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My treasures

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by munecito, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. These are the ones that keep me away of the bike and the car. My three treasures. I love them and would like to share this pic with all you riders.



  2. I think your small dog is trying mind control techniques on your big dog.

    Nice view btw.
  3. solution = buy a station wagon & 2 bikes with sidecars then you can all be together when going out :)
  4. The wife is not really keen on the bike or the 4wd. The dogs love the car, but other than in a sidecar I have to figure the way out to take the big dog on the bike.

    I just love them three. They are my only family in Australia.

  5. nice picture!

    that little dog could take the big one easy :LOL:
  6. You would be surprise but the little fella is the boss between them two. I think I left a picture before where you can see the little one almost eating the big one.

    The rotty is a big sob. Sweat as honey and soft as cotton. A big teddy bear.

    Well last night I came back home in a taxi because I worked from 6 in the morning to 1 am and I didn't feel like riding the bike because I was tired. So when I was opening the door the rotty came barking and growling like a fury and so did the little one. After I said easy it is just me they calmed down and I just realised that without the noise of the bike to wake them up they just behaved as guards. My brave little boys.

    It was the first time that I see the rotty behaving like that.

    If I was a thief I would have stained my underpants with that big black monster coming on to me looking that mad.

  7. Sidecar is the way to go.

    Nice one mate she looks like a keeper!
  8. Who?? My wife???

    The other two are boys. :wink:

  9. Looking at the eyes on that little dog it looks like it is planning something mischievous, sort of like a Mini Me of Doctor Evil.

    The big dog looks like it is a puppy, all it wants to do is be with its owner and play.

    The bigger dog probably does what ever the little dog says.

    Sort of like Pinky and the Brain. Cool Family, should get some old aviator glasses and a little leather helmet for the little dog, would look cool.
  10. Bwahahahahaha.

    Some doogles will do. BTW the big one is still young. 18 months and the other one is the Misterious monster.


  11. Great shots Will - is that the view from your place?
  12. Yes man they are the views from our place.

    Pity that I have to work so much I can't get to enjoy it a lot.