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My turn now....got my P's yesterday.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Changa, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. G'day all,

    just thought I'd let you know I did my P's test yesterday and got through after 3 months on L's.


    Now I can be the oldest P Plater getting around Campbelltown. I am glad the MOST test isn't a "gimmee" either.......people did lose points and not everyone got through. I recently read that in Victoria some people are concerned about the ease of the testing there. I practised a lot for it and did as much riding in different traffic as I could. Glad it paid off.

  2. Changa,

    Well done. Just remember the practicing never stops.
  3. Good on you mate,

    i thought that not much could beat a jet ski for fun...i was wrong.

    this is a different type of fun, more involving, more challenging, more rewarding.

    it has changed my life, in just 6 weeks.

  4. Thanks mate - I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  5. Good on ya for passing mate. The MOST is a pretty coarse grained sieve but at least it does sort the complete no-hopers out. Unfirtunately it can also cath the "get very nervous in tests" as well.

    Keep practicing and improving your skills. (y)

    Fun Ha!
  6. congrats bud
  7. congrats.

    Ill be honest, I found the P test far harder than I expected. Before going in I was worried about the U turn but I reckon that was easier than the cone weave. Luckily though I passed. One girl there came close to failing but just scraped through.
  8. congrats mate i cant wait to get mine and get rid of the stupid ls
  9. Grats dude, it's a great feeling you get when you're able to scrap that L plate.
  10. Congrats man. Well done =D>. We did ours today (sunday) at Clyde & also passed :D. Even though I hashed the U-turn slightly, I didn't find it too bad (not a gimmie, but not prohibitively hard either). Probably because I knew what to expect after attending the learner practice session at Homebush Bay on saturday. Even though everyone passed in our group, I think a couple definitely fluked it though.
  11. Make sure not to forget the defensive riding technique mate. Doesn't mean you have to ride that way just be aware.

  12. Yep...since doing the MOST test I actually make a conscious effot to set-up the brakes and position myself better when riding.