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my trip to the states

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by loki, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. hey guys,
    been out of the loop a bit lately, working and playing my tits off with a month long jaunt overseas/filling in for my boss on her holiday/starting a new career/moving house/xmas bollacks

    hope everyone is well, with bikes and licences intact

    as some of you know, I spent October visiting the states, cruising around on various hired bikes and convertibles. most of these pics were taken in Hawaii on a near-new Kawasaki ZX6R. Know why they call it the land of the free? because they give someone like me with my provisional licence a bright-green armed scud missile complete with a licence plate and a full tank of gas and send me on my way with a matching green helmet. i was so impressed with how easy to ride this bike was, i started out with a hell of a lot of caution, knowing how much faster it would be than my little Prilla. got used to it, and started giving it an utter caning throughout the day. front wheel was on it's best behaviour, staying glued to the ride at all times

    take a geeze at some of these pics, the cops over there were great, they don't froth at the mouth like the rabid pig-sucking dogs we have here when you dabble in a little driving, riding and photography. i'll leave the gritty fun details out, on account of not wanting the netrider rule-crazy fun-police regulars tainting what was an amazing experience with their 'kyle and ike' whining about properly observing traffic rules

    below, Waikiki in the background with Diamondhead Mountain
    ever wondered what it would feel like to race your bike around Jurassic Park? now i know
    I found these highway hillclimbs towards the centre of the island which were amazing to blast up and down. then i started taking the deserted twisty tourist drives branching off into the forests at the top of the mountains. there was this tunnel of trees i could race through like some crackhead velociraptor. there's an accompanying video but i'm tired and can't be assed editing it for uploading
    check out that odo...1600miles
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v110/lokigod/Hawaii407.jpg imagine SCREAMING through yellow fleurescent-lit tunnels like these, with not a car or speed camera in sight

    here's a cager i hired a few days later. driving can be just as much fun if the top's down and the music's up. was jamming around the island for a day listening to Primal Scream's "Rocks".

    so many riders on the island. most of them Harleys, grouped together. and instead of giving you the nod, they take a hand off the bars and give you the hang-loose surfie gesture. while in the Pontiac I discovered roadster drivers have their own niche, giving other passing roadsters the Nod. there are no helmet laws in Hawaii, but I kept the helmet on. especially since their highways don't have flat tarmac, they have this horizontally rutted concrete which i could only imagine would completely wreck every last single nerve ending in your body. especially when your riding gear is 10,000 miles away back home

    Hired a cherry-red Harley Softail Classic in Vegas, was hoping to take it to Death Valley but by the time I found a hire place that rented to under25s and negotiated traffic I only had time to do a few booming laps of the Strip and head out into the desert for some high-speed runs. no photos this time.

    more hire-car thrashing
    here i experience prolonged problems with 'cold tires'

    it was an amazing month, blew off some much needed steam. as some of you might remember, working fulltime while studying fulltime earlier this year had me a little highly strung, making it difficult to deal with a certain speeding ticket and the accompanying 2month suspension back in Autumn

    part of my holiday mission was to Do As The Romans Do. Blatting around on a Harley, cruising in American roadsters, eating copious, copious amounts of bacon cheeseburgers and of course, unloading a few rounds from a .44 magnum and a laser-sighted M4 assault rifle

    Mission Accomplished.
    hope you guys enjoyed the pics as much as i had fun taking them

    (send any jealous hatemail to Box 14)
  2. great shots, and it looks like a holiday a lot of us would love to have :LOL:.
  3. photo number 6 has me salivating.

    no jelous hate mail but there might be an interogation about how to do that if i see on a ride. coming to think of you must be close to getting your fulls??
  4. sweet pics loki! you can hire a pocket rocket AND a sports convertible under 25 over there? *pencils in a holiday*
  5. hey loki sounds like you had the holiday that most would envy including me , great shots or the surrounding area...hehehe sounds like you needed more time.

    oh and nice bike too ...although i was takin in the scenery :p
  6. still another 5months away... booking in to get my car Ps in the meantime, addicted to convertibles (still addicted to bikes though :))

    sure can, and easily too, i only had my Ls!

    only came home because i ran out of money...
    dollars good, hawaii was the cheapest state we visited. as your attorney i advise you to head over next winter
  7. America is a fun place to visit. Everybody should go
  8. I am in the dreaming stage and want to take 6-8 weeks touring mainland states.

    Land in LA in an amercian summer, up the west coast, across the top. down east coast 1/3, back through mid west to west coast. down a bit more and head back to the east coast. Down to florida and back through texas and new mexico before returning up the west coast to LA before flying home.

    Probably land and buy a bike with a buy back option from a dealer and away ya go.

    Anyone want to join me in this dream????
  9. +1 I gotta get more creative with my holidays!
  10. Hey loki, looks like you had a good time there. Have you got a link to the bike hire place? I'm gonna head overseas for a fortnight next year and, you know, riding around Hawaii for 2 weeks on a ZX6R, I think I could put up with that :p Cheers
  11. The US is a fantastic place to visit. I could easly go back.
    Good to see they gave you a lid to wear as I could count on 1 hand the number of riders I saw wearing them in Ca, Tx, Fl & NY.
  12. Sensational shots. I must say Im a USA addict too. Were off to Hawaii and Vegas again in Sept. Woo Hoo . :dance: I cant wait. My new fav spot is Big Bear Lake outside of LA. its sooo beautiful ( might try and pop up there for few days if we have time) . You look like you had and absolute ball.
  13. Yep I want to cross the states on a cruiser one day.. one day!

    Sounds like you had a blast loki, the hire car/bikes must have been an absolute hoot :twisted:
  14. Pick your roads or be prepared to stop every 15 mile or so to pay a stupid "freeway" toll.
    70mph for 10 mins then stop :eek: :? :twisted:
  15. thanks guys

    that sounds like an amazing trip
    leaning towards a Harley?

    these are the guys I went through. $187 for a day. you can also get R6s and CBR600s on the island though, if you're over 25 and pre-book you'll be laughing.

    and if you're properly warned about the heap of cops in Hawaii, especially all the unmarked random vehicles with a lone blue siren stuck to the roof you will hopefully stay laughing
  16. hey moneybags, send some $$ my way.

    thanks <3
  17. sure padre, as soon as my 'clientele' get back out of rehab :D
    i kid! i kid!

    if you want to go bad enough you can leave your high-maintanence 2-stroke at home and start catching the train with all the other freaks and communists like I did for 6months.
  18. my little hoe of a 2 stroke hasnt been ridden in nearly 2 months...sadly, i own 2 cars..but...just wait till upgrade time...yo..ill be just as slow, but look cooler
  19. fashion over function, story of my life
  20. Loki
    Good on you. Everyone should do something like that at least once. I saw your photo of the rented black Pontiac. In the mid 80's I took a month off in the USA and rented a black Pontiac Firebird. I had the same problem wth cold tyres. Cops were pretty relaxed then too. I only got one speeding ticket the whole time, which i've kept as a souvenir of Nevada.

    The fastest car in the world is a rented car! (same with bikes)