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My Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by telcotec, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. It's been 7 months since I bought my bike. I've done 3200km on it. I'm very much just a recreational rider & an inexperienced one at that (as u can tell from the chicken strips!). Can't seem to get the confidence to tip the bike into the corners. Oh well, just gotta keep at it.
    I can't believe what an easy bike it is to ride. Very comfortable, not too bad fuel consumption (average 220kms b4 the "3lts to go" fuel light comes on).
    I've added the fly screen (it actually provides a very small amount of protection while on the freeway), rear seat cowl, rear hugger & OzyNobs. I've removed the rear footpegs for a cleaner look (& they're useless coz the missus won't jump on.... the bike, that is). Thinking of getting a radiator guard/protector for it. Also trying to source a fender eliminator but not having much luck.



  2. they are sensational chicken strips!! :shock:
  3. Good looking Triple ! :) Very clean & sleek
    Don't stress ..confidence builds with saddle time & technique
    ( not saying I've got there yet either ) :wink:
    Joel is jealous cause yours is bigger than his :p
  4. I'm so jealous! I love how unique the Striple looks. It's one of the bikes I would like to upgrade to.
    IMO the flyscreen and the bellypan should come as standard, they really complete the look of the bike.
    7 months and only 3200km? C'mon, that bike just begs to be ridden!
    Oh, almost forgot. This site seems to have a few goodies made for you bike. An eliminator is in there somewhere.
  5. Haha, he's got a KFC Variety bucket on them tyres :LOL:

    Sweet as ride man, i was the same, with confidence you'll get there. Best to try on the track sometime.

    Very nice anyways
  6. fantastic bike and exceptional chicken strips!!!!
  7. Nice! I just put a deposit on mine....

    Triumph Striple FTW \:D/
  8. Nice bike. Looks good and sounds good too.

    Wats the difference between the Street and Speed triple?
  9. About 375cc. ;)

    The Speed Triple (the big 'un) is a naked sports-bike/"factory-built streetfighter" using the 1050cc powerplant shared by the Sprint ST and Tiger 1050. It's tuned to make approximately three hojillion horsepower and has pretty high-spec suspension doodads, brakes, single-sided-swingarm, etc.

    Street Triple is to the Daytona 675 as the Hornet 900 was to the Fireblade. It's a naked-ised/streetfightered version of a sportsbike, detuned a bit, slightly less high-spec suspension doodads, etc. :)

    The two "S"-Triples don't share (m)any components at all, unlike the Hornet 250/600/900 family.

    Edit: Hrm, I sound pretty negative toward the 675 triple there. That's not intended - but they are a bit different in levels of "spec" and don't share many parts between each other. Either would be great fun, if I fit on the damn things! :LOL:
  10. Those suckers are huge! How do you get around corners at anything close to the speed limit?? They're kinda making me hungry :LOL:
  11. put some engine sliders on for some confidence and just go out and ride that sucker. you've got a great bike that'll do everything if you trust it.
  12. Great bike!

    I've ordered a striple and flyscreen but I've been thinking I might cancel that part and go FULLY NAKED! I actually think it would improve the look and if as OP says it doesn't make much difference then why put it on anyway?
  13. I guess I deserve all the "Chicken Strip" barbs! I cringe when I look at the rear wheel. :oops: My mate always reminds me about 'em by sending me a pic of his rear wheel after a track day at PI. I definately want to do a track day, however I've been told u need full leathers (which I don't own).

    Although the pics don't support it, I feel a lot more confident in the right-handers. I'm a bit shaky on the left-handers, due to a dodgy left femur thats permanently fractured & held together with a titanium rod & 2 cross-bolts. But, as the boys (n girls!) have said, gotta build the confidence.

    Spawn, the main reason why I added the flyscreen was purely cosmetic. IMO, the bike looks a bit more complete with it.
  14. I've got the black triple as well. Love it to bits, couldn't be any happier. I went for the fly screen as well as the visor. I've seen it standing next to a completely naked one and IMHO mine looks much better. I um'ed and ah'ed over the belly pan. I do think they look alright, but I'm glad I didn't. The triple's clearance is pretty low already and over some of the sharper edge gutters around Melb it grates as it is. I'd hate to think what that would do to someone's bellypan.
    Enjoy, get out there a bit more often, specially now that summer's coming.
  15. Great pics there mate

    What an awesome looking bike the triples are. Just MEAN looking, definately up there in the top 3 best looking nakeds. Gotta love the twin headlights and the 2 cans. Must be a blast to ride with all that extra grunt too.

    I want one!
  16. That is a sweet looking bike. Normally prefer faired, but the more I look around, the more appealing some of the nakeds are looking o_O
    Hope it gives you many more hours of fun :D

    Ramjet - what are the other two?
  17. I'm contemplating a street tripple when I upgrade next year, I think they're beautiful and I love Triumphs :) That or a Daytona *drool*

    I have little confidence with 'tipping in' as well, really bad at it :p HART does a 'knees down' course, perhaps we should both go on that!! :)
  18. Sounds like a plan, Vroom! I may have to look into these courses....
  19. i'll see if I can re-find the details, and let you know :)
  20. I love the speed 3 and wanted to get one, although got the Sprint instead (worlds apart) It's still a bit like. I got the wife, but I still wouldn't mind a girlfriend. Can I have both?