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My track day vids

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, I did a track day yesterday at Mallala and recorded some footage.

    The filesize is big (10mb) so I've cut the clips down to single flying laps.

    I had my handycam under the passenger seat, recording from a seperate lens I bought off Ebay for $27.

    Flying lap from front-

    Flying lap from rear

    Not the best laps I've done but I've gota go through an hour of footage
  2. Keep getting an "Invalid File Code" error message after typing in the security code and clicking the start download button.
  3. That's a relief, cos I got that too and thought I was doing something wrong.
  4. I dont know Cathar, it downloads fine for me :?:
  5. yeah..me to!
    Invalid code..
  6. Linky changed, try again?
  7. Is the link incorrect...??
    The file name of the file that the above link goes to is...

    But you say this link is a rear view...

    Maybe this link is to a file you are still uploading?
  8. Nah you dont get the links till everythings uploaded.

    I thought it was the rear view, turns out now I've uploaded the front view twice.

    Both links in my first post work fine for me
  9. Now, both links go to the same file (?).
    Either way, neither link is working for me..
  10. Cant see it either
  11. Downloaded it, cool video.
    Good to see a zxr out on the track.
    I got the front view of the speedo/tacho.
  12. Well I dont know whats going on, I've uploaded them 3 times, copy/paste the link it gives me and the only computer it downloads on is mine.

    I'm stumped.

    Any other decent free uploading sites I can try?
  13. First linky doesn't work for me, however, i am currently downloading the second and third link :grin:
  14. I'm trying again on some other uploading site, but I find it odd that the files work for some people and not others :?
  15. Cool vids, not bad for a 250 :grin:
  16. 7-thsin these are pretty good clips...upload more when you get the chance.

    I really liked the rear view...you seem to be pushing it pretty hard with the other riders not wanting to pass you.

    Can you pm me info about the lens you bought from eBay as well as the handycam you were using.
  17. 7-thsin. I managed to download the second link - you look like you were having some fun out there.
  18.  Top
  19. 748girl, of course I was having fun, that's what track days are all about :LOL:

    I didnt time any of my laps, as the last track day I managed consistant 1:30's, I was working on smoothness, proper race lines, and throttle control.

    I also killed my previous braking distances on just about every turn, on Turn 3 I went from braking at 200m to 120m, and I hardly ever use the rear brake now.

    I'm searching auction sites right now for a repairable 2000'+ 600cc sportbike to use as a fulltime trackbike :D
  20. I forgot how long it takes to wind up a 2fiddy. I was just waiting for you to hit the power. Get the 600 it's the way to go.

    I have to say you had some nice smooth lines. Were you getting the knees down?