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My trip to Melbourne!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trisha14, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. So I was in Melbourne on the weekend for the AFL grand final (GO SWANNIES :D ) and I have to say that Melbourne is not a very tourist friendly place at all.

    In my opinion its quite difficult to find your way around when driving, the city isn't very well planned, and who's bright idea were hook turns????!!!%%$##

    Other than that - had a great time. So glad I shelled out the big bucks for the GF tickets!!!

  2. It's not such a bad place to live though. Every holidays we drive up to the border and piss in the murray. :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Hook turns are a good idea i thought?
  4. So what was it like to travel to a real city not that shanty town called Adelaide?
    Ever heard of a road map?
    Try driving around Sydney with all it's narrow laned streets and one way streets!
  5. Funnily enough I'm not a complete moron and actually had a road map with me!!! And I can tell you I would rather live in Adelaide than that run down town you call Melbourne any day of the week!!
  6. No-one said you had to come back. :? Enjoy the Grande Prix :) Oh shit, that's right :LOL:
  7. How much did you end up paying, and where did you get them from?

    Melbourne has an abundance of road/direction signs .. but like with most signs they only point you in right direction, providing you know where that is and where you are going.
  8. Gee you guys are doing a fantastic job of proving my theory that Melbourne is a unfriendly town!!!
  9. Sorry mouth - didn't see your post there.

    Ended up getting them from a place in Adelaide called Crows Travel. They had a package going for $800 which was a brunch and the game tickets. The brunch was really good too, great food, great entertainment!!!
  10. And your point is what? You're the one who came on and started the shit stirring in the fist place. If you can't take some reteliation that's fine, just don't let the door smack you in the arse on the way out. :roll:
  11. Apart from the hook turns, Melb is a designer city, our streets are north/south or east/west. if you wanna head into town, just follow the lights and sign post (CITY -->)... Try doing this in Sydney, after numerous left, right, over and under passes... you hit the habour, but the bridge is still 30 kms due east!!!!
  12. Whats funnier is that all the drivers reckon Adelaide was the best track in the world, not just compared to your gravel pit, but u guys decided to fill up Bernies Retirement Fund a little more...

    Meh, you may have it but everyone still knows which town had the best track.
  13. No dispute here. Albert park's a shit track.
  14. All the roads in inner melbourne are set out in a grid pattern anyway so it's virtually impossible to get lost. 8)
  15. Seany - I have no problem with people responding to my post - that is afterall the whole point. I do have a problem with people (wasn't you!!) saying crap like - ever heard of a road map?? I mean no shit dickhead.. don't think that was the first thing I would've done before I came over. I was just trying to voice an opinion about the difficulty I had in getting around.
  16. How about Adelaide...... Colonel light believed in nothing but straight lines and 90 Degree angles...
  17. the idea is to not have cars that are turning right and stuck in the middle of the intersection holding up the trams........
  18. Yep, fair enough. It obviously just didn't come through as intended. Sometimes misinterpretation can occur because we only deal with the text. I try to use the emotions to assist with meaning, but even then it doesn't always work. :D

    Nonetheless, there's no need to get upset about a playful shitslinging match. It's all in good fun. I don't get upset when I go to Adelaide and have to sit through the anti-Victorian comments. Afterall, you only do it because you're secretly jelous. :p :LOL:
  19. That's cos Adelaide has like one main street :roll: Try navigating around Sydney next time. Melbourne city is actually a planned grid...what's so hard about that??
  20. Sorry to break it to ya Seany but there's no jealousy there at all.

    I did enjoy the fact that there are a lot of motorcyclists in Melbourne though - and its great how you all park on the footpath. Can't do that here!