type tyres than hooning tyres.
  19. Don't think I'll be doing to much grinding just yet :shock: but it's good to know the bike can handle that. Can you recommend any tyre that's sticky but is still good for the k's in touring? Can you remember what you had on the bike?