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My turn for an upgrade thread...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all, one of those threads we love so much... upgrade time!

    Now, on the 14/04 i can go get my full licence, and while i have a few things needing done before i can get a bike, im starting the hunt.
    Ive been harping on about a VFR800 for the last 6 months or so, and i am still very keen on the bike - itll definitely be the first one getting a test ride.
    That said, as i honestly dont know what other similar bikes there are out there, can anyone suggest bikes to me that meet or exceed at least most of the following criteria? :D :

    The bike is going to be used primarily as a commuter, but im planning on going for some longer rides (eg tasmania), so it needs to be able to do the distance... plus i do like getting into the hills every so often so it needs to be able to turn too! I know, im asking for a bike that can transform...

    Id like at least 750cc so its got some power on tap. Preferrably not over a thou, as the insurance for me is in-farking-sane!
    Has good ground clearance so i can get it around corners.
    Doesnt have the trademark sportsbike seating position (i have a mildly bad back, about 25 degrees give or take is good).
    Can jam some luggage on it.
    Pillion is relatively well catered for.
    Price.... isnt an issue for the right bike, but id grimace a little if its more then $20k...

    Now you know why the VFR800 has my attention :p... but if theres anything out there similar that you guys can suggest i go have a ride of, please, do tell :D.

  2. The VFR is a beautiful bike and definately one to consider. I am going to throw the F800ST up, a bike that on top of my list when I upgrade. belt drive so no chain maintenace, abs option, optional panniers that fit a full face helmet and top box. seat height is 15mm higher than the VFR, but dont know about the ground clearance. iirc it has 10000k service intervals and pretty good fuel consumption aswell.
    some people find them boring and/or ugly though, but taste is a personal thing.
  3. Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS..

    Triumph Sprint GT

    If your looking in the VFR80 class, both of these deserve a look..
  4. F800ST... hrm, you arent wrong, beauty or beast... personally beast :D. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Mmm... glad i asked. That Sprint GT looks mighty nice... think ill add that to the test ride list.
    Slightly more forward on the lean angle then id like (32 deg), but the Kwaka is a nice exact 25deg, so itll be getting a test too i think :).
  5. above 750 but below 1000 cc? :-s
  6. I woulda said the z750 but it's hell for the pillion, but nice and upright, and plenty of hooligan about it..

    Check out the Suzuki Bandit 1250s or even the f (same just has a fairing). position is upright, heaps of torque for the comute, cooshy seat for you and the mrs, classed as tourer so ok on the insurance (even tho its over the thou) but at around $13k ride away new, its a lot of bike for your $$$. Mate of mine rides one and swears by it..
  7. Don't forget the new Triumph Tiger 800 (the road version, not the XC). They're arriving about now.

    If you want something punchier and sportier and roadier looking, the afore-mentioned Ninja 1000 looks hard to go past, as does the Sprint GT.

    I'd rate the Tiger as probably a better all-rounder if you're doing the commuting thing, and the price is right as well as it likely being reasonably economical. Despite the adventure bike look, it seems to me that it does much of what the VFR has always done but arguably even better, cheaper and with a more upright position. Wind protection looks to be better than what you might think too.
  8. Dont stress lilley, all suggestions are good :p. Said 'most' of the criteria :D.
    Cheers guys ill have a look at em when i get to work shortly :D.
  9. the ninja 1000 is definitely worth a look - I've had mine about 4 days and already I love it. Ergonomics of a naked / tourer, performance of a hooligan naked, ABS. Insurance can be a beyatch tho.
  10. Yeah so far my insurance quotes are like this:

    VFR800: NRMA & IMR comparable costs ~$1250
    Sprint GT: NRMA & IMR comparable costs ~$1450
    Ninja 1000: NRMA doesnt have Z1000SX yet, IMR holy shit $2950.
    Bandit GSF1250s: Ok wow.. IMR $2090 but NRMA $920 (not entirely sure id go naked for a distance bike though... but i might add it to the test ride list...)

    So far, forget the Kwaka, probably not the bandit but only coz its a naked - will give it a spin though i think... and mostly so far its coming down to sprint GT vs VFR800. By reading reviews the trumpy is a lot more bike for a little more money... so far without test riding of course.
  11. If you're looking new then I reckon it'd be hard to go past the Bandit. You can get them in half and full faired, too, and the sheer physical size of them is a wind-beater in any case.

    If you want the best fairing in the 'Bandit' line then get an '83~'85 GSX-1100E. Hands down best fairing I've ridden with, great thing that'll shelter you from rain/wind/cold with ease. The engines are reliable and put out heaps of grunt in a good, usable, hoonish kind of way. You know, great torque from 2~3k and then you hit 6k and it goes nut towards the 9k redline. Brilliant.

    Anyway, the Sprint is getting reviews as is the VFR... so you couldn't really go wrong any way you choose. Definitely ride beforehand though as it only takes one little thing that irritates you to spoil the bike for you - especially if you're on a long trip.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. The Bandit does come fully faired, it's listed as a GSX1250FA. 19L tank, will do close to 300 or so highway riding. Lots of lugguage options.
  13. Luggage options? Bugger them. Go here:


    Got mine and never looked back.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. bmw K1200r - I know it's over your cc range but being a naked and a bmw it will bring the insurance premium down

    my reasoning:
    1. tuperware bikes suck giant donkeys balls
    2. Lots of luggage options
    3. it's so ugly it's horn
    4. they are fast and seriously super fun in the twisties and they do good wheelies
    5. pillions should be happy
    6. I've done big tours on a naked - until you plan to travel at 180 plus everywhere (easily doable in tassie :D) a naked won't be that big of an issue
    7. tuperware bikes suck giant donkeys balls