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my trip to canberra

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. in order to keep my fiance's family happy i did a whirlwind tour of canberra over the past couple of days. with all the talk of heatwaves etc, i left newtown about 6am on xmas eve and rode down. i was wearing full gear, there was no traffic - the weather was lovely. :)

    spent that day and night catching up with family and friends and then headed off to come back to sydney about 5.30am yesterday.

    my.god.it.was.cold :?

    until i got to about goulburn when the sun managed to break through the clouds, i was freezing :LOL: :|

    having never been a boyscout (i was actually kicked out of cubs after about a week) i had no warm gear at all and so was forced to put on another couple of tshirts under my leathers which kind of helped however my summer (non gauntlet) gloves and the way they facilitated the icy cold air coming straight up the arms of my jacket, was the killer :evil:

    didn't see one cop the entire way there and back and there was pretty much no traffic which was a bonus. other highlights of the ride included... well... err... NOTHING :LOL: my god it's a boring ride :p

    still the vtr did her job and had no problems. her family loves me because i made such an effort, my family loves me because i made the effort to come home in time for xmas so all in all it was well worth it.
  2. Next time you do that trip do the first section via Wollongong, at least that way you avoid the awful Hume Highway till Exeter.
    Head south on the Princes Highway till you get to Waterfall, slip right off the start of the boring F6 freeway onto the old Princes Highway and enjoy the twisties between there and where the old road rejoins the highway at the top of Bulli.
    Follow the Princes till you get to Albion Park Rail, right round the roundabout and out to Albion Park, then right again to the Illawarra Highway. Then the marvelous Macauarie Pass and the road out through Robertson and Moss Vale, you join the boring bit at Exeter.